Monday, March 23, 2015

Aficionado: Mary Grace's Capppuccino w Muoscovado and Chocolate

Me-time is priceless to me and I usually spend them with a book. Mary Grace is one of my favorite spots for having my lone time and I usually order their carbonara. But just recently I decided to try their cheese roll and their cappuccino with muscovado and chocolate drink combo. Oh the grilled cheese rolls is a new favorite and their drink did not disappoint. I like it better than their signature hot chocolate. This pair might also be a new staple to my alone-time in Mary Grace but I should try their other drinks as well.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Aficionado: Wildflour's Vietnamese Latte

It’s all because of "girlfriend duties" that I had the chance to sip on Wildflour’s Vietnamese latte. Wildflour Salcedo has just recently opened and it’s nearby Luke’s basketball tournament venue. While waiting for his basketball game to start and while he was warming up, wanted to have a cup of Flat White from Toby’s but decided to try some coffee from Wildflour which I haven’t done even when I was still working in BGC. It was a good decision and their Vietnamese latte actually suited my taste buds' liking. =) It would have been better if I coupled it with some of their known pastry or something from their delectable menu. Maybe next time.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Aficionado: Paume's Pastry House (BF Paranaque)

This was not part of my initial list but it would still fall under my aficionado finds. Paume’s Pastry House is located along Presidents Avenue still in BF Paranaque (oh don’t you just love the south?? Haha!) Together with my family, we had our caffeine and pastry fix that night after my sister's birthday dinner at Bamba Bistro. It was upon my friend’s recommendation that we knew about this place -- it was one good endorsement; it did not upset! 
Bright and a Parisian-inspired interiors greeted us. The vibe was very open and welcoming. There were few tables and seats but the place that night was not fully packed. There is even a tiny nook for kids and toddlers. Their menu is composed of pastas, rice meals too, pastries, desserts; and drinks from juices to coffee brews and coffee-blended ones. I immediately spotted their pastry display, it’s right in front of the door; and for a sweets-lover like me it’s automatically inviting. However, I was not able to try any of their pastries that time. I also spotted their coffee brew machines which actually is one reason why I included Paume’s to my Aficionado list haha!
Each one of us had ordered a drink of some sort, some hot some cold, but I was only to take note of my and Luke’s orders. Their Feel Good Affogato is the best I have tasted so far. Their French Kiss Latte was an instant favorite, too! The fact that we were well-served also added to the fact that my family had an instant liking to the place. As my friend who told me about this, I also highly recommend this place. Yay more south finds!!  

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Miss Merie on Instagram: February


As mentioned, it was just like a passable month of February for Miss Merie. I had to decline prom clients (sayang =( I know) and some other clients, too, as the dressmakers are in full swing making two set of entourage dresses. Three of the above photos are clients, including moi, wearing Miss Merie pieces way back from our summer 2014 collection. The mother-and-daughter printed terno dresses are orders in January which just got handed last month. March started quite really good for this passion project of mine. The coming days look promising. =)

Miss Merie on Instagram @missmerie_online and @mSheng12 for the more personal stuff.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Happy Fifty

Months went by quickly, days have been busy, though you moved to a new city, even to a new job, new company; now we see each other rarely, sorry na medyo clingy. For this note forgive me, trying hard to be witty, yet I end up being silly, I'll try to end this shortly. Anyway, grateful that we're happy, thank you for being beside me, I love you very dearly, happy happy fifty!! 50th❤️❤️
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Forest House (Baguio Weekend with My Girls Pt IV)

The last installment of this Baguio Weekend with My Girls series is dedicated to our weekend home away from home - Forest House! Getting this bed and breakfast for that weekend  was the best decision we made as Orig4 EVER!! Hahaha! Of course it is an overstatement but this BnB is not. As mentioned in a prior Baguio trip post which was last year as well, after our tour around this cozy place, I knew I'd be back to try. So indeed! It felt like home! Nothing really fancy but the place lives up to its name. Sayang lang we did not get to try their fireplace para mas feel ang pagka-forest house vibe but nonetheless, the ambiance and the smell, too, gave that sort of woodlands feeling pero hindi naman eery. We felt like we have a whole house to ourselves since we stayed in the Yuri room, which was located in the basement. This room has access to the garden area so feel talaga namin isang buong bahay inupahan namin. If WIFI is your ultimate non-negotiable for a room, the rooms here have their own routers and internet surfing was super fast. The owner of the house was hands-on in designing the interiors, with a lot of personal touch and it's vividly shown on every corner of the place. Their service did not disappoint. We were well taken care of and well-attended. I know there are a lot of cheap places to stay in Baguio but shelling out some extra cash for this place will be worth it.
It was actually Julie's birthday month so we spontaneously prepared a surprise for her. Effective naman yata kami! Haha! Quarter-life crisis ka na Julie!! To more birthdays that we will celebrate together. 
That night we were supposed to go to the night market to try to score some ukay finds. Sadly, the rain heavily poured and as advised by the receptionist, due to the heavy downpour that there was no night market. So we just took this photo below when we were hoping that the rain would stop but did not, went back to our room, called for McDo delivery and pushed through watching MMK "Amalayer". Hahah! I can still remember!
It's a bed and BREAKFAST so sa malamang may.... BREAKFAST which we greatly enjoyed! Having waken up to a wonderful view just outside our room, okay na okay ang mood topped with sumptuous brekky.
And then our photo op!!

Thank you Baguio!!!! WE HAD A LOT OF FUN!!!
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