Wednesday, June 30, 2010

92. today's a holiday so i found time to write this entry

Time to wrap up June with some feel-good entry (I really don't know if this entry will make me feel good after writing it, haha).

First things first, I wanna mention the name President Noynoy Aquino, aka PNoy, here just cos he's the reason why I don't have work today cos he had been inaugurated and is now Philippine's president. Wow. I must be really getting old. I've been under 5 administrations.

I'm supposed to write this entry last Sunday but things got worst so I just decided to sleep the depression away and succumb on eating sweets and chocolates.

I have made myself clear many times already that I'm a frustrated musician, particularly a frustrated pianist. And I blame no other than myself as well for this frustration. Here's the story. I started attending piano lessons as early as 7 yrs old and I really can't remember when I started to decide to just skip the classes and eventually told my Mom that I don't want to study music anymore.

That's a photo of me during my first recital. I played 3 piano pieces including Minuet in G.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

91. incoherent


I just feel like writing. I'm done with my project and I'm not in the mood just yet to go back to the normal pace of working. I've been thinking a lot lately. No. Let me prolong that. I have always been thinking a lot. But lately I have been thinking a lot more. It has been sort of my coping mechanism whenever I feel like my life is about to go downhill. But my life isn't about to go downhill, really. I am not depressed either. Just 'that feeling'. Or maybe, I am confused. Okay enough, actually there is this joy inside of me that at times I can not contain. Let me go back and maybe reiterate and end up repeating a sentence that was already stated. Lately I have been thinking a lot more. Welcome to my random thoughts and musings.

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