Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIW: Royal and Floral

Another Miss Merie outfit. I wore my personal favorite top from the SS14 collection on the previous outfit post; this time around I wore my personal favorite floral skirt. Don’t you like it as well? I paired it with my royal blue long-sleeved top, and that’s where royal and floral came from. If it’s not royal blue I would still call it so just because I want it rhyming with floral. Hahaha!

Want the skirt? You may visit to order. We might also restock so do watch out for it in case your size is unavailable, or better yet you could message me if you would want to order this style.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Menswear Monday: Bonobos

Just last Christmas season, I remember accompanying Luke to shop for a suit for his company Christmas party that was Oscar’s-themed. It was hard in the sense that they all look similar to each other but if once he fits and puts them on, it suddenly makes a difference. I then concluded that no matter how attractive or nice-looking a suit is on display, the fit, the material and the quality make a LOT of difference. I also noticed that suits tend to be pricey so it is crucial to pick the right one as it is an investment in terms of clothing.

Bonobos sent me their latest Spring Suit collection – an assortment of Seersucker and Cotton suits. This set is perfect for spring weddings and mint juleps! I guess this would also be perfect for the tropical weather here in the Philippines. The moment I saw the photos of their suits I actually wanted to shop for Luke and my Dad. They appear to be well-sewn, well-tailored, crisp and the fabric seems to be well-sourced. I got more interested so I visited their site. I could shop for my boyfriend’s wardrobe already. They look neat, classy and of high-quality.

So for my male friends most especially in the US/Canada area, you can simply shop on their website, visit their guideshops or locations, too. You can also find them on their website. Added to the usual services, they also have “Groomservice” wedding appointments with brides and grooms to help the groom and groomsmen find their perfect attire for the wedding. Oh weddings!

We make the clothing. You make it your own. Style shouldn’t be complicated. Looking your best doesn’t need to be hard. It’s really about being yourself and finding what fits. We created Bonobos to help with both, offering well-crafted, great-fitting clothing and a top-notch shopping experience that’s simple and painless.
The fit starts here. The foundation of any great wardrobe is fit. It doesn’t matter how great the clothes look if they don’t fit well. And at Bonobos, we take fit seriously. From suits and shirts to pants and denim, we’ve spent years developing a range of fit options for every type of guy and every item you need in your wardrobe.
Check out some photos below.
At close up Bonobos suit still looks crisp
They have such unique and handsome-printed ties! They would definitely help you out on choosing the right one, too!
I super like their latest Summer Shirt collections! Even I would wear these pieces!!
(Cr: Bonobos)

*This is a collaboration post.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thanful Thursday: 040314-042414

A lot of things to be thankful for!!!

I thank the Lord for every bit of experience I've had for the past weeks. I know God is continuously molding me into the person He wants me to be. There are hard and questionable situations but it's easier when You know He is a sovereign God. Everything will work out fine at the end of an hour, of today or at the end of a time we are not certain yet. But everything will work out fine.
  1. I've had an incident with a bank deposit machine and it's one of the things I'm thankful about. I thought I almost lost my money, actually partly earned from the first ever bazaar I participated in. I kept on praying even though I almost lost hope. But the money's back!!! Super thankful!!!
  2. With the new post I currently have, I've experienced four different shifts already in less than a month, including night shift. First I'm thankful that my body was able to cope! Second, it was all a rather good experience. Lastly, I'm finally into a normal shift again!
  3. I also am thankful for clients of my fashion design endeavor coming in, from all ages! I pray that the Lord will continue to guide me in and through this and bless me through this and allow me to be a blessing through this. Lord, I pray that magtuluy-tuloy na 'to!
  4. I also feel thankful for my new workmates. They make my new hire days bearable and fun!
  5. I'm thankful for my Mom celebrating another year with us :)
  6. I'm thankful for reunions with old family friends! It was such a joy bonding with them!! I missed them!!
  7. As early as now, I'm thankful for a business opportunity. I still pray that let the Lord's will be done. 
  8. I want to claim that I'm winning that trip contest! 

Lord, just thank You for all the blessings, tiny and big. Thank You for blessing me!!

