Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Half-year Resolutions

More than a year from the date of this entry, I am writing another set of resolutions for the coming half-year or maybe another year. It’s a good time to look back and self-assess on where I am now as compared to where I was. This is also in light of my blog’s sixth anniversary last July (which is supposed to be close to 10 years already). I planned to write both my half-year resolutions and anniversary entries but (apart from being a lola for most of the days) my July was fairly frenetic and I was in a stage of valuation – I guess this is now an annual thing for me having this “midyear-crisis” looking back to see how I should move forward for the rest of the year, or should I? Questions like this are typical occurrences in my mid-year state of mind. Rereading that entry, I want to restate them not because I haven’t accomplished them (some nos. though hahaha) but because I consider them as things that should be part of a year’s routine. 

Anyway, the first half (plus a month) of my 2014 was tremendous. I also reread my Hello 2014 entry and I feel glad, I feel blessed, I feel so thankful. But at the same time I also feel “lacking”. If there’s one thing I should have consistently done, it has nothing to do with my tasks at work or my sideline or with how I treat the people around me but I should have exercised my faith very eagerly. I feel like I lack of faith while doing the things I’ve been performing this year.  So for the rest of this year STRONGER FAITH!!

I blasted this year with prayer and fasting and the half-year with a fast as well. My faith should be indeed stronger! Blessed enough that browsing through my prayer journal, our God is indeed an answering God. Luke's promotion, my new job role meeting my salary expectation, fashion endeavour, are few among what's written inside. So excited for the next set of God's answers!!!

Anyways, I have more or less five more months to make 2014 the best year of my life.

More travelling and exploring. 
Need not be grand. Need not to be real destinations as what I mentioned in my 2014 resolutions. Despite the fact that I am currently “stuck” in Alabang, which is essentially one good reason to travel and discover more places. In the past half-year I fulfilled the part of travelling to local destinations – I’ve been to Baguio twice, I have climbed Mt. Pulag, I’ve been to Bataan and finally experienced Coron (so out of these I have only blogged on one yet hahaha medyo on time ako mag-blog haha). Though initially I aimed for a monthly travel, this is not bad at all. 

I also discovered new places to dwell in – coffee shops and restaurants too. And I still have five months to go somewhere else! It makes me giddy and I am praying that I would still be able to go somewhere else. Because in travelling, I discover more of me, and more of the people I am with, and more of the life around me, that I am just a tiny particle of the universe and that there is so much more to life. Anyway, I’m aiming for another or a couple more of local and an international. 

Thrive in my fashion endeavour. 
Yes, as what my family, friends and boyfriend hoped for me and I hoped for myself, I enrolled myself to a Fashion Design Course. I formally launched my “fashion business” though I don’t really want to call it business per se, I want it more of a creativity outlet for now, as I am a full-time employee still. But as I want to thrive in this endeavor, I want to spend 10,000 more hours (learned something from a Malcolm book) just sketching, reading, learning, and writing all about fashion. I am looking into enrolling again either this end of September or early November (currently my dilemma), was supposed to have enrolled myself and start classes this coming 23rd but as per boss amo’s piece of advice, “huwag muna”,which I later on realized is a good decision as I might spend most of my Saturday’s working on my December bride’s wedding dress and entourage and some more clients in between. 
I am also praying that before this year ends, I would have a workplace which I want to call my creative abode so that I can finally move from my tiny office inside my room and have a slightly bigger space. I am also praying for suppliers, financiers, and a set of lovely fitting forms haha! Specifically stated? I also pray to invest on sewing machines and of course on people who would work with me. Farfetched?? Yes, maybe, but I believe in a bigger and sovereign God. I entrust all of these to Him. 

Devotion is the key to a beautiful day. To do it during the early hours of the day to have good conditioning. 

Read more!! Again hahaha. Goal is 50 books this year but best of luck hahaha! So far I read a little more than 10?? 

Save and hit the target. Push!!!

On time journaling just like I used to be. Hahaha obviously, this post as an evidence, I lag in blogging.

Get a driver’s license. So this has been a resolution ever since? Just got to show that it's not really  my priority hehehe but who knows when God might send me my car this year too?? Haha, why not, I am claiming it!!! 

