Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello blog!!!

I’m once again writing an entry here at the office. Nothing much to do, so, here I am.


I miss everyone in the blogosphere. I can’t find time to bloghop, maybe that time could be when I already have no work or when there’d be one week no work! How I really wish.

I have been feeling ups and downs the past few days. Sometimes I wake up, I feel like crying, sometimes I feel so jolly and hyper, but I’m ok. It’s just that maybe the sides of my bed shifts every time. Haha! Even with regards to working, sometimes, the thought of resigning suddenly pops in to my mind then I’d be thinking the things I could already do when I already have no work such as BLOGHOPPING, internet surfing, dvd marathon, tv series marathon, sleeping all day, and not waking up early and going home late because of work. But when I think of the pay, the friends-slash-officemates, I will suddenly shrug the thought of resigning out of my mind. Then I’d be pondering, maybe I’m still just in the process of adapting, adjusting.

So let’s now talk about the thoughts that keep me moving each day.

LEE MIN HO aka GU JUN PYO!!! I <3>Saranghaeyo Lee Min Ho!

While ABS-CBN is just about to air the Asian-renowned Boys Before Flowers/ Boys Over Flowers, I already have finished watching it. Thanks to Frances Lim (one of my dearest blogger friends) for introducing it to me way back the time when it was still showing in Korea. And yes, just like how much I’ve fallen for Dao Ming Se (played by Jerry Yan) in Meteor Garden, I have again fallen for Gu Jun Pyo! *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

Among the three adaptations of the manga Hanayori Dango (though I haven’t much watched the JDorama version, but I definitely know who plays Dong Myu Ji, haha!), the Korean version is the one on top of my list. I. SO. LOVE. IT! I enjoyed watching every second of it. I even watched it twice. Nyahaha. The scenes, the cast, the locations, the script and the OST, I love em all! I especially like the song by SS501, not sure though if it’s I’m Stupid or Because I’m Stupid. No, I love the entire OST! Just like the Meteor Garden days when I memorized the songs I don’t even understand, I am also singing to the tune of BOF’s soundtrack in Korean! Hahaha! See I’m totally crazy.

And now, an update of my most most favorites:

Meteor Garden 1
It Started With A Kiss 1 & 2


I’m so proud that I have bought my own Bible. I made use of the money I HAVE EARNED. I bought a Zondervan NASB compact reference Bible. I LOVE IT! It’s the first Bible I bought for myself from my earnings. I also plan to buy the princess Bible coloured lavender. Wee! I especially like my new Bible because of its cute look and its center reference which leads to other verses that can be helpful when I’m studying it. Wee!


I can’t wait for June. I shall visit one of my provinces – BOHOL! I miss everything there, from my relatives to the beaches to the surroundings to the errr everything! Haha! Can’t wait can’t wait.

Seems like I have said a lot already.


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