Saturday, May 29, 2010

90. I wanna be in the movie.

May I just remind myself that my first official blog entry here is about Passion Manila 2008. And now I'm about to write about Passion Manila again.

Passion World Tour Manila 2010

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To reiterate what Louie Giglio said, WORDS FAIL. I honestly don't know what words to use to write about such an amazing event. SOLD OUT event. My mind is in a rattle (the good kind of rattle) whenever I go back to that wonderful night. I really don't know. I've been having a hangover and is still under the aftermath since 2008 and Passion Manila 2010 hit me again. It was again an amazing May 25, 2010 night at the BIG DOME ARANETA COLISEUM, where 10,000 young people gathered to bring glory to the only One who deserves it. 10,000 young people that shouts HIS FAME. 10,000 young people that lifted up their hands, hearts and souls to the only One who should have them. 10,000 young people including me and the members of YU2G.

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We are a chosen generation. Rise up Holy nation. God we live for You. You have called us out of darkness into light so glorious.

I'm just glad that this time around I was able to be with the members of the youth ministry I am in. The moment I entered the coliseum and saw the stage, I teared up for I know I did my part in bringing them there and our lives will never ever be the same again. And the Holy Spirit never fails, they were touched, they were moved and they felt what I felt before. I pray that each of us will continue to grow and won't forever be the seeds that we are. Praying that we will have the PASSION to be IN THE MOVIE -- whether a BIG role or a small one. Praying that each one of us carry the burden of reaching out to the lost souls. Praying that it's not just about the emotional height that we felt during the event, that it's the aftermath that matters; that it's how we live to our resounding YES to HIS CALL.

And let us now grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we dont lose heart." -Galatians 6:9

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What's yet another amazing thing is that despite the songs being unfamiliar to most of the people present on the event, it wasn't an obstruction to sing and dance along for Him (well, just like in 2008). Chris Tomlin and Kristian Stanfill (who arrived just moments before the event started, thus, the delay) lead the 10,000 young people to praise and worship. They just have amazing hearts of worship.

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Of course I wouldn't make this blog entry incomplete. Louie Giglio's message is about John 12 -- of losing our 'seed selves' to bear fruit. Through him and his story-slash-encounter inside a movie house, I guess most people present there captured the essence of John 12. As for me, I GOT IT and I DIED. I died all over again. Praying to take it to a higher lever and a deeper relationship with Him. Praying that stumbles and mishaps that will happen along the path wouldn't pull me down easily. This would yet again be another battle for Him and His renown. I just wanna be in the movie.

And if our God is for us then who could ever stop us. And if our God is with us then what could stand against.

Now praying for HK.

oh and in case you missed it...



1-2-3 Whateverisms:

  • We were so early that we were 2nd on queue and were able to get good seats at Upper A.
  • I didn't take photos that's why I don't have much 'own' photos in this entry. I just want to savor the event. Anyway, a lot would do the picture-taking ^^
  • Also, this time around I and my sister were able to see the opening and it was oh so good that I cried (yet again).
  • Finally I now own a Passion World Tour Shirt. 2010. :) And even bought Awakening book, which I talked about on one of my entries. Bought Passion Awakening album as well. :)

  • FINALLY FINALLY met my Shing!!! I was like talking randomly to the youth when I saw what I thought was a familiar face and it was indeed a familiar face and we ended up hugging each other tightly. It's like we haven't seen each other in so long when in fact it was only our first time seeing each other IN FLESH!

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  • Saw again Mareng Emz and Roma O. cos of this event. :) I'm so glad I've been a big help to them for this ^^
  • We had a fun overnight at Parungao residence after the event. Ching ching bang wa for the win.
  • Someone from the office knew I went there because I was wearing the Passion band and he went there as well too. :)
  • Every time I listen to Thrilla in Manila (1 & 2) podcasts, still give me the same feeling of those wonderful nights.

Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, Or judgments we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.
-Isaiah 26:8

p.s. Wow, this is a rather short entry. I'm just LOST for WORDS.

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badeth said...

love this event. And God is so amazing. He really moves everyday in my life. Jesus rules. =)

Rachelle said...

i bet it was a very stellar night! aww i wish i was there. next time!

Jez said...

Whoohoo! Finally!
I've been waiting for this, and this entry was worth the wait :)

I rejoice with you, shing, for coming not only by yourself but also with the other young people from your church. You all must have been really, really fired up!

That's right.. we're desperate to take any role, any part! The msg was rather simple, but the weight of it is intense!

Quoting my dad (who I think is a quotable person.haha), let us die so others may live in Christ.

On a super happy note, I'm sooo glad to have finally met you. Hindi lang *hugs*, but real, felt hugs! Yay! Ang tindi ng bond natin. It's been two years, but we've grown to be really, really great friends :)
Thank God for wonderful people like you.

Till we meet again.

My hugs and prayers,
fruitcake Shing :)

Anonymous said...

you always know the right thing to say!............................................................