Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Yearly Birthday Post

This year's birthday is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Didn't have my usual celebrations. Didn't have any pakains. No something from the orig4 (my bestfriends). Not a dinner with my family. Or a simple salu-salo with my youth ministry. Maybe 'cos this is the first time that I have a job on my birthday. The past birthdays mostly I was a student and the past two years I was a professional bum. Or maybe 'cos I met new people -- the people who I am with constantly everyday. Or simply because yearly it's just different, but this year with a TOTALLY, but just like most of my birthdays, it's MEMORABLE.

My birthday fell on a weekday, Tuesday.

The day before, I thought my birthday wouldn't be good, and then the night before, I thought it will be alright.

The night before...

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Monday, August 16, 2010

94. this is how I define non-peak

Hi, I miss you. Forgive me for the unannounced hiatus. It's been over a month since I last wrote here. I've been lurking a lot in my Tumblr. I'm not fit enough to say that I was 'really busy' but let me just say that I have been doing a lot of things lately. And by 'a lot' I just don't mean work, more so, it's saddening that it rarely involves church stuff now. Did I just say saddening? I did. That signals another blog entry. But for now, I would dedicate this entry to defining 'non-peak' -- a term that we could lay side by side with off-peak, not-so-busy and even the three-letter word FUN. Actually, there's a lot more than these synonymous words. And I'm up to lay them down here.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

93. cos I badly want to start anew but there's really no need to it


This feeling of wanting to just erase everything unpleasant and remain those that are luscious to my recalling. But NO.

There have been a lot of mistakes, shortcomings, transgressions and yes, regrets, that I'm afraid of the possible consequences I'm about to face a second from now to a second before I die. I've been so hard-headed, so stubborn, so stupid that these thoughts that keep on rushing in for the past days give me pains and aches to every vein where the blood passes through, not to mention the physical throbbing headache I've been feeling for four days now. A time would really come for these thoughts. I'm still human. I'm just glad I surpassed it without thinking of killing my delicate self.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

92. today's a holiday so i found time to write this entry

Time to wrap up June with some feel-good entry (I really don't know if this entry will make me feel good after writing it, haha).

First things first, I wanna mention the name President Noynoy Aquino, aka PNoy, here just cos he's the reason why I don't have work today cos he had been inaugurated and is now Philippine's president. Wow. I must be really getting old. I've been under 5 administrations.

I'm supposed to write this entry last Sunday but things got worst so I just decided to sleep the depression away and succumb on eating sweets and chocolates.

I have made myself clear many times already that I'm a frustrated musician, particularly a frustrated pianist. And I blame no other than myself as well for this frustration. Here's the story. I started attending piano lessons as early as 7 yrs old and I really can't remember when I started to decide to just skip the classes and eventually told my Mom that I don't want to study music anymore.

That's a photo of me during my first recital. I played 3 piano pieces including Minuet in G.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

91. incoherent


I just feel like writing. I'm done with my project and I'm not in the mood just yet to go back to the normal pace of working. I've been thinking a lot lately. No. Let me prolong that. I have always been thinking a lot. But lately I have been thinking a lot more. It has been sort of my coping mechanism whenever I feel like my life is about to go downhill. But my life isn't about to go downhill, really. I am not depressed either. Just 'that feeling'. Or maybe, I am confused. Okay enough, actually there is this joy inside of me that at times I can not contain. Let me go back and maybe reiterate and end up repeating a sentence that was already stated. Lately I have been thinking a lot more. Welcome to my random thoughts and musings.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

90. I wanna be in the movie.

May I just remind myself that my first official blog entry here is about Passion Manila 2008. And now I'm about to write about Passion Manila again.

Passion World Tour Manila 2010

(cr: 268blog)

To reiterate what Louie Giglio said, WORDS FAIL. I honestly don't know what words to use to write about such an amazing event. SOLD OUT event. My mind is in a rattle (the good kind of rattle) whenever I go back to that wonderful night. I really don't know. I've been having a hangover and is still under the aftermath since 2008 and Passion Manila 2010 hit me again. It was again an amazing May 25, 2010 night at the BIG DOME ARANETA COLISEUM, where 10,000 young people gathered to bring glory to the only One who deserves it. 10,000 young people that shouts HIS FAME. 10,000 young people that lifted up their hands, hearts and souls to the only One who should have them. 10,000 young people including me and the members of YU2G.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

89. I voted cos I can


I woke up early despite being deprived of sleep for I know that this day marks the day of transformation. I wanted to be an instrument of change and I did. I have a say from this day onwards. I voted cos I can.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

88. it's about time....again...