These are my main resolutions and some more tads in between. I pray that I would eventually cross these all out. ☺ And oh yes if you noticed my blog’s sidebar, materially, I finally invested on my “dream” thingamajigs hahaha! And I thank boss amo for helping me attain them! ☺ So that’s all for now. Will revisit this from time to time and before this year ends. What’s yours?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fashion Friday: Amsale Spring 2015

In light of my December wedding endeavor, I’ve been in constant nourishing of my supposed to be creativeness and ingenuity in designing the perfect wedding dress and entourage dresses for my first ever bridal entourage. I am blessed beyond measure for the trust given to me by the couple. That is why I am trying my best and pouring my heart out on this. During my free time I browse through different creations and of different designers and stores. Below are some of this week’s finds.

Cr: Saja
Cr: AliExpress
Cr: Ogotoshop
This post also features Amsale’s Spring 2015 collection. One of Amsale’s design principles, which I critically consider, is “Make Believe”. I try to place myself in the shoes of my client imagining myself being on the place and the occasion where the dress would be worn – “making believe that I am already there”. In my December bride’s case, I try to fascinate myself as much as I can the details of her wedding, making sure I know where their wedding would take place, the reception, the set-up and even the couple’s love story. I want to understand her style and personality. I don’t want my bride (and my clients) wearing any of my creations not reflecting a good association of my aesthetics and their persona.

Going back, I really like how clean, dainty, flowy and elegant the pieces of this collection are.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Travel Tuesday: After Climb Baguio Food Trip Video is up!!!

And here’s another short and shaky and random video on our after climb Baguio food trip last May 2014. Took me three months to have finally squeezed in compiling these videos. Too short I must say. It was one of the fun spontaneous trips that I had with Luke and of course it was so so sooo fun being with Kimy and Tin, too. We’ve been to a number of places in less than 24hrs. This was after the climb (video here and blog here). We went around Baguio and eating and chatting and just being carefree! I’m yet to post a blog entry about this too. For now, watch this!! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Musings: The Power of Introverts

Squeezed in 19-minutes of my time just to watch this because if there is one person I know who understands who I am, that is her, Susan Cain, the writer of the book "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking". I am not yet done reading the book but as I read along, I am amazed by how the pages seem like they talk to me personally. In short, I can greatly relate.

Susan Cain did an extensive research and provided a whole lot of references on her book and watching her talk in this video made my day like she was bringing out something in me. Hahaha ang drama and feeling close. You might find it weird but in this world where according to her, the "culture of personality" is greatly approved of, there is someone like Susan Cain who strongly believes in the power of those people who prefer to be alone. Only a fellow introvert would very much relate.

I am one with her vision. I believe in the power of introverts. Thank you Susan for making me feel that it's totally alright to choose solitude or being alone with my book, choosing to talk the least in a group discussion or brainstorming, that it's okay to not jump right away into things that seem socially acceptable. And I am one with the vision, that despite my being introvert, I would certainly allow the rest of the world to see what's in my suitcase.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


One-four-three. I love you. I love thee!!! 
Each monthsary I try my best to come up with rhyming lines to shout to the world how much I love this man. No matter how corny or annoying I could get I would still do it just like what I did here. I won't stop even to the point that I have to create my own dictionary. Hahaha! Happy 43rd to us boss amo!!!

Last Saturday we had our date night at MOA. I had my pasta dose!!! Hooray!!! We dined at the alfresco section of Cafe Adriatico. So we had a sea view. And then there was an event at the activity centre wherein Itchyworms were playing at the background. So we had a live band. And then there was a fireworks display (the weekly MOA fireworks display hahaha). O diba! The ordinary Saturdate turned perfect moment. These little things count big. 
This Carbonara is pasado to my taste buds!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Comment: The Tipping Point and It's Not How Good You Are...

Title: The Tipping Point
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
No. of pages: 304
Published: 7th January, 2002
Read: July 09, 2014
The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate. This widely acclaimed bestseller, in which Malcolm Gladwell explores and brilliantly illuminates the tipping point phenomenon, is already changing the way people throughout the world think about selling products and disseminating ideas.

