Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Forest House (Baguio Weekend with My Girls Pt IV)

The last installment of this Baguio Weekend with My Girls series is dedicated to our weekend home away from home - Forest House! Getting this bed and breakfast for that weekend  was the best decision we made as Orig4 EVER!! Hahaha! Of course it is an overstatement but this BnB is not. As mentioned in a prior Baguio trip post which was also just last year as well, after our tour around this cozy place, I knew that I'd be back to try. So indeed! It felt like home! Nothing really fancy but the place lives up to its name. Sayang lang we did not get to try their fireplace para mas feel ang pagka-forest house vibe but nonetheless, the ambiance and the smell, too, gave that sort of woodlands feeling pero hindi naman eery. We felt like we have a whole house to ourselves since we stayed in the Yuri room, which was located at the basement. This room has access to the garden area so feel talaga namin isang buong bahay inupahan namin. If WIFI is your ultimate non-negotiable for a room, the rooms here have their own routers and internet surfing was super fast. The owner of the house was hands-on in designing the interiors, with a lot of personal touch and it's vividly shown on every corner of the place. Their service did not disappoint as well. We were well taken care of and well-attended. I know there are a lot of cheap places to stay in Baguio but shelling out some extra cash for this place will be worth it.
It was actually Julie's birthday month so we spontaneously prepared a surprise for her. Effective naman yata kami! Haha! Quarter-life crisis ka na Julie!! To more birthdays that we will celebrate together. 
That night we were supposed to go to the night market to try to score some ukay finds. Sadly, the rain heavily poured and as advised by the receptionist, due to the heavy downpour that there was no night market. So we just took this photo below when we were hoping that the rain would stop but did not, went back to our room, called for McDo delivery and pushed through watching MMK "Amalayer". Hahah! I can still remember!
It's a bed and BREAKFAST so sa malamang may.... BREAKFAST which we greatly enjoyed! Having waken up to a wonderful view just outside our room, okay na okay ang mood topped with sumptuous brekky.
And then our photo op!!

Thank you Baguio!!!! WE HAD A LOT OF FUN!!!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Lovely February @mSheng12 Instagram

The always-lacking month just ended and passed by like a breeze! March na and it starts to feel a lot like summer already – my not-so-favorite season. Anyway, February was a busy month at work, a passable month for Miss Merie, a fulfilling wander month (I reached another summit!!! And has some sweet staycation, too!), a month I was able to slowly catch-up with my blog backlogs and even had the chance to tweak my blog, can you spot the difference?? Okay, good, buti naman! Hahaha! I was also able to finish reading bookSSSS yes plural form!! Wuhooo! And even posted book comments! I had a fair dose of eat-outs, and celebrations – celebrated my sister’s birthday and hearts day with Luke and a separate one with my girls as well, this month. What a lovely February! Thank You, Lord!

Have hope always, as my Suelas pair say. Somehow, kahit mainit, I am excited what March will bring me. Thrilling! As I was trying to reflect on my February, I started praying for a more rewarding and pleasing month. Not that my first two 2015 months were not, I just wanted this month to be more gratifying. I feel like my decisions lately are so heavy, that it will greatly impact my future. I was also feeling really hopeful for the coming months. I am feeling kind of excited and inspired, too. I hope this is not just fleeting but would be brought across days and months. Kaya ko ‘to, Marso! =)

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Aficionado: Magnum Opus (BF Paranaque)

Magnum Opus means "work of art". Naming it to a coffee shop automatically gives the notion that it is an artisanal one. This is another post on hopefully an endless series on my search for coffee shops and caffeinated drinks, locally and hopefully abroad (sarap pakinggan ng abroad!!) 

As I began searching for coffee places, most especially the third wave ones, I was so glad that one shop humbly sits here, down south. Yes, it's located in The Prime block in BF Homes Paranaque. Maraming salamat Aguirre avenue, you are a wonderful stretch of food and drinks discoveries. I did not have the chance to try it right away. It was only when a good friend from the north, had to visit my HQ and fit the dress I designed for her, that we both got the chance. We were like-minded on this as it's the same place we wanted to try bilang she came from the north and then she was currently in south that moment. We are so happy we did! It did not disappoint :) 
It's a tiny place with an al fresco area. Since the inside was crowded that time, and to give Arianne the chance to have a breathe of fresh south air hahaha, we stayed in the al fresco area. It was a good time to catch up. Medyo matagal din kaming hindi nagkita. When I am with Arianne, all of my travel and dining dreams resurface instantly! These are the common stuff (with Korean stuff as a bonus pa pala hahaha) that we normally chat about. We talked a lot on these matters and career, too. She's one person I thank God for --  we don't get to hang out always, and she has far closer and has the closest friends, but I know she is a friend of mine.

Arianne ordered flat white and I tried their bestseller Belgian Heartbreaker. I SUPER LIKED their Belgian Heartbreaker. No wonder it's their bestseller. Their cheesecake tasted good, too! With coffee/coffee-blended drinks, I always want a good blend of sweet and bitterness, ayoko ng masyadong matapang at lalong ayokong masyadong matamis for coffee. I guess Belgian heartbreaker had a good mix of milk, coffee and dark belgian chocolate -- yes the dark belgian chocolate was melted and mixed to the coffee drink. Sarap talaga! I am yet to try other drinks and hope I could be back soon with a solo session with a book, maybe? This is indeed a must-try for the south people. :)

 *visited November, 2014 (a lag post haha!)
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