Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hillsong United Manila 2014

June 13, 2014 -- At the Smart Araneta Coliseum, I witnessed the gifted worshipers of Hillsong United. This is not a first time. Too bad that this Friday I had a jampacked schedule that we arrived late. All of us came from work, together with Jezrah, Grace, Emily (who again flew all the way from Davao) and boss amo. I on the other hand had to squeeze in between a client meeting. As shown in the photos below, we were not able to get a good seat, we were at the bad side of the coliseum. Konti na lang likod na hahaha.
We were not able to fully appreciate the event but we witnessed how the Spirit moved the audience. I saw a lot of jumping, hands raised, voices lifted -- I felt hearts longing for worship. It looked like a typical contemporary concert, only that it is for His glory. I prayed during those hours that let these very people share the goodness and grace of Christ through Hillsong United Manila's music. I prayed that the event is not the end. 
I also felt glad that they still sang their earlier worship songs. Yes people, they also had One Way as the encore, the very song we labelled as the youth's "national anthem". I had a nostalgia of remembering my youth days as an active youth ministry member. I uttered a prayer -- a prayer that I've been waiting for an answer since early last year. 
They also sang Mighty to Save, one of the songs that always captured my spirit. It was a beautiful scene. When that part "shine Your light and let the whole world see..." was being sung, that photo above happened. The lights were off, and only flashlights or phone lights were waving while a sound of angels were singing the lines. 
It was another night dedicated to the Most High with this pretty bunch. Now we are looking forward to Saved Festival 2014. 

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