Gladwell introduces us to the particular personality types who are natural pollinators of new ideas and trends, the people who create the phenomenon of word of mouth. He analyzes fashion trends, smoking, children's television, direct mail, and the early days of the American Revolution for clues about making ideas infectious, and visits a religious commune, a successful high-tech company, and one of the world's greatest salesmen to show how to start and sustain social epidemics.
I quite liked this book and had lead me to a position of another approach to a nonfiction writing. It's a substantial book and gave quite digestible and rich chapters. Facts and real-life scenarios caught my interest. Learning bites are scattered all throughout the book which can be aids in a good foundation of a marketing strategy. It gave me a good picture of how little things indeed can result to transformation.

Title: It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be
Author: Paul Arden
No. of pages: 107
Published: 1st June, 2007
Read: July 09, 2014

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be is a handbook of how to succeed in the world - a pocket bible for the talented and timid to help make the unthinkable and the impossible possible. Advertising guru Paul Arden offers up his wisdom on issues as diverse as problem solving, responding to a brief, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes and creativity, all endeavours that can be applied to aspects of modern life.
This Christmas gift has been sitting in my shelf for months and it's only this August that I was able to read it obviously in one sitting. This book is a booster, a somehow idea generator, a book that i feel like I can go back to when I am demotivated, uninspired, in failures, in down times. There's quite a lot of wise words aka "quotable's" in the book. It's like a compilation of such. Though it is leaning towards the advertising, some parts can be applied generally. I like how visual the book is. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Comment: Aleph by Paulo Coelho

Title: Aleph
Author: Paulo Coelho
No. of pages: 288
Published: 26th June, 2012
Read: July 09, 2014
In his most personal novel to date, internationally bestselling author Paulo Coelho returns with a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Like the main character in his much-beloved The Alchemist, Paulo is facing a grave crisis of faith. As he seeks a path of spiritual renewal and growth, his only real option is to begin again—to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the landscapes around him.

Setting off to Africa, and then to Europe and Asia via the Trans-Siberian railroad, he initiates a journey to revitalize his energy and passion. Even so, he never expects to meet Hilal. A gifted young violinist, she is the woman Paulo loved five hundred years before—and the woman he betrayed in an act of cowardice so far-reaching that it prevents him from finding real happiness in this life. Together they will initiate a mystical voyage through time and space, traveling a path that teaches love, forgiveness, and the courage to overcome life’s inevitable challenges. Beautiful and inspiring, Aleph invites us to consider the meaning of our own personal journeys.
Got disappointed with this novel. I should have just read Coelho’s earlier novels instead of risking the fact that it’s one of his latest writings. I was expecting a lot more than the way he interpreted “Aleph”. This is the seventh novel I’ve read written by him and this has got to be the most disappointing. Maybe I am just being overly emotional but the book somehow portrays that it is okay to love two people at the same time and not be called a womanizer. You sleep together while you are traveling in search of your “Aleph”, miles away from your wife, and you meet a girl, sort of a “reincarnation of your most loved one in your past life” and it’s okay. Obviously this comment is from a woman’s point of view. And I can’t just easily accept it.

On the other hand, my mind opened to the realization that society can’t deny the fact that it happens, whether as absurd as a reincarnated loved one or simply the sad realities of married life, this happens. And even though at the end of the day, he goes back to his wife, tells the story to his wife, and to his wife it is okay, I can’t seem to comprehend the idea that it is okay. Added to this, this was not the first time. At the back of my mind, if this is what this “Aleph” leads to, just forget Aleph. Hahaha! The good thing though is the depiction of commitment to his wife regardless of these temptations the ‘aleph’ had brought him into. I may already sound silly with this book comment of mine but this is what I felt while reading the book. And with the back-of-the-book summary stating as “one of his personal novels”, I quite “questioned” Coelho’s credibility, not as an author, but as a man. Hahaha, I may sound OA, but I tried appreciating the essence of the book while reading it, but I can’t seem to really fathom its depth.

On the noble side of my own analysis, (apart from the seemingly bombast of comments above), just like his previous novels, the traveling signifies personal discovery, and during this time, Paulo, the main character, also trudges on the path to forgiveness. In this modern age, I guess this is one important aspect that each one of us, in one way or another strives at. Still, there was just this little disappointment that this segment could have been expounded more. But then again, I and Paulo Coelho weren’t able to really create a connection through this book. At some points, though disparate to other novels, there are still some points that made me rethink and reflect on my own personal journey. You might think that this novel can be likened to The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist but if I would rank Aleph, it would be at the bottom among these three.

With the disappointment I felt with this book, I’m giving it a 1 out of 5 stars rating.

"Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do."

"Travel is never a matter of money but of courage"

"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."

"Only two things can reveal life's great secrets: suffering and love."

"What hurts us is what heals us"

"In magic - and in life - there is only the present moment, the now. You can't measure time the way you measure the distance between two points. 'Time' doesn't pass. We human beings have enormous difficulty in focusing on the present; we're always thinking about what we did, about how we could have done it better, about the consequences of our actions, and about why we didn't act as we should have. Or else we think about the future, about what we're going to do tomorrow, what precautions we should take, what dangers await us around the next corner, how to avoid what we don't want and how to get what we have always dreamed of."

"If you conquer yourself, then you conquer the world"

"It is possible to avoid pain? Yes, but you'll never learn anything. Is it possible to know something without ever having experiencing it? Yes, but it will never truly be part of you."

"To become really good at anything,you have to practice and repeat, practice and repeat, until the technique becomes intuitive"

"Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near"

"It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future."

"Words are tears that have been written down. Tears are words that need to be shed. Without them, joy loses all its brilliance and sadness has no end."

"Suffering comes from desire, not from pain."

"If you spend too much time trying to find out what is good or bad about someone else, you'll forget your own soul and end up exhausted and defeated by the energy you have wasted in judging others."

"When we turn around and come face to face with our destiny, we discover that words (spoken) are not enough. I know so many people who are brilliant speakers but are quite incapable of practising what they preach. It's one thing to describe a situation & quite another to experience it.

"I realised a long time ago that a warrior in search of his dream must take his inspiration from what he actually does; not from what he imagines himself doing."

"We become imprisoned by our memories, and that makes our lives wretched."

"To live is to experience things, not sit around pondering the meaning of life."

"It's always easy to blame others. You can spend your entire life blaming the world, but your successes or failures are entirely your own."

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fashion Friday: Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 Couture

It's the Paris Couture Week Fall 2014 and my eyes have been obsessing on so many pieces from different collections. But as I browse through my handy apps on my iPad, it was Giambattista Valli's collection who first caught my attention. It was pure inspiration to me. I like its silhouettes and the cuts. The pieces, as to my judgment, are not so fancy and maintain their own definition of elegance. It indeed gave justice to "from the bed to the blooming gardens" peg. Below are my top 23. I really like this collection it was so hard to reduce it to a top 10 or below. 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Conquer Mt. Pulag 2014 and Life Realizations

It all began during our second book club session. We were all supposed to do this Pulag adventure together. To cut the long explanation short, only I, Kimy and Tin made it; and I tagged along Boss Amo.
It was sort of a "remote" planning since we didn't even meet once before we climbed except that one time Luke and I attended the orientation. Come departure night, we found ourselves, the four of us, in a rush!! Kimy was stranded for a day in Siargao while Tin, Luke and I were hassled by the Friday traffic. Call time was 9PM, guess what we arrived 9:30PM. Kimy even arrived ahead of us all the way from Siargao! Good thing was that the organizers had an hour allowance as our bus departed at 10PM. Whew! And so off to Baguio we went.

Tripinas was our organizer. We needed one as we were all first timers and to spare us the burden of the what-nots of climbing a mountain. It was also through them that we rented gears like tents, headlamps, and sleeping bags. No budget allotted to buy these gears. We just wanted to try out Pulag out of a rather sore pocket. We paid roughly Php4000 inclusive of Manila-Pulag-Manila transfers, meals, environmental fees, tour guide, the gears mentioned -- less worries. I highly recommend Tripinas. Their guides are really friendly and accommodating. Also their meals were really really good! Lutong bahay na masarap. By the way the gears are non-negotiable, believe when they say that it's non-negotiable! In terms of clothing, make sure you have enough layers too. It could be really freezing up there!
From Baguio, it was a three-hour ride to the ranger station. We had some stopovers in between: first was for a heavy breakfast and second at the DENR of Benguet where we had one interesting orientation. After DENR it was another ride to the Ranger Station. In our case though, we had an additional one kilometer trek to the ranger station due to roads being constructed. 

