Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Yearly Birthday Post

This year's birthday is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Didn't have my usual celebrations. Didn't have any pakains. No something from the orig4 (my bestfriends). Not a dinner with my family. Or a simple salu-salo with my youth ministry. Maybe 'cos this is the first time that I have a job on my birthday. The past birthdays mostly I was a student and the past two years I was a professional bum. Or maybe 'cos I met new people -- the people who I am with constantly everyday. Or simply because yearly it's just different, but this year with a TOTALLY, but just like most of my birthdays, it's MEMORABLE.

My birthday fell on a weekday, Tuesday.

The day before, I thought my birthday wouldn't be good, and then the night before, I thought it will be alright.

The night before...

Thanks to someone. He's one of the reasons why I felt it was my birthday; why I felt special on my special day; why I was happy on my birthday. I was with him after working hours because he said he has a "little surprise." The funny thing though is that I helped him prepare the surprise for me. We were in search for a Starbucks blueberry cheesecake that he's supposed to give to me and that I'm supposed to blow the candle with it as soon as the clock ticks 12AM. But FAIL. Lol. Every Starbucks, and not just Starbucks but every coffee shop, from 6750, to Greenbelt to those in Ayala Ave weren't selling my blueberry cheesecake. O_O Blueberry cheesecake not meant for me that night. :( So after all the searching, we ended up eating dinner in a Japanese restaurant we found somewhere while in search for the blueberry cheesecake. Wonder what's with blueberry cheesecake? First, because I like it. Second, because I like like it. Third, because I like like like blueberry cheesecake. No seriously, apart from I like it blueberry cheesecake is espesyal.

After dinner, we went somewhere where he handed me the gift. And upon seeing my gift I was speechless. It's CHUCK PALAHNIUK'S FIGHT CLUB. You know how I'm a sucker for books. And this book -- I've been wanting to own a copy since like forever but every time I try to buy one, it was always out of stock. It was meant to come from him. Haha! I was really really really happy to finally own a copy. I don't think he has an idea of how big of a deal is that book for me. I said thank you countless times cos I am really really thankful. Speechless. Thankful. And then he sang the happy birthday song. Uuuuh.. I found it swee-eet. Mushy much? Shut up. It's my birthday post!

These things he had done made my day really really special and it deserves to be like the highlight of this post. Special. Sweet. I'm so grateful that at one point in my life our paths crossed, I met him. Really really grateful. I can't think him enough.

Nov 9

the birthday presents

So that was the early part of my birthday and then I went home, took a bath, dressed up and went to the salon. I had my hair blow-dried, had my nails painted and then headed to work. I was late but I didn't mind. It was my birthday. Greetings here and there. And then there's my BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE from CHEESECAKE ETC. (still from him). And then something from Tine, one of my bestfriends, -- a Navi planner, she baked cupcakes for me (it was deliciousssss!) and a letter that made me almost tear up. Hate you Tine! And then got a stuffed toy from someone as well.

But despite all the greetings and stuff (oh btw thank you Facebook for making people remember my birthday!), and despite my blow-dried and newly red-painted nails, I didn't feel like it was my birthday at all. There had been some conflict until the end of the day. And it was left hanging... I don't wanna recall that day, but wait, it's part of why my November 9, 2010 is memorable.

Oh wait, saw a fireworks display and it made me feel somehow okay. :)

Nov 10

Had a movie night out with my movie-buddy, TotoyPitoy (Dear Julio, you'll never be wholesome, ok??). All on him. It was his birthday treat for me. We watched You Again and it was a feel-good movie. And then we talked about matters of okayyyy everything. (Hint: When the two of us talk it's always about ~one person~ lol).

And then let me just relay the rest of my November tales...

Nov 13

My cousin Joanne arrived!!! I haven't seen her since 2005. Did a little shopping for our Bora trip/

Nov 14 - Nov 17


Had fun with my cousins, Joanne and Kuya Jay, and Ate Malou.

sole survivor of FlyFish!



(my middle name is Reyes, ok?!)

Prolly this be one of my favorite photos apart from having a photo with my gorgeous cousin (we can only have photos together every ‘n’ years) the things I love are captured here…the sky…the sea…the beach…and Starbucks.take me back there!
and more photos...

Nov 18 - 21

Still with my cousin and the two most special people in my workplace. Didn't take pictures. Just grabbed them from the officemate.

at the Hinagdanan cave

had dinner at the floating restaurant and night river cruise
aaaah peace of mind!

at the man-made forest

Nov 25

Karaoke Night!!! There's something about Karaoke singing that uplifts the mood when you do it with the people you'll definitely have fun doing it. Just yourself, the mic, the lyrics and the friends singing along.

Nov 26

What a memorable day! Yes, yet another memorable day when I found myself out of the box. And it's Tine's birthday!

Nov 27-29


Accompanied my cousin visit her relatives. Went around Vigan!!!

And there goes my 2010 birthday post. There goes my November. Let me have a good year.

I think this is the lamest birthday post so far. Ciao. Again.

p.s. Might or might not be in hiatus. At least this time it's somehow announced.


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