Thursday, November 17, 2016

Of clothes and outfits


Just recently I had my self-imposed “spring” cleaning and boy was I really surprised by literally heaps and heaps of clothing I own! Yes, I had my shopaholic days; I had my hoarding days because I LOVE CLOTHES. I love dressing up maybe because I grew up with my Mom buying me new clothes regularly. We used to own a tailoring shop and so I will have my Sunday dresses custom-made just because. I am a frustrated creative persona but a self-confessed wallflower; and one thing that I make sure is that in my manner of dressing up, these traits would be apparent. I realized how/what I feel inside manifests on how I dress which then translates to how I face the day, how I talk to people, how I perform my tasks. Do you also feel this way? Others may view dressing up as something just for a mere cover up; but dressing up is something that I don’t take too lightly, most especially as a corporate woman who has choosing the outfit part of my daily routine.
the heaps of clothes I own and to be discarded!
p.s. I am holding a preloved by Merie sale

Of course there are busy days that planning my outfit is not something I must allocate a huge chunk of time. There are days that I hate the standard sizes in shops because my body type is on the super skinny side hence the struggle. There are days that I blankly stare on my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear. There are days that I imagine a certain piece, or maybe I remember some clothing piece online and yet I can't find it anywhere but I feel like the need to own it and wear it. This is one simple task I overcome every single day and when I pick and finally put on the right outfit it feels so good that I feel like I can overcome the world! I feel like I can check all of my to-do lists for the day. I feel more confident and vibrant. I feel more human! Hahaha! Might be funny but trueeee! I realized that my manner of dressing up is my way of connecting to the world, it's my outlet and it's helping.

Anybody who can relate with this? I’d love to know your story. :)

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