At the ranger station, we assembled together with our local tour guide. It is also in the ranger station that I availed of a porter. I don't think in my condition then  that I'd be able to carry my own stuff so I decided to hire a porter to carry my stuff. I had four liters of bottled water with me and my clothes and food are another thing. I paid Php590 for 20kilos. Some of Luke's stuff were already included. Less tiresome for the both of us. Boss amo's reasoning is that he needed to unload some of his stuff as well so whenever something happens to me he could just maybe carry me instead. Hahaha! True enough. We are planning to definitely go back. When that time comes, I vowed to try carrying my stuff with me but I also plan to keep the weight at the possible minimum haha!
The photos above are some of the photos during the earliest part of the climb. Kaya pang mag-smile. Lower  left photo is credited to Tripinas, our group's shot before we officially started the climb. It was also fun being with this group. Somehow, out of place, 'cos they seem like they've been climbing mountains already unlike the four of us. Infairness to Luke and I, we've trekked Taal. But Taal talaga?? Haha!  I included the lower right photo of me and Luke who is SMILING!! It's worth a blog post!! 
The photos above are taken on the almost half-way of the climb to base camp, after an hour and a half or so. I can't intricately describe because from what I have experienced, I was not really prepared hahaha! Hingal ako! I needed to frequent my sit-and-have-my-normal-breathing-back-break and drink water. There were parts that the air was really thin. But despite these, the surroundings made me appreciate the hidden beauties of my country. There were parts that I only saw in movies, like those enchanted forest scenes, or those Jurassic Park scenes.
Almost almost there, Merie!!! At this point, I started feeling really terrible. My head was pounding, could be a sign of dehydration as what our guide told us but I deliberately opposed. Each step was a burden. I reached that point I almost questioned myself "bakit ko ba 'to ginagawa??! Para san ba 'to??' Hahaha!
But people!!! I/we were able to reach base camp!!! Right in time before the rain heavily poured out on us!! After three hours for Luke and I, we reached our tent haven!!! Hooray!! Grabe yung feeling ko non, it was pure relief!!! So I thought it was relief until I started vomiting. Everything I ate, I vomited. And I started to lose my energy. While Kimy, Tin and Luke were enjoying the seemingly enchanting surroundings, there I was inside the tent taking a nap. Such a loser. Hahaha!
I needed that nap to do those things in the above photos hahaha! The skies started to clear out after some minutes of pouring. Snaps here and there. But I still vomit in between. Grabe nakakainis yung feeling na yun. We strolled around a tad and took photos. Grabe ang ganda! Ang ganda ng Pulag! Ang ganda ng Pilipinas! Base camp pa lang yan!

During the night, we had some expectations of star-gazing but the rain is such a spoiler so we were left with nothing to do but to make chika inside the tent. Luke and I had the chance to catch up with each other. It was pure quality time. There was an hour wherein the skies were having tantrums, heavy downpour!! Water started getting inside our tents, so we had to be awake. And then there was an hour that it was freezing, I had to come to the rescue for Luke. It was charged to experience. 
These are the only photos captured before the second leg of the climb. We needed to assemble at 3:30 AM to start the climb and get to the peak before sunrise. Headlamps needed as obviously hindi uso streetlights sa boondocks! We had our m&m's ready. In Luke's little knapsack, there were Ruffles, biscuits and sweets and water to help us feed ourselves along the way.

We had hot drinks first before we started the trek to the summit. So we started the trek... About 20 steps away from the kubo where we had our hot drinks, ayun I feel like giving up. I felt the effect of all the vomits I had and the energy I lost. I again felt the headache I was feeling and I started to feel like vomiting again. :( It was such such a hard phase of that climb. I felt so sad thinking I won't be able to reach the peak. Luke was already asking me if we would still push through, I was not reacting at all because there was a battle in my mind to go back or to go forward. But I don't want to be selfish. I don't want Luke to not reach the peak. So while not reacting and answering his question, I still try to walk, to rest if I feel like I need it, to get up, to walk again. I already felt like the trail was endless!!! Until...

Luke to tour guide: Ate mga ganu pa katagal?
Ate tour guide: Wala pa tayo sa kalahati.

Oh c'mmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious??!!! Again there was a battle in my mind. I was praying for strength and endurance... In one way, God has blessed Luke and I with a tour guide. There were at least seven batches who already got past us. I needed to rest every time. I'm not sure how Ate knew about us being left behind, but this Ate never left us. I believe she's an angel sent by God. She together with Luke kept on pushing me. It was then I made up my mind, no turning back.

