Saturday, April 5, 2014

39th on Designer Blooms Cafe

39th. To thee I trust my life.

We are yet into another adjustment phase and I can be partly blamed for it as I transferred to another company and we have to deal with shift differences yet again. I trust that we will overcome this with His help. 
Anyway, boss amo Luke surprised me with a visit at my new workplace last night. What a sweet Friday night :) We then had an advanced monthsary dinner date as today (our real monthsary date) he's in a company-wide outing. We tried Designer Blooms Cafe located in Molito, Alabang.
What a sweet and "blooming" place. Too bad because I was just using my lunch break at work and had no time to really dwell in this place. The first thing that came to my mind as I entered the cafe is that it's actually a good place for girlfriend dates, and for couple dates as well.
We also had just some quick meals like this baked macaroni and fish and chips. Not bad for a first time but we will definitely be back.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fashion Friday: Summer Style #TheDumondWay

I don't really have any distinct and consistent summer style, but for this summer season my eyes and my mood are feasting on floral, neutrals, blush and white. Floral tops should be a style staple most especially during the summer season. There is always beauty in floral. The floral top as shown above is in a light palette. Because of the almost unbearable heat, it's not really comfortable for me if I put on any heavy and dark block colored pieces. I feel like it would just add up to the rising temperature. I would rather opt for a light-colored blush tone just like the shorts above. Summer is a very good excuse to flaunt your arms, legs as well as your feet hence this sleeveless floral top, blush shorts and this Dumond pair of sandals accessorized with the pretty white bag that chics up the whole outfit. This sandals is perfect for strolling around while cooling off inside malls and hotels or for strolling around parks and beaches. Let my do it the Dumond way.

Dumond is one-of-its-kind brand. I guess Philippines and Brazil are close together in terms of temperature and tropical climate, hence their footwear is something suitable to our land and weather. Dumond brand is done the Brazilian way. We all know how Brazilian brands, as we all are aware with some Brazilian footwear, have captured our hearts because of its durability. Dumond is of premium quality without sacrificing beauty and style. 

View Dumond's SS14 collection here. Visit Dumond Philippines in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info.

How about you, what's your summer style?


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 032714-040214

Whew! A week filled with transition. I'm on the down side and trying to cope. I miss the previous 'life' I had but I believe in a sovereign God everything will eventually fall into place. 

Anyway the past days have been a blast, and a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I am thankful for everything. From accomplishing forms and documents, to printing necessary stuff, to accomplishing another design request, to goodbyes and all new hellos, to attending events -- I feel grateful.

Here's this week's round-up from

When you have the chance to show support to someone you love and when someone you love appreciated what you did. I always love watching him play in any sport. I’m his number one fan. And I love getting notes like “Kahit di ka pumalakpak. Thank you. I love you.”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIW: Gloomy Humpday

What I wore one Wednesday when the weather was acting bipolar. It's summer but it was raining, or drizzling but sun still shining. Just like my outfit I guess. It's all greyish but with a touch of teal brightness. And debuting is my short and ash brown hair. Feeling gloomy as well as at this point last week I was already having separation anxiety with the people I worked with for 14 months, of the place I've become accustomed to. 

