Thursday, October 23, 2008

Job Interviews

I feel so awake and I'm left with nothing to do. Just finished watching Mamma Mia and it's nice! Love it! I love musicals, and when I say musical, I say Across the Universe -- THE BEATLES!!! About 30+ songs of them and... ok i'll stop. This entry isn't about them. And when I say musical, it includes HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL as well. And i'll be watching HSM3 this coming Saturday. Weeee! It's not for kids and preteens only, right? And when I say musical, please don't mention Camp Rock & Jonas Brothers, no offense, thanks... :) Haha! Of course, we all have our own tastes of movies and music. It just so happens that JBros are not my type, and their songs too. Hey! I'm not supposed to blog about musicals.

Ok, back to the first sentence of this entry -- i feel so awake and I'm left with nothing to do -- so I decided to just blog about my job interviews yesterday, I mean, the other day (it's already past 1am of 10/23/08). This blog needs a taste of some entry that's coming from a now-degree-holder. Did I just say that? That was hilarious HAHAHA. eeeek. Ok enough. I am just so feeling awake. oooh, maybe it's the dark chocolate's fault!

Anyways, yesterday the other day, I had two interviews, both in Makati. One in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. "Lucky" that I am, the offices were just near to each other. Just walking distance. These were just my 3rd & 4th job interviews and these two were to be considered "weird & unforgettable". Some 'excerpts:
1st company

interviewer: Ok, so you're a La Sallian! (smiling)
I smiled.
interviewer: So what can you say about those comments that La Sallians are just rich people who can afford to pay, unlike those from UP who are really brainy ones? What can you say about those things?
me: Those are just stereotypes and hasty generalization (I recalled INTPHIL fallacies here.. haha)
interviewer: Are you not angry about those comments?
me: Noooo?
interviewer: But what can you say about La Sallians just rich and not-so-brainy?
me: Ahmm, I know of many classmates, La Sallians, who are wealthy but who are also intellectual, brilliant students. And in La Salle, we do have scholars who can't afford the high tuition fee who of course are intelligent.
interviewer: Ok, so you do not get angry.
me: No.
Is she an Iskolar ng bayan? Or is she someone against La Salle? Or maybe one of those who stereotypes. Anyway, I find it weird because it's like, the interview revolved around this question. The highlight of the interview that is. No "tell me about yourself." or "how do you see yourself blank years from now in this company". Nothing like that. Really weird.

2nd company

interviewer: Is it okay for you to work on sales or office?
me: Yes.
interviewer looks at me
me: Yes?
interviewer: would you choose sales or office?
me: oh, haha, office...

All the while, I thought that she's asking me if it is alright with me that I work on sales or office, when she's actually asking me to choose between the two. Am I that slow? Stupid. Funny. hahaha!

And on Monday next week, I have a scheduled interview again somewhere in Ortigas. hmmmm, what's in store with that? I pray that I would find the right job for me soon. I'm not in a hurry to work, but so much in a hurry to earn MOOLAH! Christmas season is up! Shoppay shoppay! Let His will be done. In His time.


Back when we were just little kiddos we have our dreams and now that I'm no longer a kiddo, I'm trying or should I say I'm beginning to live one of my greatest dreams. It's never too late for someone who wants to learn (as what the saying goes). So I bought a new set of colored pencils, colored pens, and fashion magazines. And now I'm awake for making it more than just a dream.

I wanted to find where I was going. Everything I tried. It took me nowhere. I was so tired of just living my life, waiting for a sign. You came to my side, gave me direction.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

photos can paint 24 hours in seconds

Disclaimer: Too much photos.

Let these photos do the telling first...

October 17, 2008 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
McDo, Las Pinas
with Gil, Nick, Chi and Julie

more photos here

October 17-18, 2008 - 10:00pm - 6:30am
CGM Church Children's Ministry Room
with YU2G
"Overnight Prayer"

more photos here

October 18, 2008 - 10:00am - 6:30pm
Tramway & Trinoma
with SFF

more photos here

Ocotber 18, 2008 - 8:00pm - 11:30pm
Holy Trinity Memorial Chapels, Sucat, Paranaque
more photos here

Now let me do the 'talking...

Back when I was studying (naks, graduate na kasi haha!), back when I was just writing our thesis, I used to have no sleep at all. I'm awake for more than 24 hours. You feel so tired and yet you go home, you still need to be awake to continue working on thesis coupled with some other academics stuff. Exhausting. But just last October 17-18, I was awake more than 24 hours not because of school stuff - but because I've been to different 'places' with different people. Those were still tiring but FUN! I've been to Las Pinas, Quezon City and Paranaque in 24 hours. I got to bond with HS friends, college friends, churchmates, co-ministries and with my sister and be with my family in 24 hours. I laughed, shared and heard stories, had fun with friends, ate-all-I-can (Tramway, thanks Candy), watched movie (Tropic Thunder, one hilarious movie. MUST-WATCH), felt sadness (loved ones depart), cried, listened to the Word of God, prayed, worshiped, exhorted -- in 24 hours. That's how much time we have. Imagine our lives, when we don't need to sleep 8-hours and don't get tired or sleepy, we can do really really lots and loads of things. But at the end of they day. We need sleep. I need sleep.

