Friday, April 27, 2012

120. First Fashion Friday Edition


I'm acting like I have lots of readers. Haha! But I'm here not to update you with what's going on with my life. (I'll get there hopefully soon! I still have that pending Caramoan trip post!) Instead I'm bringing you a Fashion Friday post! Feeling blogger na blogger! No, kidding aside, I have long planned to have an outlet for my eye for fashion. But I keep on, oh well, procrastinating on this. And instead of coming up with a new blog which will surely add to the clutter of all my online accounts, I decided to do it here. :) I won't label myself a fashionista, nor a fashion lover. Not a fashion savvy, but maybe?? I might classify myself as a light (light talaga??) fashion enthusiast. I used to say 'I LOVE FASHION!' But it's so passé nowadays, right diba?? Everything seems to be of fashion, but I can't blame the world, 'cos it is!
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