'Cos Baby You're a Firework

It's the first time in foreverrr I finally experienced a quadruple date wahahaha! Kiddin' aside tho, back when I was the only single person in our circle of friends I was usually the third, fourth, fifth, sixth wheel hahaha! Loserrrrr. But I always enjoy seeing them lovebirds being cheesy and sweet and mushy and all while I well have this relationship with a book or a chocolate. Anyway, so March 22 was a day dedicated for so I've heard a dream-come-true Kalibs-guys-with-their-plus-ones date night. The fifth pyromusical was the chosen event and I must say hooray for that. Lovers under the fireworks must be one of the most kilig moments ever for me. You see even my side profile mentions that fireworks can easily make my day. They are instant picker-uppers and feel-good sight. What more if spent with your loved one beside you. Naksss cheeseballs.
I've seen pyromusicals before this and I was already thinking that it's overrated but this night, I was mistaken. I love love love love the show that night. We've seen the US set and the Philippines' exhibition show. Both were just so wow-ing. Again, I was almost (almost lang naman) in tears! Hahaha! They were amazing showcases of light plays! Sayang nga lang 'cos the projector in front of us was ruining the view but still it was awesome! 
I don't know about Joal and Crissa, Kent and Joyce and James and Kham, but there's something about fireworks that can make you closer to your loved one. Or am I becoming too sentimental and cheesy here??  Yes? Ok lang let me continue. Hahaha! You watch the fireworks up in the sky and then you are beside your loved one and there's that spark between the both of you and when you look at him/her your face lights up like a firework lights up the sky. I haven't met anyone who saw a very good firework show who remained in a grumpy mood. I guess a loved one has the same effect -- making you smile at the end of the day, lightening your mood. But of course they can also be like firecrackers -- annoying and painful to hear. Hahaha! The thing is, in a relationship, it's important to look at the fireworks. Yes there are gloomy days but a healthy relationship just like a firework should be a light in the dark, brightens up the day. San ko nakuha yung analogy na yun?? Haha!
Luke knows how I love fireworks. He even teased me when we were witnessing HK Disneyland's fireworks display 'iiyak na yan o iiyak na yan...' Well I did tear up hahaha! I like it when I witness fireworks display but I like it even more when I witness it with him. It's a different kind of bonding.
With Luke and I, I can imagine him being like Katy Perry singing Fireworks to me. Wahahaha 'di ko maimagine nakacostume siya ng Katy Perry hahahaha. Anyway, ibang klaseng serenading. This song is actually a feel-good-booster song. It's a meaningful song that sings  that we can be the best person that we already are. It challenges us to 'ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the 4th of July 'cos we are fireworks and we just have to show what our worth are'. I have always mentioned how through Luke, I've become the better person, I believe, that I am now. He helped me bring out the best in me, helped me throw away insecurities and unnecessary emotions. It's like his singing me 'Come on let your colors burst... It's always been inside of you and now it's time to let it through...'

Photos grabbed from Kent and Kham's IG accounts
We had a late dinner afterwards after all that siksikan coming out of the audience area. And since most food establishments were already closed or were already closing, we decided on a Thai dinner at Jatujak. The usual kwentuhan, tawanan and asaran.

I did enjoy the display. I enjoyed the company. I enjoyed the night. Fireworks and special someone/loved one is indeed a good combo. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'll Miss These Two

Abe, Serendra Fort
March 19, 2014

Surprise surprise! One thing I'm really thankful for in the little more than a year of my stay with Regus is because of these two people I'm blessed with, April and Edna. They were already there accompanying me on my first day and everyday until my last day huhuhu. We had collected lots of little memories to treasure. As a bunso hahaha I'm super thankful for the pieces of advice they've been giving me or the simple opinions they give out. I like how they listen, how they share real life stories, I like how we can rant and laugh at the same time. These are the kind of people to be treasured. They're really really really nice and caring and thoughtful people. It's so rare to find people like them and I'm super blessed that God has allowed me to meet them along the way.
Last 19th or March, they "surprised" me with a tadaaaaa lunch treat everything on them!! I find it too sweet! As month-end is approaching hence they chose this date. Aaaah kilig!! We had quite a lot of orders just for the three of us. I super enjoyed this mini bonding with them. Waaah as early as now I'm already having separation anxiety. Nooooo! Can I can I just go back? Hahaha! I'll superrrr miss you both!!!!
We ordered for ourselves chicharon bulaklak, halu-halo, manggang hilaw, tuna and kare-kare. I forgot how the tuna's called but I might post a food diary on these. Because orders came in a little late we had talked like there's no end for our break time. Wahahah overbreak kami actually. Thank you thank you so much!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Sketches

I just thought of putting some of my sketches online too. :) 
These are some of the sketches for Miss Merie's 2014 summer collection. It's a tad late actually, they're still in production but I am hopeful that they'll all be available for selling really soon. :)
Still part of a collection
Tried watercoloring on free hand sketch
Learning more of watercoloring
Design for a client.
Didn't bring my drawing weapons with me so made use of a pen and a Corona notebook to sketch while waiting for the boyfie
Light and Dark. Clean and sorta messy. Happy and gloomy. Part of the sketches we did at school.

Happy Four Years Estimates Manila

My motto in blogging or documenting anything is "better late than never". You'll probably read it countless of times here just like now! Haha! 

