Monday, May 14, 2012

123. Mother's Day

Both parents are special to us but nothing beats a mother-daughter tandem. And in my case, I admit that I'm a Mama's girl. I've grown to be spoiled to my Mom. And what I am now is greatly influenced by her -- emotionally, physically (I got most of my genes from her except my built which I got from my grandmother Father's side), the 'instincts', her love for dressing up, her being choosy and even how people have their first impression on us as 'matarays'. Yes, I don't know if those are carried by the genes as well but I sure have a lot of obvious resemblance to my Mom.

Cakes, gifts, flowers, long queue everywhere! No it's not Valentine's day, it's Mother's Day! :)

Our family also celebrated it -- despite 'celebrating it' on a queue for one-third of the time. So next time, I'll make it a point to book reservations.

After attending church service which of course the sermon and the ceremonies are all for our mother dears, I gave her the cake I bought from Tous Les Jours.

Tous Les Jour Cake

 And then we had our late lunch at Recipes, ATC. Blame the late lunch on long queues! Nonetheless it was a hearty one. We only had few dishes, because honestly speaking, how do you say it in English? Nalipasan na kami ng gutom. Haha! 

Recipe's infamous Kare-Kare. It's an instant fave and a must-buy!

Lechon Kawali

Crispy Tilapia is a must-buy too!
After our lunch, the Recipes has this Mother's Day treat -- a cookie with a Happy Mother's Day on it :)

We decided to try Jamba Juice afterwards! Our taste buds are Jamba Juice virgins during those moments! I was personally curious what's this Jamba Juice fuss is all about. And then I got it. I must admit it is 'pricey' for a so-called juice/smoothie, but it is a surely healthy option! Their flavors are not your typical flavors. Me and my sister chose Banana Berry and Strawberry Wild -- enough to quench our taste cravings. What I find it cool apart from the 'place' cos it feels so cozy and those staff making the juice/smoothie are fun to watch, is what they call boosts. They have this add-on to your juice and you can choose from Weight Burner, 3G Charger, Antioxidant Power, Daily vitamin, Energy, Flax & Fiber, Immunity, Probiotic, Soy Protein and Whey Protein. We chose Antioxidant Power. What these are for or what benefits they give, their nutritional info, you can check out their website for more info on these boosts.

I like their very transparent counter :)

Queza, my sister, and I with our orders.
 It was an interesting Mother's day as we got to bond as a family as well, no matter how simple it is. The brother and the sister bought cases for their mobile phone and iTouch, and screen protectors too!

I and the sister showing off the back of our gadgets. Surprisingly, sister instantly fell in love with the color. :)
And here are the other photos...

The celebrant, my mom! :) Don't you love her top?


And by the way, I would also like to share my outfit. Seems like this will be a regular part of a post. Don't worry I won't classify myself as a 'fashion' blogger. I can't even classify my blog. Or wait, a 'random' blogger.

Aquamarine top from Mom's closet || Grey skirt from Redhead || Flats from Payless

{Hype this look here}

And so we come to the end of this post.


tse parfait said...

the cake looks absolutely delicious!!

FRED DIMAS said...

The look is so cute! :'>