Sunday, January 25, 2015

WIW: Scarf as Belt

One Saturday afternoon, after one client meeting and one gown pick-up I headed to meet the last batch of trainees I had from one previous job that I had. This is a group of girls I believe have played an important role on where am I now. And feeling a lot casual that day, I wore shirt and shorts to meet them. Then accessorized my scarf as a belt and put on red lipstick. I don't know why but I was feeling confident that day! Leaving with you my ggss feeling fashion blogger photos. Hahaha!

Bench shirt. Guess shorts (from my Mom which is once a pair of pants). Parisian mandals. Kenneth Cole Reaction bag.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIW: Anniversary Eve

It was a quick getaway where else but in Tagaytay. It's colder these days hence the long-sleeved top that I wore and much more colder upon arrival in Tagaytay. This is what I wore on the day before our anniversary as we roamed around the nth time in this city.

Top - Mom's. Scarf from Singapore. Long skirt - The Berries. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Four-ever

We have come a long way but we have a longer way to go. We have many more highs to share along with a few lows. Our anniversary is that point in our love’s journey, where we can pause and realize how we have been so blessed. Every anniversary and from hereon, my prayer is that whenever we look back, it's the best 12 full months that we had. This year had been wild yet still wonderful. Thank you for coping up and being the resilient person that you are, for loving me despite myself. Happy Four-evermore hahaha! I love you!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Fridate at Buona Vista Ristorante Italiano

January 2 - the first ever date, Fridate, of #LuRie! Yay!! Haha! I missed this guy with me coming from our province up north! For a week, we haven't seen and talked with other much. Haha one week?? Clingy! So as soon as I got back from Isabela, we dated - strolled around ATC, shopped for his apartment's refrigerator and then to Molito Complex. We had dinner at Buona Vista Ristorante Italiano. My first time here was with my lovelies just last December 26, after our annual gift-giving. I then asked Luke to why not we try it here as well. For the second time, I was not disappointed! I ordered those I haven't tried the first time around. 
Steak and pasta of course - two of my favorite food E-V-E-R!!!! But before these sumptuousness, a complimentary basket of breads with tomato and pesto was served for appetizer and I also loved it. Got the chance to talk to this restaurant's manager and I told him how I loved the dishes we ordered so far even during our first time visit, and that night we especially liked their version of lasagna which happened to be their bestseller. I  would surely be back to try their pizza selection. 
Their Lasagna al Forno (Php330) is a must-try!! This is now my favorite lasagna. :)

We stayed a good hour in this part of Molito -- one good chill place down south. It's our first coffee date for this year but my fifth cup just on the second day of this year. To more dates for us this 2015 most especially that he lives down south already!!!

New Year New Hair

The moment finally came when I and Sonny, my stylist from Angelo Falconi salon in Casimiro, finally aligned and agreed on the decision for new short hair style and a darker color. From an almost shoulder-length to a nape-revealing cut; and from an ash blonde color to a light brown copper red dye. I really really like how it turned out. And the moment I stepped out of the salon I felt like I was so ready to face the new year and the world. Hahaha! 

WIW: First Weekend

Well, hi! And now I post my very first #ootd for 2015! Nothing really special. However, I feel glad as the current weather permits me to wear my scarves yay!!! Just like what I wore as I did some weekend duties. Don't you just love that wind effect on my scarf on the below photo? Hahaha! Anyway, it's the first weekend of 2015 and the last weekend to enjoy the holidays! Waaah!! Why do the relaxed and chill life have to end?? Anyway, hope everyone's having a good new year thus far.

Top - Miss Merie. Scarf - Mango . Pants - Maldita. White sandals - Landmark.

Monday, December 29, 2014

I am claiming all these wishes...

Soon we'll say hi to 2015. Wow, where did all those days go? Anyway, I just want to share this message from Purpose Fairy. Such a nice letter and I am claiming all these wishes. This is my prayer for you, too. Praying for a blessed and joyous new year coming your way.

Hi Merie,

As 2014 comes to an end and the New Year approaches...

"I wish you’ll let go of all thoughts of limitation and I
hope you’ll stop settling for less than you are worth.

I wish you’ll put aside all your fears and insecurities
and I hope you’ll find the courage to take risks and make
all your dreams come true

I wish you’ll find the courage to lose sight of the shore
so that you can discover new oceans.

I wish you’ll start believing in yourself as much as you
want the world to believe in you

I wish you’ll pour your love into everything you do and I
hope you’ll make your life a work of art.

