Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Yearly Birthday Post

This year's birthday is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Didn't have my usual celebrations. Didn't have any pakains. No something from the orig4 (my bestfriends). Not a dinner with my family. Or a simple salu-salo with my youth ministry. Maybe 'cos this is the first time that I have a job on my birthday. The past birthdays mostly I was a student and the past two years I was a professional bum. Or maybe 'cos I met new people -- the people who I am with constantly everyday. Or simply because yearly it's just different, but this year with a TOTALLY, but just like most of my birthdays, it's MEMORABLE.

My birthday fell on a weekday, Tuesday.

The day before, I thought my birthday wouldn't be good, and then the night before, I thought it will be alright.

The night before...

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