Thursday, April 29, 2010

88. it's about time....again...


C'mmon. Admit it. We just can't prevent the big-headedness-feeling-inside when we are commended, most especially by someone superior to you. In my case, today, I had a one-on-one video meeting with my manager ('cos he's stationed in Paris) early evening. It's about our productivity and performance for our first encounter with the 'earning season'. The meeting turned out short and WELL. As a whole, our team has an EXCELLENT performance! Kudos! Individually, I got commended (I'm feeling big-headed now) that I performed well quantitatively and quality-wise. In terms of quality, I even belong to the top 10. This is all GLORY TO HIM. I know His Spirit is with me as I ask for the guidance before I start hitting Ctrl + N on the keyboard of my TC. I pray that I push through with this record.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

out of the usual

Last Thursday (April 22, 2010), I decided to accept Julo's invitation for me to go with him @ Cafe Saguijo where Midsummer Band was gonna release their EP album. I decided so just to see life outside my usual four walls. I end my shift at 9PM and still I did go just for the favor asked by one 'good' friend.

I'm hearing their songs being played on the background while waiting for the program to start and then I anticipated their perf. Their kind-of-music isn't alien to my eardrums, and I must say it's something that I would include to the vast and occasional combo of music pool I dive in. There were other perfs from other invited bands as well. Not bad at all. It's somehow nostalgic to listen to those kinds of music again. I deleted most of the files already to make room for the additions. The kind of emotions that the music I've heard last Thursday brought me is repelling the emotions of the music I'm so much into at the moment is bringing me. Whether if my taste of music became better or not, I don't know but one thing's definite -- the kind of music I listen to nowadays gives me JOY and HOPE. Oh before I forget, I love the place. It's like double-purpose. I like the photos posted, the posters, ok I just love the interiors.

Midsummer -- I've been seeing it on my Tumblr dashboard regularly. Thanks to the blogs that I follow there. Even though I didn't get the chance to hear them live, I still give them my kudos and salutes for coming up with what I can classify as GOOD MUSIC. Upon hearing their songs, 'twas like hearing a foreign band that's new to my ears. They don't sound local or OPMish. It was only because I 'kinda know' them that I know they are still under the OPM umbrella.

On the other side, it was also fun seeing Tumblr users meet each other in flesh. I'm a Tumblr user for almost 2 years now and yet I never experienced a real 'Tumblr meet-up'. I chose to be quiet on my own comfortable Tumblr seat and from time-to-time interact with the same persons I follow on the Blogger world. Yet, because I'm often on Julo's shots posted on his Tumblr, I was recognized by Kath. It was nice meeting her in person as well as some of her posts happen to land on my dash. Teeheehee, I really find her cute. ^^

That night, for a few, I felt alone and yet I realized a lot of things that made me sad and proud of myself at the same time. No regrets of going there. After all, its not everyday that I jump out of the usual.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the SUPER longweekend, let me blog about it...

I have no idea if I'm fit enough to finish this. But it would definitely be a long one. Allow me my dear blog, it's been a while since the last time I was in a real pensive mood. A mix of posts from the different angles of my life, this would be it. A reader (if ever there'd be) would know a LOT about me on this post. There would be 'firsts' and sorta revelations.

the SUPER long WEEKEND! Let me blog about it.


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

more than just eggs and bunnies


Today is Easter Sunday, a day when Easter eggs and bunnies come to play, when kids and young adults alike enjoy egg hunting, but have they thought of today's true essence?

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Friday, April 2, 2010

i might write a long entry or not

I've been meaning to write a blog post here since the 2nd day of March, but look at today's date, April 2.

A month and a day has passed and each day that had passed brought along with it both good and bad things. Each day is now already a part of memory. God has been really good all throughout those days and I thanked and is continually thanking Him.

I haven't told you yet but I've been employed for a month already. I believe that this is already a God-given job. How long will I stay, only God knows. What's far more important is I am enjoying where I am now. I miss my previous job as well. I miss my students, the seemingly carefree teachers and I miss the almost stress-free work I've had. Not that I'm having a stressful work now but it's totally different now. It's the first job that I can totally relate with regards to the degree I'm holding. My Potter has instilled in me to love what I currently have. For the past months, I have been that frustrated person. I keep on reaching for MY dream, not minding what HE has in store for me. For now, I shall wait and walk on this path He's leading me. Who knows what good thing He had prepared for me along the way.

March has been a fun month for me:

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