Sunday, November 27, 2011

113. Birthmonth Day 26 Spectacular Spectrum

Second year in a row. The first time we watched the light and sound show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, we were just really close friends. But this time around I shall tell it this way --- the BOYFRIEND and I again witnessed the Spectacular Spectrum, the light and sound show, at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Ain’t it a really nice sequence of events?? But indeed, we watched the show and seems like we’re setting a tradition for the both of us.

We had lunch at Amici at the Ayala Triangle. Pizza and pasta and Caramia desserts = one delightful afternoon!

Rouge cake by Caramia

We walked to the Ayala Malls for some ~fun~ called Timezone and strolling. We eventually went back to the Ayala Triangle in time to see the show…
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

112. Birthmonth Day 19 Finally Mr. Hari ng Sablay

No matter how long it took him, he graduated!

I have this close friend whom I always pick on when it comes to ‘studies’. It’s a friendly teasing and some sort of inside joke. So we celebrated his graduation at his crib. He was the host. Gujab gujab Eo! :) It was also good catching up with my friends though we were also together last week. We ate and ate and ate and talked and spent time on the psychological tests. We went home at around 6 in the morning. I can’t remember when was the last time I stayed late with my HS friends.

So the photos…
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

111. Birthmonth Day 16 Good Morning


Since my shift changed to 15:00-24:00 – honestly, life has been pretty much eat, work and sleep. And seldom that I wake up early morning to feel the warmth (and not the heat) of the sun, to hear the friendly chirping of the birds, and smell the fragrance of mornings.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

110. Birthmonth Day 12 Of Food and Music

It was indeed a weekend of food and music that spells F-U-N. I was with my high school friends and we spent the birthday of Chi and mine as well. We had a really stomach-filling dinner at Yakimix Mall of Asia branch.

Let the photos do the talking.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

109. Birthmonth Day 9: The Yearly Birthday Post -- It's Superbly Special

There were times in my life that I wished I was never born; that I loathe even the thought of my existence. But each time, a new breed of gratitude and valuation arises. Thank You.
I started this tradition way back in 2005 (from the blog that has been deleted 2004-2007) up until now. So how late this yearly birthday post may seem, I'm still posting it. So some rundown:

And for this year...

Last year, my birthday was memorable. Memorable in a sense that it was awkward celebrating it and memorable as someone made it special. This year, that same someone made it, must I say, superbly special and of course, memorable. Truth is, I can't think of an appropriate adjective to describe this year's birthday.

Two S: Sweet Surprise.

I'm keeping this short so let the photos do the talking.

What jumpstarted my birthday: so the boyfriend went straight to our house here in LP (came from Taguig) just after midnight and gave me these. :)

these cakes are yummy
plus that sweet little thing inside
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

108. Birthmonth Day 8: Some me-time

Little perks for myself a day before my birthday.
  • monthly maintenance aka trim
  • red-cos-it's-my-birthday nails
  • red-cos-it's-my-birthday top

at the salon with the newly-blow-dried-hair
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Monday, November 7, 2011

107. Birthmonth Day 7: In front of the laptop

Stayed home ALL DAY and 90% inside my room. This is how I spend a holiday away from work. After doing in-house errands, I mostly stayed in front of my laptop. That's pretty it for today I guess.

So I'm just sharing my photos of what I wore yesterday 'cos nothing much really happened today. Nagfifeeling fashion blogger ako. Lol.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

106. Birthmonth Day 6: With my Girls

If there is one thing in my life that I am always thankful of -- these are my three dearest friends that form a huge part of me. We've been together for more than a decade and we know each other too well. Despite the different paths we are taking in terms of our careers (not to mention our worlds apart work shifts!) we are united in our trusted friendship. Though we live in just one humble city (okay that was until one of us moved a city farther down the map), our schedules don't meet, so, yesterday was an awesome time to catch up with my girls. Of course we chose our ever-so-reliable ATC for our moments together.

We first had our dinner at Amici. This is again somehow my fault 'cos I was again craving for Carbonara. Pizza and Pasta for dinner which we all love and helped appease our tummies.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Pasta

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

105. Birthmonth Day 5: Happy Birthday Baby

The surprise was a little fail but still, I made it! Yay!