I've mentioned in some blog post/s some time ago of how I was part of a pioneer team in Factset Philippines, the company we've all become somehow attached with. Let me do some reminiscing and reunion, of the four years of the relationship we have with each other, with our boss, and with the team we pioneered.
This was us four years ago. It was in March 1, 2010 when we met each other for the first time. And yes up until now, even though we went in our own separate ways, we still try to remain in contact with each other. As you can see, the photos above are proofs of why I was known of my full bangs. I was in a full bangs phase ya know and I kind of miss it. Haha! We were nine who pioneered the Estimates Manila team. And I must say, with a brag, that Z had really came up with the best possible team combo -- that's us nine. Hahaha! 
This is what Luke and I call, the McKinely park. A lot of things happened here. March 6 of this year, I tried to gather us nine as Z who flew from Paris was in town. Unsuccessful, but at least we were seven present in our mini reunion. From those who already left the above mentioned company, I was the first to arrived and I headed to this park. I tell you, kulang na lang ng magandang camera and background music, I can already be part of a music video which I imagine being shot in this park. Hahaha! Complete with teary eyes haha. I recalled almost everything!! I remember those days when we buy something from 7-11 and/or Pan de Manila and sit in this very park savoring our break time. This is also a favorite spot for me and Luke to talk about things and I still remember those days that no one still knows that the both of us are already in a relationship. Naging laman kami ng mga haka-haka at tsismis. Artista si Luke e hahaha! And yes this park still holds our secret conversations. Even with the batches after us, I know that they frequent this park to spend their break time, too. Also, when I feel like emo-ish I go to this park alone and just breathe air. I'm not sure how much memories this park holds for each member of the Estimates team, but for mine alone, it already holds a lot.
Our mini celebration is complete with a greeting cake!! It's no longer a surprise to Z but I know he's happy seeing the majority of us! :) The reunion feeling of finally seeing each other! I haven't seen Ping, Jason and Ja for more than a year!! I recall how each one of us is a representative of one personality type in Enneagram -- that's how varied our personalities are and yet we somehow clicked with each other. 
After some mini catching up with each other, we decided to have dinner at SF Bistro in Tuscany. The gap between the present and the last time we saw each other was filled with kwentos, pang-aasar, tsismisan and eating in between. So much happened, so many new faces, new batches, new love teams -- dating from the days we began. Estimates have grown to be bigger in terms of headcount but also in terms of memories and bond and relationship. Ang dami nang pangyayari.
We all look happy right??Cheer lives up to her name. Hahaha! Also, very belated happy birthday Dax!!! Haha! Personally, I'm glad to have seen these people again. I'm glad that we've all become better persons by the mere way we cope up and talk about the past. Our paths have crossed at one point, may still be close with each others' at this point, some have trailed farther, but I believe there is still this bond that we share. Kahit walang habas kami kung tumawa at mang-asar lang na magkakasama, alam ko na meron kaming natutunan sa bawat isa. Each one contributed to who we are now. For that each one is special. Maybe that's why we are puzzle pieces perfectly fit for a pioneer team. We are also proud of what the team have become.
Someday, I hope to reunite us nine complete. I hope that when that time comes, we have happier stories to share; that we may be able to inspire each other, to relate to each other; to give pieces of advice to each other; or maybe we'll cross paths on the same company someday. I miss the so-so and relaxed days with them. I miss how childish we can be with each other. I miss how bullying is acceptable among us. Actually, I somehow miss those everyday we were together when we were just starting the team.
We also visited the lobby of the FPI in PCCI Bldg. We also recalled how when we were starting with just one floor, a tiny pantry but now, the company has grown operating in two buildings with a total of five floors and three pantries plus coffee nooks. Hahaha! And the free drinks! Si Kuya Guard o photobomber. Oh that's Cheer and Jason, just one of Cheer's love teams when she was still with Factset hahaha! 
And then after their shifts and Z's meetings, together with Mama Mia and the TL's, had a couple of drinks and more catching up. It was rather a short time with them but it was so good to be back and be reunited.  Maybe there should be a GRAND REUNION of all the batches and each one who became Estimates that would be so muuuuch fun! 

We all know why I'm thankful of this team, first it paved way for me and Luke :D Then it made me appreciate more the course I graduated in. Through this team I was able to meet people who have become my strong motivators. I have gained a lot of friends, too. We may be resigned from this department, but we will forever be a proud FS Estimates member. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shorter Lighter

'Cos it's summer and I finally had the courage to cut it shorter and color it lighter. Thanks to Sonny of Angelo Falconi salon for always taking good care of my hair  :) Got good compliments and a lot liked my short hair better than the long one. After six years, I'm back to short hair :) I have also long wanted to try ash brown and I like it :D

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fashion Friday Stylspirations

Bumped into these celebrities' stylish outfits.

Kate Beckinsale
Olivia Palermo
Reese Witherspoon

Selena Gomez