Monday, June 25, 2012

127. Good Times with Friends!

An anonymous saying goes “Books and friends should be few but good.” I don’t just agree but totally can relate to it – both in books and friends. Let me dwell on ‘friends’. Having few but definitely REAL friends is way better than a lot of on and off shallow friendships. It’s better to have few of whom you can surely turn to on down times than to be passed around to those numerous friends. But I am not against having many friends! If you’ve really got a lot of trustful ones, then you are blessed! Having few friends -- I blame it for my being introvert, my conservative parents, being a home buddy – content with art and reading materials, writing medium some TV shows. I may have a few but I’m more than definite to keep them for the rest of the time I’m breathing air. 
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

126. Father's Day

Before anything else I wanna tell you that I'm not a Daddy's girl. No. I'm not sad and I don't remorse over that fact. If you want to know why, I have a very dramatic theory. And  I won't share it. Lol. But I love my Dad just the same.

My Dad, Papa, as I call him, is one of the most brilliant person I know. He is witty. And he is far more patient than my Mom. He could tell on endless jokes and myths, and horror stories to barbero stories -- he'll never run out of stories to relay. Coming from a brilliant trace of the Clarete's from Bohol, he is one smart guy (that makes me a smart gal yeah!). I always hear of his employees and colleagues alike complimenting him how smart he decides, most especially on those days he was on the upper management of the corporate world. I like a lot of things about my Papa -- we can debate and harmoniously talk on any topic; he is more liberated compared to my Mom hence, I always ask for his permission instead of my mudra; and sometimes he gets me more than my Mom does!

And though he is just not the showy-type in terms of affection, just the same I love you, Papa!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

125. First Backpacking Adventure: CARAMOAN ISLANDS!

LAG POST at its finest.

As mentioned in one of my previous previous post, this was what I got giddy about. And now, time allowed me to update this blog regarding this unforgettable, first time, fun backpacking adventure at CARAMOAN!

Remember, or did I? Anyway, our initial plan way back August/September was supposedly November of last year. But our pockets didn't allow us to. Blessedly, February was good to us, because we were expecting our SL conversion! The budget automatically went to Caramoan trip. :) No regrets, 'cos we deserved this trip.

The curiosity of 'how does it feel like having a long train ride?' led us to try PNR from Divisoria to Naga, Bicol. This is added to the fact that we planned this trip to be tightly-budgeted. It's way cheaper than a plane ride, but also took way longer as well. The islands are not easily accessible. And since we're on a tight budget, we have to do the commuting the 'rough' way. San niyo gusto mag-start ang commuting? Okay, let's take off from Buendia station. No, not MRT, the PNR train. Kwento type. PNR to Divisoria. From Divi to... okay an unnecessary longer than usual stopover at Lucena! Nasira si PNR. We stopped there for an hour. Which made us arrive at Naga Station at around almost 6AM already instead of 4AM. From Naga train station we have to ride a tricycle to the shuttle van station, which lead us to Sabang port. From Sabang port, we had a rough boat ride!! The waves were rough. Someone who has motion sickness would definitely not make it to the islands without vomiting. I don't intend to scare, it's just my way of telling how rough the ride could possibly be. After an hour of the rough boat ride. We finally reached Guijalo port! The ride to Guijalo already teased us with what's awaiting us at the islands.

At the sleepers coach, PNR.
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