Sunday, February 15, 2009

you changed my life in a moment

bwahahaha. The title is so cheesy. :) So there is this guy, err, ok make them two, who brighten my days! I get excited each time I wake up, looking forward to seeing them. Haha. In other words -- lumalandi! Hahaha! Basically these words are enough to sum up my Monday to Friday this week.

Moving on... (since im really not into telling stories mood)A year ago, it was like this:

GIF animations generator

And for this year's Love Day aka S.A.D (Singles' Awareness Day)... let these photos tell the story :) (photosssssssssss)

what Kaye's bf gave her
got full at Dencio's

@ harbour square

the orig4 of course
lalalalove em

shots before Kaye took off for her darn duty

Starbucks of course -- vice na to.. haha!

and for the vanity..
(forgive me/us:))

more photos here and here

Love Day isn't just for lovers, loser-thinkers. Celebrating V-day with these bestest friends (on our 4th year already!) just keeps getting better. :) I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!

And oh, the day to commemorate the greatest love as what was mentioned in John 3:16:

for God so loVed the world
that He gAve
His onLy
That whoever
believes In Him
should Not perish,
but have Everlasting life.

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