Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 030614-031214

It makes me wonder how many people in the world are maintaining a grateful journal in any form. I’m kind of proud of myself for keeping up and still with photos! Haha nakssss. It’s actually a good exercise because at the end of the day or at the beginning of the next day, I recall the good things or moments and different kind of stuff worthy of a thank you. It’s true, there was never a day when there is nothing to be thankful about.

God has been showering me with a lot of blessings early on this year! Amazing God! I feel grateful for being a channel of blessings in all forms and even inspiring others, too. When people say “nakaka-inspire ka” it just touches my heart! Ako? Nakakainspire parang “weeehh moment” lang e. Thankful!! Also, since I started my mini venture in selling and designing clothes, I got a lot of moral support, encouraging words, nice compliments which make my heart so full!

Our God is indeed the fulfiller of dreams. My long term dream of studying Fashion Design has finally came to reality and I just started my classes last Saturday. This also paves way to my dream of finally becoming a Fashion Designer. Let me also add that I feel thankful for allowing me to meet Micah and Mica who are making my schooling more bearable, fun and interesting. It’s always good to meet new friends most especially if you share the same interests.

I also declare this year as a year of emotional healing. I feel thankful that time mended my broken relationships, and it’s easier to just “forget” the bad things other people did to you. You just know that you’re starting to feel better and free if the cloud of judgment on certain people (which is actually affecting your judgment on other people too) is beginning to clear out. I thank the Lord God for guiding me into a better position I am in now.

It's amazing how my life is turning out to be and I give credit to the One who authors it. I love You Lord and thank You very much.

Below’s the past week’s compilation of daily postings at
I am so blessed to pioneer a whole new team, a whole new department with the brightest people combination it could possibly have. Maybe a brag but we are so proud of what we established. Got to visit the former company with most of my batchmates and we feel so glad to be reunited also with the former Parisian boss who’s down here for a visit. It’s so nostalgic and sentimental and fun. Thankful for our bond as well despite now that we’re in different companies already.
From my partner-in-crime at work with sweetness cos we needed it while in the midst of monthend madness.
Thankful that I’m learning a lot of things that I am greatly interested in. Superrrrr fun learning!!
Been through a lot this weekend. It’s tiring but fulfilling and fun. Thankful for new friends, experiences, treasured moments, discoveries I gained just this past weekend.
Saw this at one shop which reminded me there was never an instance that I wasn’t loved. He loved me first.
Peeled and sliced fruits for the sick man. Thank God Luke’s feeling better.

Sometimes I actually wonder what is with me why God surrounds me with thoughtful people. I feel thankful tho. This is a kamatis/tomato. My officemate con friend gives me one each time she has a baon. It all started when I just said ‘I love kamatis’ and then she started sharing to me each time she has kamatis. I find it really thoughtful and sweet kahit ano pa yan kahit kamatis lang yan…


Keilah Mabel Micah Lacap said...

True. Nakakainspire talaga yang grateful journal mo. As in. And also, so happy to be your new friend. *wink* *wink* hehehe! :)

Jezreel Manugue said...

A "grateful journal"? Not a bad idea!
Anyway, all the best, shing! ♥️

Merie Clarete said...

Haha yes Shing. I've been keeping one for a few years now but it's the first time I put it up online :) It's so good and reliving the memories seeing you commenting here! Wait lang I'll drop by your very inspiring blog soon. Isa-libro na ang mga thoughts mo! ;)

Merie Clarete said...

Ayeee thanks Micah!! Nakakaganda ng araw if you recall the good things that happened the whole day or the previous day! Hehe. Thank you for welcoming me into your world and I'm truly glad we've met each other. Looking forward to developing our friendship. :)