And it was all worth it...
We didn't experience the sea of clouds like what most photos show. But it was still a wonderful humbling feeling. Seeing the sunrise at the peak of Luzon is something not all people can do and not all people will be able to accomplish in their lifetime. It was another manifestation of how almighty God is, of His majesty by merely looking at the beauty in front of me on top of just one of the mountains of the Philippines alone. It just reiterates how BIG our GOD is.
After the climb, Luke and I actually had some what should I call it... Assessment?? He had his assessment, I had mine and we had some thin line of misunderstanding. But I know it just made our bond stronger. I will always be thankful for this climb in ways more than one. I am also glad I did it with Luke and I would not think twice to doing it all over again with him. Dalhin pa natin sa ibang mga bundok.
Yes of course it needs a lot of photos!!! We enjoyed the grassland! Feeling Teletubbies! It's our first time and not a usual activity that we get to do. It was wonderful, breathtaking, amazing, lovely, insert all synonyms of wonderful here. We also had some videos taken which I posted HERE.

But then we needed to go back... It was a success...

Cliché as it may seem, relationships are like climbing a mountain. At first, like the honeymoon stage, you get excited, you get adventurous until you started feeling the hardships of a steep climb of a muddy slippery trail, there will be parts of the trail that you need to be in a single file, or might I say one needs to be alone in a relationship, but know that your partner is still right behind you. Once you overcome the hardships you'll eventually see the beauty of it, the success of reaching the peak -- you both come out stronger and better. You both realize that you are both capable of struggling and winning it. And then as you go down the mountain, there will be a lot of times that you get comfortable, get bored maybe, there will always be challenges still, but it's how you get to enjoy the trek, you could just walk and never mind each other after all the trail is more familiar now; but you could also always talk, still be adventurous, try a different trail, take photos, capture videos, have fun in so many ways. And then when you climb another mountain, you know better. It's just like life generally.

(Photo cr: Kimy, Tin, Luke, Tripinas Facebook photos)

Sharing with you our itinerary and feel free to comment for any questions I wish I could answer:

Itinerary may vary depending weather, road conditions, amount and pace of hikers . In case Ambangeg-Babadak road is not passable, the alternative road adds 2 hours jeepney ride to the following itinerary.

Departure Date: Friday 16 May
2100 Assembly at Chowking near Victory bus terminal, EDSA south bound, Cubao, Quezon City.
· Meet the dispatcher (Mr. Tee) and the tour director (Mr. Mike)
· Sign the waiver form
· Gear check
· Get your bus tickets

Day 1 :  Saturday, 17 May
0400 ETA Baguio City. Assembly at 7-11 and board assigned jeep going to Ranger Station.
0430 ETD Baguio City.
0530-0630 Breakfast stop, breakfast (at clients, account)
0930 ETA Ranger station jump-off
·        Get a porter (optional and on clients' account)
·        The tour director will introduce your guide and your hiking mates
1030 Start of trek
1330  ETA Camp 2, pitch/set-up tents for the night. Lunch.
1730  Dinner
Day 2: Sunday, 18 May
0300 Wake up call, hot drinks
0330 Start of ascent to summit
0500 ETA summit for sunrise
0630 ETD from summit to camp 2
0730 ETA Camp 2, breakfast, break camp
0930 Start of trek back to Ranger station
1130 ETA Ranger station, lunch (on clients' account)
·  If you have rented some gears, give it back to the tour director
1230 Board Jeep
1400-1430 Photostop at Ambuklao Dam
·  The tour director will give you your certificate of conquest
1700 ETA Baguio City
·  Free time, dinner (on client’s account)
2100 ETD Baguio to Cubao
Arrival Date: Monday, 19 May
0300 ETA Manila Cubao. End of tour.

Contact Tripinas:
Team TRIPinas
TRIPinas Travel and Tour Ventures

Monday, July 7, 2014

42nd and a Pudding

Anything that can make that seldom smile appear on your face; I'd do for you. Happy 42!!
It was a fifth on a Saturday, and we would usually go out on a date but due to some emergency we just met on the Sunday after and had date come Monday. He surprised me with supposed-to-be two puddings but he wanted to eat it so a pudding. Haha! Still sweet though.
Monday, we had a coffee chill and had some catching up. Oh these little things are what comprises a bigger universe called love.