Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion School Journey: First Day High

As I mentioned before I am writing a First Day High post! Yay!! The night before my first day as a Fashion Design student I was both excited and nervous. Come Saturday, March 8, Luke even accompanied me to FIP Makati (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) and I was all like "Halaaaaa eto naaaa!" Hahaha! We were only three in class that day which I think is a good thing. All through out the class I was in awe of how interested I am in everything our instructor is teaching us, it's all "oooooh's and aaaah's". I was absolutely loving it and already felt the worth of enrolling in fashion design! You know the feeling when you get bored in class because you're not interested in what the teacher/professor is teaching? I felt completely otherwise and I was already feeling excited for the next class. Ang saya! 

For the first day, we were introduced to the cycle of the fashion world, and nothing is as easy as buying a cheap top. I thought I knew enough of the fashion world but I was mistaken. It's far more complicated than most people think and it made my appreciation to fashion designers and creative directors taken into a deeper level. 
We were also asked to draw our first 51 sketches of the basics. It was tiring but a very interactive learning experience. "So yun pala tawag dun" moments all the while the instructor was teaching about the kinds of collars, necklines, variations, etc. Imagine all these just on the first day. How can I not look forward for the coming Saturdays??
Happy feeling!! On the first day of class, I can already say that I have no regrets enrolling. My long term dream is finally commencing. I have deep expectations on this course and on myself. I can't wait for the coming lessons, for more sketches, for a whole new level of studying, and learning what I've long wanted to learn. 
Maybe Micah, Mica and I (Merie three M's enrolled in a Fashion school, cool huh haha!) should have taken a photo of the three of us but anyway, during our lunch break we headed to Mom & Tina's to satisfy our tummy's lunch needs. Are you surprised that I ordered for myself a Carbonara?? Well I am surprised! Of course I kid.

Come evening we again met each other, now together with Mica's boyfriend and Luke, and had dinner at Nihonbashi Tei somewhere along Pasay Road. We have no photos, sayang!! And I wasn't able to take pictures of our yummy orders. Head on to Mica's blog post on our yummy Nihonbashi Tei dinner. We were all satisfied with what we ate.

I was fulfilled of how this day turned out. Thank You Lord for slowly allowing me to fulfill my dreams. :)


Merie Clarete said...

Hello Ariadna!
Thanks for dropping by :) The good thing is I'm learning the basics and I don't think one needs to be really creative/artsy to enroll and enjoy! Try it ;)
p.s. You have a pretty, neat and interesting blog. :)

Ambreen said...

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