Sunday, May 27, 2012

124. What Sundays May Bring

I just love those days when I can pamper myself even in the tiniest possible way. For the past week, I have been bothered by the mishaps at work, specifically on my training. My training for a process, is currently delayed and I blame the uninvited bugs who came to party on our software we were supposed to use. Just so they know, they caused delay and my schedule is now screwed. On  other note, I have accomplished tasks more more mooore than the load I should have done. I am raising my forehead on this. I think I did a good job. Kudos to me! Due to the semi-stress and for the job well-done, I'm patting myself on the back through a well-deserved pamper -- sauna and massage. Teehee.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

123. Mother's Day

Both parents are special to us but nothing beats a mother-daughter tandem. And in my case, I admit that I'm a Mama's girl. I've grown to be spoiled to my Mom. And what I am now is greatly influenced by her -- emotionally, physically (I got most of my genes from her except my built which I got from my grandmother Father's side), the 'instincts', her love for dressing up, her being choosy and even how people have their first impression on us as 'matarays'. Yes, I don't know if those are carried by the genes as well but I sure have a lot of obvious resemblance to my Mom.

Cakes, gifts, flowers, long queue everywhere! No it's not Valentine's day, it's Mother's Day! :)

Our family also celebrated it -- despite 'celebrating it' on a queue for one-third of the time. So next time, I'll make it a point to book reservations.

After attending church service which of course the sermon and the ceremonies are all for our mother dears, I gave her the cake I bought from Tous Les Jours.

Tous Les Jour Cake

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Monday, May 7, 2012

122. In An Attempt To...


Wow, cool. I'm just surprised with myself that I'm posting again -- one of the reasons why I love a 12pm-9pm shift over 3pm-12mn.

I'm blogging because I'm about to share some stuff that most wouldn't care about -- my frustrations. Close friends, best friends, the boyfriend, colleagues, batchmates, officemates, coffemate, check mate, okay enough. They are aware that I have this dream of becoming a fashion designer. But, to cut the long story short, I'm in a finance career right now. Labo no? Just you wait, huh 'Merie Clarete' would be a big name. Naks! Malakas ako sa area na 'to.

To somehow emit the frustrations I have in me, I try to sketch and draw outfits, gowns, dresses, anything that can be worn, once in a while. I don't do it 'formally'. I do it leisurely, everywhere, when the mood comes, whatever medium, kahit tissue paper pa yan, I would randomly sketch, with a theme at the back of my mind. I'm not good at drawing! One of the reasons why I have been wanting to enroll in a design school is to enhance my skills. I've got basics but look at the proportions, the rendering, the shading -- my 'works' are filled with flaws! Let's consider them 'abstract' while I'm still learning. Excuses.

Last Friday, I have just finished working on a task and not having any pends, I made use of the scratch papers scattered in front of me and started sketching. Voila! I have a three-piece summer collection.

What can you say? Oha oha! Lumelevel kay Inno Sotto! Kidding aside, I still have that dream in me. I personally believe that God has not placed this dream in my heart for no purpose at all. So watch out for what my life-long dream will become. And remember the name, Merie. *wink wink*

On a related note to fazyon, in an attempt to model and be a seemingly fashion blogger, let's pretend that this is a legit outfit post.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

121. Happy Sweet 16th

Not a lot of people know how long we’ve been together, so do we, until we started counting. Happy sweet 16th on Cinco de Mayo! 

It's a Saturdate! Our day happily falls on a Saturday. So what to do to celebrate?? Food trip and shopping!

Food tripping started Friday up until Saturday. Friday, we ate at the food bazaar at the Venice Piazza, some call it Mercato, some call it Banchetto, but whatever as long as it serves us food. We ate all sorts of food from pizza and pasta to siomai and quek quek (yung food na mas mabilis pa sa fastfood and sopas!). Still, Saturday came, food pa rin! We don't even know where all the food we eat go. Sa papayat namin. And then we thought that we deserve some little shopping, and so be it! He did most of the shopping though. I'm still on a tight budget, kailangan mamaluktot muna.

For months now, I have been dying to own a new wallet. My red wallet is so battered by her owner, abusing it with the pulling in and out of all sorts of cards, it's so kawawa already. And sometimes I have the pure intention to make parinig to the boyfriend that I don't just want, but need, a new wallet. Today, it somehow took over him and he bought me a wallet!

First time to own one from Mango, I'm for Girbaud for the past years so let's see if this will endure me as owner.

I just feel so blessed to have him. We’ve come this far, still in love, falling deeper in love and filled with happiness.
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