Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Soul Sings...

Whew! It’s Summer Cruise already! I can totally feel the heat! Summer heat equals summer fun under the sun! But… I’m still a gloomy rainy person J

The day after V-day and the days after that day, A LOT has happened! And I mean A LOT!!! A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! And I blame the clock for moving too fast, and giving me no time to update. Or is it my fault -- my fault that I lay on my bed as soon as I get home. I feel lazy to open the laptop and connect to the net. I just wanted to sleep – make that eat and sleep.

I’m missing ze BUM life. Oh yes. Haha. There there. I am actually already a member of the workforce. I started last January 29 which translates that I have been working for almost 2 months already. I enjoy the workplace and I feel blessed to be friends with my co-workers. They are so fun to be with that I’ve been out on Fridays with them. It’s fun coz we are in the same age bracket. I already got three pay slips! Nyahaha and I feel HAPPY that I’m already earning my moolah though I still cannot say that it’s “hard-earned” as of the moment.

As of the moment, I really want to tell a lot of things – like those days when I’m neither in the office nor in the house – when I’m with my friends. But if this would be the case, it would be like creating a blog entry daily rolled into one entry – that would be too long. You now know how I love writing long entries.

Let’s just feel the summer heat. I’m excited on the planned summer getaways. I really do hope I could come and all would push through.

I SO MISS the blogging world and I’m not typing this just for nothing I really do miss relating to each and everyone of my blogger friends. As in I SUPER MISS THEM!!! I’ll try my hardest to visit them all. They might be thinking I’m already 6 feet under. Nyahaha.

Oh as what I’ve mentioned in one of my previous entries, I WENT TO DELIRIOUS?’s FAREWELL TOUR at the Big dome… As for the moment (due to limited time) all I can say is IT WAS AWESOME. GOD IS SO AWESOME in their lives!

Errr… I need to catch up on everything I have in the net. Haha. I wasn’t even able to update my project365 for weeks now and ALSO my KP in PLURK (insert photo) reached 100 already! Wuhoo! Another accomplishment. I have 10 albums to upload in Multiply and Facebook. The Tumblr, the Twitter, the etc etc… And the TV seriessssss I’ve been watching. I already missed 3 eps of GG and I think5 eps of 90210 and A LOT of Chuck. Haha!

There there.

Ciao again.

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