Here's the two weeks worth of grateful journal post from

This is something that motivates me and keeps me going. God has surely showered reminders and affirmation everywhere.
Appreciating the peaceful vicinity of my new workplace.
In so much gratefulness that Luke and I have come this far. I appreciated his gesture last night of going to Alabang, where I now work, to have an advance monthsary dinner with me as he’s out today for their company outing. He’s such a blessing.
My kind of haul today. Thankful I’m almost ready well, just the clothes and I’m claiming it in His mighty name!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIW: Minty


Booya!! Say hi to my face and and ootd post again! It's been ~a while~. But I'm proud to present this post because I'm wearing something from my first uhmm "official" summer collection. I feel like I failed in so many ways in this collection but I'd still call it a collection because I'm just eager to call it a collection. Anyway, it's "official" because I branched out to the cold market unlike what I usually do touching just the hot market.

Going back to what this post is all about, I'm wearing a personal favorite minty top from my said collection. (Count all the "collection" word in this post and that would be a collection of collection's and I'm so random at 4 in the morning). Isn't it obvious with my face that I'm pretty happy with what I'm wearing? As soon as I got hold of this top straight from the last stitch out of the sewing machine (well not really) tadaaaa I wore it to work! It's a comfy top and the color is just so "cool" perfect for summer!
And since I already mentioned about this there is one last last stock of this in size small. You might want to drop by Miss Merie's Facebook page and have a look at my summer collection. I'm friendly don't be afraid to purchase! My promo is up and running as well (see below photo). Hurry! Purchase now and post an ootd just like the photos above. I would love to see you wear Miss Merie. 
Purchase and join now! Few days left!!!

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A Book, Some Food, and Crafts

Fullybooked High Street
March 20, 2014

Another of my backlog posts but finally it’s here. A book, some crafts and yummy nibbles – these are the highlights of that Candy DIY Craft Night. It’s a book-signing and a craft party rolled into one event. I went to this artsy event with Micah, my crafty friend,(and co-fashion designer in the making naks kailangan kasama talaga ‘to! Haha!). Glad I met her or else I would have been alone in this event or worse would have let this just pass me by.

As a kid, and as a pupil, I loved art classes and remembered that I also even attended workshops. I like it when it’s the Art/MAPE subject already ‘cos it’s finally time to unleash my creative juices (kala mo naman napakadami hahaha). I grew up a sentimental person hence scrapbooking is one of the things I enjoy doing as well and it’s still something “crafty”. When I give out gifts I always put some personal touch on them or some DIY stuff. Up until now I still am into these things so it’s really something of my interest. Hence, this event is a go.
We also took it as an opportunity to meet the authors of the Candy DIY book and yes they signed our copies. It’s just inspiring to see people like them who do what they love doing and make money out of it – aaahh must be one of my long-term dreams – fashion and art/craft will be part of my daily grind.
They set up four craft stations and we tried them all. Oh I love the food station!! Okay, I know it’s not part of the four but I especially enjoyed chewing on the taro chips. Alessandra Lanot, one of the authors of the said book, co-owns a restaurant hence this little feast.

Anyway I took some photos (and maybe I’ll wait til Micah uploads our photos haha and update this blog).

This is the food station I'm talking about. I actually liked everything in here. This makes the event more worth coming to. Hahaha! 
Our first stop was the Pompom station. The idea is to put all together pompoms to come up with a rag. We just tried doing two.
The box office station, the Stamping station. I know a lot of us had tried collecting stamps or even stamping ourselves when we were young. I remember Lisa Frank (is it Lisa Frank??) stamps!!
The majority of our stay was spent on the Washi and Jewelry stations. Having different prints of washis and paper straws and you're free to use any of them, how can we not enjoy this event??
Here's Micah and I captured her during her "Instagram" moment. Hehehe.

It was a fun artsy crafty night! Looking forward to another event or sort of like this. :)

View Micah's post on this here and also grabbing our photo from her post hihi :)

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Merie Eats: Shine Bakery and Cafe

Shine Bakery and Cafe, SM Aura
March 31, 2014
Umami Fries (Php250)
Truffle Carbonara (Php475)
Spent my free day before moving to another company completing requirements and in that busyness I was able to squeeze in a quick lunch date with Micah! I have long wanted to try this food nook and finally tried their Umami fries!! I now undrestand the hype. It's a must-order. Micah and I shared over an order of Truffle Carbonara which tasted good as well. I would want to visit this restaurant again some other time. It's a bit pricey for my pocket's sake but it's worth a try.
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Saturday, April 19, 2014


