Monday, February 25, 2013

147. Monday Musings on Monday Blues

I don’t know if it’s just Monday Blues version of Monday Musings but there is this sad weird annoying feeling in me. I’m a normal human being who has her own set of insecurities and frustrations and for some reason today, I felt like everything is in front of me! A lot of questions flashed in the insides of my brain. At one point I felt like this time I was sure that I am having a quarter-life crisis. It’s hard to feel good. I stuffed myself with sweets (like I don’t always already do). Listening to Christian music helped (thank you Chris Tomlin, Michael Gungor and Desperation Band for accompanying me). But I keep on thinking. Am I the only one who’s like this? Whose mind just don’t pause on thinking and when it thinks of the not-so-good stuff it’s like fuelled even more to think negatively. I guess there are just times like this (apart from the monthly PMS-ing).

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

146. Simply Love


Three kinds of people on this very-well celebrated 14th of February:  pro who are expectant and excited; anti who dread and wish to end the day asap and the indifferent who goes on with their life like a normal day. Well as for me, I guess I can be among those three kinds. I am in love and excited but both of us know that it’s each time and not just today that we get to show our love for each other. But I do want the day to end also all because it feels like congested everywhere and not to mention the traffic that this day brings -- hard to get cabs or even any other means of transportation. Queues on restaurants seem endless, hello I just want to eat!!! And the bitterness in the air for those who deem that they are not worthy to be alive on that day just cos they don’t have a love life is not just reasonable. Duh. Indifferent as I’ve got work, boyfie’s got work, and our shifts are not really in harmony. It’s a good thing though that my family is just inside our home but pretty sure that they’d be asleep by the time I arrive home.

It’s a normal day with rather abnormal and maybe even over-the-top acts of love. As for me, it’s a typical day at work well except for the chocolates from everyone and the red and pink tops almost everyone is wearing (well I didn’t plan this but I’m wearing black all over, no, not bitter), with heart balloons as decors. The boyfriend visited me just before he went to work, and we had lunch together at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). A typical pasta and pizza order topped with our love for each other. Eeeek!!! So cheesy!! We had an exchange of sweetness I mean gifts. One thing though that made me feel sad that day is the limited time that we can spend with each other. But this is just how everyday life goes! And sadly, this year's hearts day is no exception.

Apart from all the love this day has got to show and receive, allow me to be so grateful for having him, my special someone, making my days easier to bear that we get past through each day simply because of love. I’m also really thankful for my family who has always been there. My friends who I know are just there I love you friends! Above all, I am most grateful for the gracious love from God, the greatest love of all (John3:16), the heavens and the earth’s best offer. I feel loved and I am loved because He is love and because He first loved us. And it is only because of His love that I am able to love as well. So don’t go sobbing and sulking on one corner that you don’t have a love life because as long as you have Christ, it’s the best love life you have.

Luke Loves Merie
so kyot right?? Haha!
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