Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's the overflow of a forgiven soul

As early as these first words of this blog entry, I’m already asking myself: why do I have to write long entries? Haha!

Why that question? -- Because so many things had happened. One week had passed. And another question that popped – why can’t I write entries right away on the day itself that these things worth writing happened? But this I can answer – because I have other priorities! Naks naman! Haha! Now that I FEEL like I’m graduating, I guess, I would already have enough time to write an entry on the moment something worth writing happens.

And speaking of the giddying word – GRADUATION – last Friday was actually OUR LAST ‘ACADEMIC SCHOOL DAY’ or ‘THE LAST PRESENTATION DAY’ or ‘THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES’ or ‘THE LAST DAY OF MY BEING KOLEHIYALA’. Eeeek! I’m getting excited. But I’m still hopeful. God has wonderful plans for me and so let His will be done. So there ,the LASTS DAY last Friday was actually tiring but good. I went to school having NO SLEEP at all. Read this – NO SLEEP – not even an hour or half an hour or quarter of an hour of sleep. Then we have to cram for that day’s presentation. Oh, procrastinators! But the presentation turned out fine. Then the MFI people (that pertains to people who are same course as mine), specifically the graduating MFI people were all frivolous that day, keep on mentioning ‘last day last day last day’. At first those words didn’t sink in because I was all anxious about thesis and failing. Scratch those words because it actually sank into my brain cells! That was indeed our last day! I only needed to go to school twice or maybe thrice. One, for my NEGOTIN finals. Second, to pass our hardbound thesis. Lastly, for course card day. And then my last term of my last schoolyear is over. Though, I still need to go to school for graduation purposes. Let me do the banana dance here... :D


The CALL for the next generation

I, together with 14 other YU2G, went to CGM Pulilan Chapter in Bulacan yesterday to attend THE CALL conference. We were all so fired up! Praise the Lord for this! The conference was attended by young people from different areas of Bulacan and even from Nueva Ecija. OP kaming mga taga-Manila. Haha! Kiddin’. Our senior pastor gave the talk for the first part of the conference. It was about GIVING OUR WHOLE HEART TO HIM. And yesterday, many young people surrendered WHOLEHEARTEDLY. It was a great moment to ponder. Then the second part of the conference was delivered to us by Pastor Ramil (oooh, I forgot his surname) who also preached to us on our previous youth camp. He talked about how bitterness, and emptiness hinder the young people from surrendering their selves to the Father. And my favorite line of him is this "ANYTHING ADDICTIVE IS DEMONIC!" So so so true. After the preaching, there was a healing session also by Pastor Ramil. That part was also awesome. Indeed, only our Lord can cast away the burdens and the bandages that cause heaviness of our hearts. Kaya lang, bitin talaga yung kay Pastor Ramil, sobra! The young people present yesterday were all geared up and all ready and so they responded to THE CALL – ready to spread His word and make Him famous. Already set to show the others and let know to others of God’s great great great LOVE, MERCY and GRACE. The conference was wrapped up with a super elated singing of THE DANCING GENERATION wherein ALL were singing crazy and literally dancing for HIM. We actually bathe in our own perspiration. One would literally notice the drippings of perspiration on the floor. All were literally jumping. It is so true that JOYFULNESS can only come from the Lord. This conference was a BLAST! Grabe!



A while ago, we did the youth ambush again. Haha! I tell you, it is the most effective way of inviting young people. Our pastor asked all the young people to raise their hands, then to stand up. The ushers assisted them. Then the already members of the youth council ambushed them, went to them and brought them inside one of the rooms. In other words, they were forced to come with us. We saw different reactions – even nasty ones. We were once like that so we totally understood. But... Wow! We were flabbergasted! I think because, we realized that we’re actually planning to win souls from the outside but we can’t even make these bunch of CGM youth active and join the youth council. 60 other CGM young people are yet to be made alive. Now each Yu2G is burdened for their souls. We oriented them of our weekly activities and upcoming events most especially the evangelical service next Sunday. We asked them to attend that service and bring with them a friend. And now we’re praying that these young people who were actually forced would respond to our invitation. We know that it is not by accident that they were present there. From that time on, God will already use them for revival as well. We pray and we claim.


I mentioned in my last entry that I’ll post another entry about SONICFLOOD. I guess I’ll just post some photos and some things that I posted in my multiply album. :D

Praise & Worship Event
August 15, 2008
Araneta Coliseum
8:00 PM

with Nikka & Candy

choco mucho

and because I've learned my lesson, I (we) were so early that we were actually the first ones in the queue! hahaha! So much for excitement, eh?! Common comment: it's not as jampacked as Hillsong United... It is obvious but it doesn't matter coz we know what each one of us and even Sonicflood, came there for, to glorify Him! Upper B and gen-ad (cheap tix prices) were the areas that were jampacked actually...

we have to queue for a total of 2 hours! But we didn't mind because the night was amazing, when you just give your heart out to praise and worship Him, your heart is filled with joy!

There was a praise & worship lead by one band (idk the name, sorry) who sang Time Has Come and King of Majesty. Then there was the sharing of the Word (again I can't recall who)...

then SONICFLOOD!!! Those guyz are amazing! They are Jesus freaks!!!

"crazy worshipers inside the Big Dome insanely worshiping and lifting up their voices and their hands to the Most Holy One"
their songs that I've been loving to sing that was sung that night!:

Open The Eyes of My Heart
Heart of Worship
I Could Sing of Your Love
Cry Holy
Lord of the Dance
I Want to Know You
God is Great

(click the image for a better view)

more photos here but you have to be my contact to be able to view it

partial blog entry here

SONICFLOOd's wonderful site here


Random Whateverisms

  • The coming week is finals week. But I only have one sit-in ‘shading’ exam – multiple choice.
NOVEMBER 20, 2008
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Thanks to Viva for honouring Twilight fans’ wish.

  • I’m excited about next Sunday -- praise & worship celebration and youth evangelical Sunday.

It's the overflow
Of a forgiven soul
And now we've seen You, God
Our hearts cannot stay silent

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