Sunday, February 8, 2009

not in hiatus just busy

It's been 2 weeks, almost 2 weeks since my last update. This Blogspot of mine went down in my priority list. One top-lister is SLEEP and errr Plurk, I need to get a 100 karma asap so that I can leave it alone and not already mind when its karma points are going down. I can't even visit my pet, Furawe in Pet Society, can't even play Mafia and Fashion Wars. Haha! But I check on my Multiply, Twitter and Tumblr. Hahaha!

As rare as I update this blog is as often as I update my written journal. The everyday happenings, events, resents, raves, rants, imaginations, realizations, etc are written there, to the point that I'm bound to replace it soon.

So what has been happening? Aside from we celebrated Gil's debut at his crib & had fun with playing card games last Saturday and the tremendous work of the Holy Spirit during our Soaking last Sunday, everyday has been ordinary. Sleep, wake-up, eat, bla bla bla.

Happy 21st birthday Gil :)

one last group shot

what I wore last Sunday :)

So let me just blab about my WANTssssss…

I went to Rustan's and I saw another version of the mannequin I wanted -- it's black and white -- and I still want it!!! I asked whether it's for sale and it's not. Too bad.

I've been wanting to buy this pair since last month and i bought it a while ago. :)

I hope that the AWAKENING BOOK (click click) would be relased here in the Philippines . I would definitely buy that. It's a compilation of the 3000 photos taken from the Passion World Tour. Jeremy Cowart is really a genius photographer and it has refelctions from the anointed Louie Giglio! I seriously want this book!!! If I have to buy it in eBay or Amazon, I would. The waiting for the delivery would be the downside.

This coming March, I would also be attending Delirious?'s concert at the Big Dome. It would be their first and last concert. They popularized the songs I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble and Majesty. :) I missed The Katina's concert and I don't want to miss this one, too.

I have talked to my parents and they already agreed that I may take Saturday classes. Except that I don't think I can because Saturday is my one and only rest day.

About random-ity….

The latest episode of Gossip Girl -- I was expecting something like what happened but I was still like this in the end :-O.

90210 -- I love Ade! And screw the Collins and that hospitalized girl! Haha!

And to the rest of my college barkada who just graduated -- CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are all now degree-holders. Haha!

I have been realizing some stuff like Valentine's Day is near and that someone is so far. Haha. Eeeek! But I guess we'll stick to our traditional Hearts Day celebration -- me with the orig4 -- in its 4th year already :)

I hope I can bloghop. I'll try.

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