And isn't it also lovely that photos can paint 24 hours?

Some more photos here:

competition between
Boy Bawang and this Boss bawang

Last Tuesday, we played dress up and had this what we call "photoshoot". Thanks to Julo. Try visiting his sites DA here and multiply here. Some of the shots:

"MERRYL Christmas"
(not again, haha! Thought the DQ girl got it right
when I saw her writing the first 3 letters right,
not until I saw the next 'R' doh)

P.s. Today's Nik's bday! His debut! I've been friends with him since we were nursery. That old. So, happy debut! Nikolai Ante Flores!

You're the one who gives me shelter...
and You're the light that leads me home
You're the love that gave forever...
Lord You're all that I know
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I wanna join the workforce!

I really can't contain in words all the thoughts carried by my brain cells. I can't even blog regularly when in fact I have so much time in my hands. Bum. I'm just not-in-the-mood and is oh-so-lazy. The result - piles of anything-under-the-sun to jot on.

(L-R) merie (in a dress i designed that didn't turn out the exact way i wanted).
with jose. with candy. with raiza and joyce.
co-MFI (5th-7th photo). tassel on the left.
with my ever dearest Mama. with fellow SFF grads.

It's been 9 days since my graduation day. And yes I am still not a member of our country's workforce, simply put - UNEMPLOYED. As what I'm used to saying already - everyday gets boring-errr. I'm inside my room 89.99% of each day. Well, that was an obvious rough estimate. The reason for me to a shift from i-wanna-be-a-bum-forever to i-wanna-work-now-and-earn-moolah. So yeah I enthusiastically! I posted my resume online and voila! Some or should I say a few companies called/texted me for interviews. I declined most of them. Pfffft. Call centers --- didn't study BSC-MFI in DLSU-M to attend calls and accept nasty words from callers I don't even know. I only attended 2 interviews -- from EJ Hall (Oct 6) that led to my 2nd interview at Banco De Oro (Oct 13). The 2 interviews were just like normal conversations and I didn't tremble. Yay to me! I was more nervous the time I was interviewed when I shifted courses and when I applied for OJT at RCBC. I could already work for BDO (I just have to call them I think) but the salary is too low for me. So I would not opt for the BDO job. I'm still in search for the right job which translates to high-salaried jobs lol (not call centers please, thanks). I'm actually praying for the right job. And still, let God's will be done. I actually have a 'job' as a Sunday school teacher and the research team of our Church is actually requesting me to join them. No salaries, just allowance and rewards in heaven.

Also, last Oct.10 I was out of my room and house and went to mi alma mater to return the toga, the e-tickets, and to claim my grad photos and my alumni card. Jose, Kat, Seph, and Diane were there too. And since all of us have some moolah to squander (thanks to the toga deposit!), we decided, with Jose's initiative and the errr his desire to see Eagle Eye, we went to MOA. But because of the screening schedules, we weren't able to watch any movie. Rheata (idk the right spelling) and Julie were with us in MOA too. We just ate and talked and laughed and strolled and rode the tram. haha! We did watch the fireworks. Have I already mentioned that I am in love with fireworks? I was sooo happy that day. Mababaw, oo na. And of course because the green light is on, we ate at Krispy Kreme and took some pics. The photo is just like a farewell party to Jose who seem to have leukemia. It's his last wish to have a Krispy Kreme party. hahaha!

Passion Passion Passion!!!
Try visiting and you'll see how powerful their conferences were. Each of the first four cities of the last leg were blown away! This is one of those topics I always love talking about. My first post on this blog is actually about Passion Manila and glad that up until now, the fire that they passed on is still burning! That's how GREAT HE is. Passion Mexico, Passion Vancouver, Passion Seoul and the very recent (just last night) Passion Tokyo were all huge successes! Thousands of FRUITCAKES united all for HIS renown.

Now I know who's behind some or most of the photos of teh Passion conferences. It's none other than the gifted Jeremy Cowart.

So what keeps me busy? This:

But I'm doing it with pleasure. I'm the over-all in charge. The youth annual 2008 will be up in just a matter of a little more than 2 weeks. I claim its success!

And since I've been tagged, though I'm not used to tagging here in my blog I would just post these 2:

Got the Butterfly award from mia, andy and hannah. The other one's from jeru and chiui. Thanks gurls. Appreciated. I'm sorry but I'm not gonna tag anyone (yet) in this entry. Sorry for breaking the rules 3&4. I might do this some other time.

And yeah I'm back to watching movies! haha! Be watching My Sassy Girl (elisha cuthbert version) Another Cinderella Story and She's The Man (yeah, I love Bynes, i know it's so 3 years ago). I need to shorten my days for the wait on the Twilight movie. What? You haven't seen the full trailer yet? Go see it here.