These people left just moments ago. I remember as a kid, we were with this family most of the time. Papa Boy and Mama Boy were like my second parents; and Ate Geraldin, Ate Marjorie and Angeli were like my siblings too. Whenever my parents would be busy with their work, whenever I would be so hard-headed and not eat my meals, whenever we want to play, my parents would take me and my siblings to them. I remember all the summer escapades we've had with them. And after a decade or so, we are reunited in our humble home. Our kwentos were endless!!! Super dami na ng nangyari!! Hopefully, we could schedule an outing with them. Angeli, my childhood bestfriend, is missing though, she's already in training as a flight stewardess. 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Merie Eats: Abe

Abe, Serendra Fort
March 19, 2014
As mentioned in this blog post, two special people gave me a lunch treat at Abe and here are the food we ordered and consumed that caused us to overbreak hahaha!
Klassik Kare-Kare (Php595)
Tuna Panga Sa Bawang (Php320)
Chicharon Bulaklak (Php295)
Green Mango (Php95)
Halu-halo (Php125)
Overall, we found nothing really special yet the food tasted so-so good. It was a feast as nothing tasted bad. However, the Kare-kare didn't meet our taste's standards. Thanks again April and Edna!!
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

39th on Designer Blooms Cafe

39th. To thee I trust my life.

We are yet into another adjustment phase and I can be partly blamed for it as I transferred to another company and we have to deal with shift differences yet again. I trust that we will overcome this with His help. 
Anyway, boss amo Luke surprised me with a visit at my new workplace last night. What a sweet Friday night :) We then had an advanced monthsary dinner date as today (our real monthsary date) he's in a company-wide outing. We tried Designer Blooms Cafe located in Molito, Alabang.
What a sweet and "blooming" place. Too bad because I was just using my lunch break at work and had no time to really dwell in this place. The first thing that came to my mind as I entered the cafe is that it's actually a good place for girlfriend dates, and for couple dates as well.
We also had just some quick meals like this baked macaroni and fish and chips. Not bad for a first time but we will definitely be back.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Fashion Friday: Summer Style #TheDumondWay


I don't really have any distinct and consistent summer style, but for this summer season my eyes and my mood are feasting on floral, neutrals, blush and white. Floral tops should be a style staple most especially during the summer season. There is always beauty in floral. The floral top as shown above is in a light palette. Because of the almost unbearable heat, it's not really comfortable for me if I put on any heavy and dark block colored pieces. I feel like it would just add up to the rising temperature. I would rather opt for a light-colored blush tone just like the shorts above. Summer is a very good excuse to flaunt your arms, legs as well as your feet hence this sleeveless floral top, blush shorts and this Dumond pair of sandals accessorized with the pretty white bag that chics up the whole outfit. This sandals is perfect for strolling around while cooling off inside malls and hotels or for strolling around parks and beaches. Let my do it the Dumond way.

Dumond is one-of-its-kind brand. I guess Philippines and Brazil are close together in terms of temperature and tropical climate, hence their footwear is something suitable to our land and weather. Dumond brand is done the Brazilian way. We all know how Brazilian brands, as we all are aware with some Brazilian footwear, have captured our hearts because of its durability. Dumond is of premium quality without sacrificing beauty and style. 

View Dumond's SS14 collection here. Visit Dumond Philippines in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info.

How about you, what's your summer style?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 032714-040214

Whew! A week filled with transition. I'm on the down side and trying to cope. I miss the previous 'life' I had but I believe in a sovereign God everything will eventually fall into place. 

Anyway the past days have been a blast, and a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I am thankful for everything. From accomplishing forms and documents, to printing necessary stuff, to accomplishing another design request, to goodbyes and all new hellos, to attending events -- I feel grateful.

Here's this week's round-up from

When you have the chance to show support to someone you love and when someone you love appreciated what you did. I always love watching him play in any sport. I’m his number one fan. And I love getting notes like “Kahit di ka pumalakpak. Thank you. I love you.”
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIW: Gloomy Humpday

What I wore one Wednesday when the weather was acting bipolar. It's summer but it was raining, or drizzling but sun still shining. Just like my outfit I guess. It's all greyish but with a touch of teal brightness. And debuting is my short and ash brown hair. Feeling gloomy as well as at this point last week I was already having separation anxiety with the people I worked with for 14 months, of the place I've become accustomed to. 

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