C'mmon. Admit it. We just can't prevent the big-headedness-feeling-inside when we are commended, most especially by someone superior to you. In my case, today, I had a one-on-one video meeting with my manager ('cos he's stationed in Paris) early evening. It's about our productivity and performance for our first encounter with the 'earning season'. The meeting turned out short and WELL. As a whole, our team has an EXCELLENT performance! Kudos! Individually, I got commended (I'm feeling big-headed now) that I performed well quantitatively and quality-wise. In terms of quality, I even belong to the top 10. This is all GLORY TO HIM. I know His Spirit is with me as I ask for the guidance before I start hitting Ctrl + N on the keyboard of my TC. I pray that I push through with this record.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

out of the usual

Last Thursday (April 22, 2010), I decided to accept Julo's invitation for me to go with him @ Cafe Saguijo where Midsummer Band was gonna release their EP album. I decided so just to see life outside my usual four walls. I end my shift at 9PM and still I did go just for the favor asked by one 'good' friend.

I'm hearing their songs being played on the background while waiting for the program to start and then I anticipated their perf. Their kind-of-music isn't alien to my eardrums, and I must say it's something that I would include to the vast and occasional combo of music pool I dive in. There were other perfs from other invited bands as well. Not bad at all. It's somehow nostalgic to listen to those kinds of music again. I deleted most of the files already to make room for the additions. The kind of emotions that the music I've heard last Thursday brought me is repelling the emotions of the music I'm so much into at the moment is bringing me. Whether if my taste of music became better or not, I don't know but one thing's definite -- the kind of music I listen to nowadays gives me JOY and HOPE. Oh before I forget, I love the place. It's like double-purpose. I like the photos posted, the posters, ok I just love the interiors.

Midsummer -- I've been seeing it on my Tumblr dashboard regularly. Thanks to the blogs that I follow there. Even though I didn't get the chance to hear them live, I still give them my kudos and salutes for coming up with what I can classify as GOOD MUSIC. Upon hearing their songs, 'twas like hearing a foreign band that's new to my ears. They don't sound local or OPMish. It was only because I 'kinda know' them that I know they are still under the OPM umbrella.

On the other side, it was also fun seeing Tumblr users meet each other in flesh. I'm a Tumblr user for almost 2 years now and yet I never experienced a real 'Tumblr meet-up'. I chose to be quiet on my own comfortable Tumblr seat and from time-to-time interact with the same persons I follow on the Blogger world. Yet, because I'm often on Julo's shots posted on his Tumblr, I was recognized by Kath. It was nice meeting her in person as well as some of her posts happen to land on my dash. Teeheehee, I really find her cute. ^^

That night, for a few, I felt alone and yet I realized a lot of things that made me sad and proud of myself at the same time. No regrets of going there. After all, its not everyday that I jump out of the usual.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the SUPER longweekend, let me blog about it...

I have no idea if I'm fit enough to finish this. But it would definitely be a long one. Allow me my dear blog, it's been a while since the last time I was in a real pensive mood. A mix of posts from the different angles of my life, this would be it. A reader (if ever there'd be) would know a LOT about me on this post. There would be 'firsts' and sorta revelations.

the SUPER long WEEKEND! Let me blog about it.


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

more than just eggs and bunnies


Today is Easter Sunday, a day when Easter eggs and bunnies come to play, when kids and young adults alike enjoy egg hunting, but have they thought of today's true essence?

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Friday, April 2, 2010

i might write a long entry or not

I've been meaning to write a blog post here since the 2nd day of March, but look at today's date, April 2.

A month and a day has passed and each day that had passed brought along with it both good and bad things. Each day is now already a part of memory. God has been really good all throughout those days and I thanked and is continually thanking Him.

I haven't told you yet but I've been employed for a month already. I believe that this is already a God-given job. How long will I stay, only God knows. What's far more important is I am enjoying where I am now. I miss my previous job as well. I miss my students, the seemingly carefree teachers and I miss the almost stress-free work I've had. Not that I'm having a stressful work now but it's totally different now. It's the first job that I can totally relate with regards to the degree I'm holding. My Potter has instilled in me to love what I currently have. For the past months, I have been that frustrated person. I keep on reaching for MY dream, not minding what HE has in store for me. For now, I shall wait and walk on this path He's leading me. Who knows what good thing He had prepared for me along the way.

March has been a fun month for me:

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Monday, March 1, 2010

first day. fresh start.


Today was really really a fresh and a good start. I love it. It's like the first day of school all over again. Yes, I felt (and still feel) anxious, scared, excited, I don't even know. All I'm certain of is that God gave this to me and I will endure.


Here I am take me as an offering. Here I am giving, every heartbeat, for your glory.
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

For I know the plans I have for you ...