One of the worst spellings I got for MERIE.
I would rather accept MARY than wuuuht?? JULIE?? doh!

I think I chose the right mood - bloggy. Bit long entry again.hihi...

Hold me in Your arms like a new born child. I'm desperate for more of You.
Touch me, with Your love deep within my heart I'm waiting for more of you
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Saturday, October 4, 2008


My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

Wow it’s been *counts* 18 days since my last update! I’m errr BUSY. Yes. Busy being a BUM. Nah. I just don’t feel like updating. I reserved it ESPECIALLY for this post. Image Hosted by

But this week was indeed a busy week for me.

[EDIT: I already 'collaged' the pictures for easy viewing]
September 30

I was in my alma mater from 9AM to 9PM to claim my toga, attend the baccalaureate mass just to have a feel of it (im not a Catholic), practice for CBE Recognition rites and practice for the graduation itself. Of course, I bonded with my college friends as well. My HS friends DADA & JULIE went there and we had a MINI chat. And for the last time , my parents fetched me at La Salle and we ate at McDo as requested by my bro who ever-so-loves-McDo. And so I bonded with my family as well. It was a tiring but FUN and MEANINGFUL day!

(click image for larger view)
More photos HERE (for contacts only)

October 1

It was supposed to be a holiday but I didn’t stay home, instead I went searching for a dress with my Mom, and she as well looked for something to wear on my grad day. I was again tired but loved the way I took photos of myself in different ‘outfits’ inside the fitting room. Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

October 2

SHOPPAY at my ever dearest 168Mall and almost everywhere in divi. I spent more than a thousand just for accessories. Image Hosted by Also I bought something for my Mom. Grad gift ko din sa kanya. Haha!

October 3

DLSU-Manila College of Business and Economics (CBE) Recognition Rites. 2 tigresses went inside the walls of the archers so I toured them. Then we stayed at McDo (again) Las Pinas and Starbucks Las Pinas with Beng & Julio til 11 PM.

(click image for larger view)
More photosHERE(for contacts only)

October 4

De La Salle University Manila 153rd Commencement Exercises at the PICC.

I marched. I bowed. I/we were declared graduates. Moved the tassel to the left. Got my diploma. Oath-taking. Alma Mater hymn – hail hail hail! And picture-taking. Ugh! Thanks to my 2 cameras for being empty on this important day (grad pics another post). It’s not my fault my mother left the chargers in her office that I wasn’t able to charge them.

It was just like days but it was already 4 years ago when I first stepped on the floors of La Salle. That was the day I took the DLSU CET without thinking or even imagining studying there. To be honest, I didn’t want to study in La Salle. Thanks to my parents and my Tito for giving me no choice. I wanted to study in UPLB and just transfer to UPD later on (unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the course quota in UPD). But parents would be parents having the authority and yes the money to spend on my tuition fee. One sole reason for not allowing me to study in UPLB – they’re not yet ready that I would be away from them during weekdays since of course I have to live in a dormitory. Oh TLC, maybe because I’m the eldest or whatever, IDK. But I was meant for La Salle or La Salle was meant for me, though at first it didn’t seem to be like that. Inside the walls of La Salle, I have learned a lot of things -- cramming and procrastinating, how to not sleep, how to live in a fast-paced manner (credits to the Trimestral system), how to deal with profs who are utterly in love in making students feel pressured and stressed, how to cut classes (since we cannot do that way back in HS), how to shade properly that scannable multiple choice answer sheet, how to decide where to eat (but I/we still don’t know much about this yet, haha!), how to skip meals, how to deal with different people since you “change” classmates every class and every term (you read it right, that’s the la salle way) but more than these, the values and the knowledge imparted to us. IBA TALAGA PAG LASALISTA KA. Now, I thank God for allowing me to graduate in DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY MANILA, and to my parents for insisting, now I realize how BLESSED I AM that I was able to study and graduate in such a prominent university. Now, I’m proud to say BUTI NA LANG NAG-LA SALLE AKO! Now I am already a La Salle graduate. Wow! ANIMO LA SALLE!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!! The 3 years and 1 term are all worthy of today’s celebration! Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

I’m soooo happy with my parents’ non-extravagant grad gift – a receipt. Thanks Ma & Pa!


  • And oh yesssss... how about these photos:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
November 21 come now quick!
Image Hosted by

It's everywhere! Twilight fever is up again!
I want the character stands in G4 as well. Haha!

  • And yes, it's already October which means... the last leg of the Passion World Tour is up! First stop is Mexico City. I pray and I believe that God will be with them and His renown would even be heightened more! I soooo miss Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin. Thanks to the Passion Podcast and the 268blog for keeping me posted. Come back here in Manila, please. :D How I really wish I could join them in their wrap up in Ausi...

Passion Mexico
  • On Oct 6 would be my very first job interview somewhere in Ayala Ave, Makati.
  • And again, "MERIE" is the right spelling... haha!

Thank You Dear Lord for guiding me all throughout my entire stay in college, for being my provider, my teacher, my joy, my strength. This would never be possible without You.

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