Monday, August 27, 2012

134. The Much-deserved Vikings!


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133. A Forced Date!

It was planned by someone named Chat without I and RV knowing about it. Thus, forced! It was a holiday, anyway, that we didn't have a choice but to give in. Joke lang, Chat! It was actually a fun breezy day with these two ladies. Might I add that I am the youngest among us three and somehow gave me a 'refreshing' feeling as usually I am the eldest among a group. Binuking ang sarili ko! Idaan na lang sa face value -- people usually guess my age younger! O diba?

Props to RV for the effort of coming all the way from the North to bond with us here at South! And yes, nowhere but in ATC! :)

Pizza, pasta, colors and smoothies -- this is how I summarize how our day had been.

First off, we had our late lunch plus random talks over Cibo's pizza and pasta. Aaah I love Cibo!!

Cibo's Linguine alla Ghiotta and Prosciutto di Parma Rosa

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Friday, August 24, 2012

132. Fashion Friday: Of Peplum


Fashion Friday! I know it's so usual but just allow me okay? Anyway, I’m just posting for the sake of sharing my love for peplum!!! Anything peplum easily catches even the cornerest part of the corner of my eye. That was O.A. But yes, I do like peplums. Why am I talking about peplums? I just recalled me sketching quite a no. of peplum pieces for a contest I joined. But then the spontaneity in me decided otherwise. And guess what?! I didn’t win but a peplum piece made by another contestant won! Imagine my regret! So here I am now passing onto you my regret by blogging my adoration for almost anything peplum.

What is a peplum?
 a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc. (
Let me show you some of the peplum pieces I've stumbled upon while window shopping online. Aah! If only budget is not a problem!

1 - Topshop || 2 - River Island || 3,6 - House of Fraser || 4 - Dorothy Perkins || 5 - Miss Selfridge

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Monday, August 20, 2012

131. Something New With My Lovelies

This is a late post. But before I tell the tale of one Saturday night, can you allow me to rant the reason why I can't seem to blog on time? It's because of my crappy internet connection. It gets me annoyed so easily so I am defeated and usually end up not posting and not being able to do cyber stuff. And right now that I am writing I am thinking of switching to a new one. And my laptop isn't helping that much as well. It has a lot of clutter inside as it was never reformatted for almost five years now! Yes, that's how old my laptop is that I'm thinking of buying a new one or an equivalent. End rant. Thank you.

It took us two months to see each other again but the fondness and the bond with each other did not diminish. It was yet another fun but scary-gory night with my lovelies.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

130. Monday Musings: Hello August


There is the rushing feeling inside me whenever July is torn from or is flipped on the calendar and I see that August is already the month. September comes next and then it's again the end of the year. August rush eh? But, yes, I do feel like everything's rushing as soon as August's up. And what I'm thinking now is this "August, you're up and I must already have done something big but I feel like there isn't big. I am starting to feel frustrated but no, I guess there were these little things I have accomplished and these shall fuel me. I must do more..." Self-helping, I read these quotes already compiled on one of my favorite blogs, Mark and Angel Hack Life -- never fails to pick me up and put me back on my senses. I find these words very encouraging and hopefully, these words remain ringing in my head. Bring it August!
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