Saturday, March 26, 2011

96. first for 2011

Hey, it's time to update! Unannounced hiatus -- I'm good at it -- once again. Wasn't able to write since my birthday post last year. Apart from the previous years, as you can see, no bye-2010-hello-2011 post as well. Not that I'm busy, which may be partly true at times (yes, partly and at times lol), but more of 'cos I'm lazy to update. Too lazy that I can only "easy-blog" through Tumblr, and micro-blog through Twitter. There... But yo, zzup I'm back, errr or at least for this post.

First, I've finally given up THIS URL and embraced the being of my blog itself. New URL is obviously -- -- Merie's musings and whereabouts, more than what you see and hear of me.

Boy, I miss blogging so I might end up writing a long, photo-extensive post. *winks*
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