For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
--Jeremiah 29:11

This is one of my favorite verses and the one I've been holding to and the very verse of the midweek service I've attended to last Wednesday and right then and there, I knew my Potter is reassuring me of His plans-beyond-my-human-imagination for me.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awesome Weekend no. 8

I'm not feeling well at this moment I'm writing but I just feel the need to blog about an awesome weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What I thought would be just-a-normal-Friday turned out to be awesome! I went straight home after attending my 2-hour part-time job. I satisfied the cravings of my digestive system and my sweet tooth and was already at the comfort of my bed and was about to write a post about how that day was just a normal one when my Mom texted me:

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I will miss you Haloscan


I was with this lovely person, named Tine, yesterday. Though 'twas for a short time, the little talk we had over lunch was the highlight of my day yesterday. Imma steal her phone which btw was the one used to capture this shot. xD

And this:

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hearts Day Tu Ow Wan Ow


Endless talk over a simple dinner on hearts day with the best people in the universe made my day.

the best people in the world... let me show you them...

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

on both ends

Today marked another graduation. It's finally the end of Winter Camp. A lot of students are going back to Korea either tonight or tomorrow. I'm left with one student with an 8am to 10am schedule. Wow, really, two hours of work?? Anyway, the graduation ceremony made us sad and miss the students right away, all because of the AVP presentation wherein it showed pictures of students and teachers. Grabe talaga. Seeing those photos made me miss my former students. You would here 'aaaaaaaaw' and sniffing among the audience. And after the ceremony, students started crying -- because they're gonna miss the friends and classmates they have and met during the camp; because they're gonna miss us teachers (yes, US, xD ). They're gonna miss Jabez. Seeing students sincerely cry, I decided to leave Jabez right away, not even took advantage of the time to talk more to my students who are about to leave. I don't want to be part of the crying. I'm an emotional, shallow-hearted person. Bleh. I pity very easily and I get touched rather easily as well. Farewell are sad. And though they're sure to comeback summer or winter camp, I'm not sure if I'm still gonna see them. I'll miss them. And they know that. I gave them farewell letters and stuffed toys and diaries and pens.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

ASAP > sop

Just allow me... This is while I can pour out thoughts because I have the resources and time, arasso??

I LOVE ASAP. I got the chance to watch it today for we don't have a youth gathering. Circumstances allowed me to go home (though I wasn't able to attend the worker's meeting). Anyway, I've been a 'watcher' of ASAP as soon as it started broadcasting 15 years ago. Me and my cousins were avid watchers, until, my family got active to church activities.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'll Miss. I Miss. I Missed.

I don't know but I feel like posting...

Random random random...

Yesterday is the first graduation for Winter Camp for some of the students at Jabez, which means it was their last day yesterday already. During the last hour last night, what we just did are camwhore and have fun. We didn't care with what the head teacher and Korean managers would tell us. We just made the most out of the moment. SAD. I saw some students cry and all of them feels sad that they're leaving. There was this one student named Rachael. She's not even my student but when I hugged her goodbye, she started crying. :'( She's so sweet. I hugged every girl student and my student whose English name is Joy (Kim Young Woong) but who is really a guy. He was the most pasaway (hard-headed, so playful, almost-ADHD type) student I had. I feel like he doesn't like me and he feels that I don't like him either. But during the last hour he said to me "I'll miss you" = 보고 싶을거야 (bo go shi peul guh ya) [im not sure if this is the right spelling though]. Yes he even said it in Korean because he told me that it's better said in his native language. And then before he rode into the service, we hugged each other. Almost in tears. I WILL DEFINITELY MISS ALL OF THEM. I got the email addresses of some and they told me I can stay in their homes whenever I get the chance to visit Korea. Haha! Soon, Merie, soon. :P Sarah's last day was last Thursday. She's the youngest student I had and the cutest and nicest one. :) I just need to keep up with her being talkative. ^_^ Then next week, two of my students will go back to Korea too. Sigh sigh sigh. I've been attached. Just sad...
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First for 2010

Currently enjoying Starbucks Southmall WiFi.

I still haven’t got my internet access back at home. And to be honest, I’m starting to get used to it already. What I miss though are blogging online, reading online and being updated. I have been busy these days. Having a job to attend to from Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 9:30pm, already eats up most of my daily 24hrs. What’s good about it is that I don’t really see and feel that it is work at all. Simply put, I am enjoying it. I love the kids I’m working with. And I like the fact that I’m imparting my knowledge to innocent minds. The only thing that I don’t like about the job is that I don’t get the needed 8 hours of sleep. I go home, I eat late dinner, watch TV a little, shower and go to bed. And then I wake up, take a bath, dress-up, eat breakfast, and head to work. The convenience of having a job near home is that I could get up even an hour before 8am. But another downside, I don’t get to do my ‘hobbies’ and sad to say, my devotion. I still read the Bible though and just have a reflection. I’m still in search for the right job, the one with regular hours and the one where I can really apply what degree I graduated of.

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