Fail, 'cos he knows that I was just in Starbucks waiting for him but I was already in the office trying to do last minute patching of other dedications for him. And while I was doing it, he passed by the area where I chose to stay, because he seldom pass by that area and what a perfect timing that during that time I was trying to hide he suddenly thought of passing by that area and I was like O_O when he turned his head and saw me. HAHA! Define fail. :)

Anyways, I still pushed through with the little surprise.

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104. Birthmonth Day 4: Before his and our day

I filed for a vacation leave this day until the eighth of November (having no idea that 7th will be declared holiday), because we were supposed to be somewhere to celebrate our birthdays. And though it didn't push through I did not ask to revert the filed leave since 1)I don't even know how to spend the 14 days left of my total vacation leaves 2)I'm still having the hangover of the super long weekend I didn't want to go back to work. And 3)I already have long planned to surprise him. :)

I had the luxury of time to sleep so I woke up later than my typical working day and even lazied myself off in eating, taking a bath, dressing up and preparing the things I needed to bring. I even had the extra time to check on my online accounts including reading the feeds in my GoogleReader.

The first stop is to claim the cupcakes I ordered from Cupcakes and Beyond. I was really on a tight budget but I wanted some table tennis themed cupcakes (because he's a really good table tennis player) and Cupcakes and Beyond didn't fail me! The cupcakes were simple and nice that as soon as I saw them I got so excited to already give it to him. I ordered two dozens -- one for his day and another one for our day. It doesn't only look nice but it really tastes good. I was only able to taste the red velvet flavor but the chocolate flavor tastes good as well according to him. Plus, the price is reasonably affordable!

the cupcakes :)

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Friday, November 4, 2011

103. Birthmonth Day 3


What comes to my mind right now is Caramoan (and Ilocos, too). But plans didn't push through. I guess it's fine as the weather is gloomy as well. It's just that I wanna be somewhere near the sea during my five days of being away from work. I don't even have an idea right now how to spend those days.

Doing things you love doing brings inner joy. When you have accomplished something and you see it in front of your eyes there's a certain feeling of fulfillment. You might feel proud. You might show off. Only to be laughed at...
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

102. Birthmonth Day 2: Back to Work

Before I set to travel to dreamland last night, I checked my company e-mail. The next thing I know I was already thinking of filing an EL (emergency leave) the next day and the next day as I am already on leave this coming Friday. The number of unread messages in my inbox is so overwhelming which when translated into few words is only like this:

"Welcome back to work. Tasks awaiting."

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

no.101 Birthmonth Day 1.2 -- DIY

I woke up with the familiar sound of the lovable kid, Otep, who is also my parents' godson. If not because of the time spent playing with this kid, chasing him around, playing ball and the ever-so-effective hide-and-seek with him and from time to time annoying him, today's gonna be so lame. But of course while Otep was inside his dreamland for siesta, I cleaned the shoe cabinet (sort of pt.2 of my cleaning yesterday) and did some DIY.

from flare pants

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no.100 Birthmonth Day 1

What a good coincidence -- my 100th post falls on the first day of my birth month.

Anyways, while the world is celebrating Halloween, others are in cemeteries to visit their deceased loved ones, and still others are enjoying the long weekend on some vacation spot, I am at home, nowhere to go, and cleaned my room.

I have this thing for.. paperbags

It's already sort of a family bonding that when everybody's home on a holiday, we clean the house -- each one tasked to do a thing. And of course, I opted to clean my own spot, particularly my humble closet -- clothing and accessories.

After cleaning, I was on my bed and suddenly thought of 'hey! It's my birth month already!' Soon I'll turn a year older and hopefully wiser. Then I realized that what a good timing it is that I welcome November with a really tidy room. :) Feels so clean.

Sometimes you just find yourself thinking and asking yourself where are you now from where you've been a year ago. And then you think of a year ahead. Thoughts of frustrations, of dreams, of plans. Laying them down on the curves of your brain. That hopefully anytime soon, they'll be reality.

Praying that my birth month will be nice to me.

Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.
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