I wish you’ll learn to smile more and frown less; to trust
more and doubt less; to feel more and think less; to listen
more and talk less

I wish you’ll give yourself permission to stop taking yourself
so seriously and enjoy life a little more

I wish you’ll give yourself permission to be silly and weird,
to laugh when you feel like laughing and to cry when you feel
like crying.

I wish you’ll cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but
light, your own and of those around you

I wish you’ll stop chasing love and approval outside of you and start
seeking your own love and approval instead

I wish you’ll always keep a humble heart and no matter how bad the
world will treat you, I hope you’ll look at it with eyes of love

I wish you’ll learn to treat everyone with love and respect and I hope
you’ll make every person you come in contact with feel that there is
something valuable in them

I wish you’ll surround yourself with the best kind of people, positive
and cheerful spirits, beautiful and loving souls

I wish you’ll love with all your heart and no matter if you’ll get hurt,
lied or betrayed, I hope you’ll never lose your faith in love

I wish you’ll put aside all thoughts of envy and jealousy and look at
those who already accomplished many of the things you wish to accomplish
with respect and admiration

I wish you’ll learn to honor and embrace yourself fully, and I hope
you’ll love yourself as much as you want others to love you.

I wish you’ll learn to forgive and let go of all thoughts of anger and
, and I hope you’ll allow peace, love and tranquility to enter
your heart.

I wish you’ll let go of the past and all the pain that it caused you,
and I hope you’ll allow it to make you better not bitter.

I wish you’ll find the strength to turn your wounds into wisdom
and all your difficulties into opportunities.

I wish you’ll learn to be grateful for every experience life
sends your way

I wish you’ll allow your so called mistakes and failures to teach
you gratitude, patience, humility and compassion. And I hope you’ll
put all thoughts of blame, judgement and criticism behind you

I wish you’ll become a reflection of that which you want to see in
the world and I hope you’ll make the rest of your life the best of
your life

Happy Holidays, to you and all those dear to you :)

With all my Love,
Luminita aka PurposeFairy

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas!!

And the angel said to them, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. 
(Luke 2:10-11)

Let us not ever forget the reason for this season. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014


Last December 20, after dressing up the first ever Miss Merie bride, I headed to Mall of Asia for my college barkada's musical date. We were not complete that time yet and was rather early for the musical so we had dinner first at Lugang Cafe. I was already feeling a bit under the weather pero tuloy pa rin! Syempre catch-up catch-up with everyone. On a non-musical-related note, I am so proud of what my friends have achieved so far, feeling nanliliit ako in terms of the career we started taking, we took up business courses. There were career-shifts (one thing I am really really praying for which I find it hard at this career stage of mine), promotions, expansions and even setting up charity organizations on top of good business. Clap clap!
So to the musical-related part... It was a first for everyone of us inside The Theatre Solaire. The broadway musicals we've seen were all held in CCP. The Theatre Solaire is something similar to Resorts World only bigger. The place looks untouched, obviously newly opened. The sound system's really good. The stage is nothing like CCP. I guess it won't hold much musical shows. But it's a good venue for other shows like pageants and concerts. 
Of course photo op everywhere! Ang mahal kaya ng ticket sulitin pati ang posters everywhere! Hahaha! Seven out of ten SFF were present! Ang saya! One of our biggest gatherings hahaha! Tin, Jose and Kat have been my musical buddies and this is our second musical for 2014. Glad that Candy, Roma and Kaye were also available this day! 
Now I know why Chicago's the longest running musical show. It was really good and entertaining! The music and the dance moves are to watch out for. Something happened to me halfway through the show so I kind of not completely watch it boo but this musical should be on anyone's list of must-watch musicals.

And now I leave these photos of selfie-podding we got a little crazy somewhere in Solaire's carpark. 'Til our next musical date!

Credits to Tin and Kat for the photos.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My First Ever Unofficial Fashion Show

Our department's theme was Fashion Runway for the annual Christmas party held last December 14 at the Bellevue Hotel Manila Grand Ballroom. With this theme, I got the chance to work on our team's runway show which we themed "Pink Friday" - an incorporation of neon glow and pink. This theme is really nothing of my forte, which was supposed to be somehow eccentric, but I am very blessed and grateful to have this chance to showcase a few designs of mine on the runway.  And though it is not official, it was still a great and fulfilling feeling! So for this unofficial first ever fashion show, thank you FPRA and MCFA! What an experience and thanks a lot for my teammates most especially these models for their trust and cooperation.
Not really my designs for the guys but styled them with the help of Madz.
The designs for the ladies. Some were a mix and match of what these ladies already have in their closets. Two of these models are already mommies!