About Merie


  • Hello! I am Merie, and my name is uniquely misspelled. My full name is Merie Sheryl but people mostly call me by my first name. But I am also known as Miss Merie, first due to my fashion endeavor, second, prior to engaging into such, I was a trainer. 
  • I graduated with a degree in Commerce major in Management of Financial Institutions at the De La Salle University – Manila. With these credentials, I am currently a corporate woman. Indulging myself to fashion, even during my younger years, I took up a short course on Fashion Design and still a fragmentary learner and seeker of the fashion world, I also work as a “fashion designer” as a sideline. 
  • Ever since I took up the Enneagram Personality Test, of which I am classified as a Type Four, I have believed that this has got to be the closest depiction of me. In a broad sense, I am sentimental and I am an individualist. I am an introvert as well. 
  • I have an immutable relationship with planners. I like making lists but I like it more when I cross the items in the list eventually. I have a love-hate relationship with books, too.
  • Chocolates perk me up. Coffee is a daily staple; I feel like I am an aficionado. Fireworks are an instant picker-upper. These are constant favorites that make my day. 
  • I’d like to believe that I am a traveler but maybe a sporadic type. With my parents' hometowns located one up north and one down south, and with being a Girl Scout, I have been out and about even as early as I was less than one. My resources restrict me but my heart would not be. Nonetheless, every chance I get to travel, those moments become dear. I dream to travel and conquer the world someday; it’s still part of my life list, anyway. 
  • I happily belong to my loving family -- with my parents and my darling two younger siblings. I am also currently in relationship with Luke, whom I also call bebelgam and boss amo. He is my confidante, one source of strength, personal counselor and a travel buddy too; and I blog about us quite often. 
  • I go by everyday seemingly life is good but all because my faith in God drives me. I believe that every tiny and trivial thing happening to me is all part of His sovereignty. 
  • Given that I am sentimental, I like documenting, if possible, EVERYTHING. I have been keeping a personal diary ever since I was seven; I entered the cyber blogging world in 2005, and my online repository have witnessed a lot of me. This blog attests to it and I have no plans of stopping it.
  • I have always prayed to be a channel of blessing and to inspire. And  praying that this blog of mine does too.

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