Monday, August 16, 2010

94. this is how I define non-peak

Hi, I miss you. Forgive me for the unannounced hiatus. It's been over a month since I last wrote here. I've been lurking a lot in my Tumblr. I'm not fit enough to say that I was 'really busy' but let me just say that I have been doing a lot of things lately. And by 'a lot' I just don't mean work, more so, it's saddening that it rarely involves church stuff now. Did I just say saddening? I did. That signals another blog entry. But for now, I would dedicate this entry to defining 'non-peak' -- a term that we could lay side by side with off-peak, not-so-busy and even the three-letter word FUN. Actually, there's a lot more than these synonymous words. And I'm up to lay them down here.

Unlike some of my teammates, I really didn't look forward to peak season.. Hmmm.. Scratch that. I did look forward to it for the sake of the incentive but that's about it. It's because it's the time when meeting the quota highly matters and it would need a lot of effort to achieve the quota including giving up slacking time (oh wait, did we really gave up our slacking time? I guess I'm kinda wrong here but whatever). And so when it was finally over, you can imagine how we rejoiced and unleashed the boiling laziness in all of us. DISCLAIMER: I'M NOT WRITING THIS TO ENCOURAGE SLACKING, PROCRASTINATION and LAZINESS. Just sayin'.

July 19 to August 6 was the peak season and how to end the peak season?? Gather every teammate and have fun somewhere away from our thin clients and the three 'walls' of our workstations. Forget estimates, the PDF documents and the five-letter-word dictating us to do more, more, MORE! We had fun that night until dawn when we were at Banchetto eating our hearts out with the view of every imaginable sumptuous food. Upon reaching home, I still had breakfast with my family which is like the first time again. I can't remember the last time I had breakfast with them. And then I found myself sound asleep. That was also a rare Saturday when I was just home all day.

at Metrowalk

Attending the church service that particular Sunday was what I needed. I wasn't gone for a long time but I did miss it. During the worship part, I just broke down to tears... Who wouldn't when every time I hear the lyrics of At The Cross, I just wanna be down on my knees. I broke down because deep inside of me I wasn't feeling well, because again, there's something wrong and the right way to ease the throbbing somewhere at the corners of the emotional system of my existence is to lay them all down to the only One who never fails to listen, and the only One who knows the best solution. I missed Him.

Yet again, there's the bittersweet feeling of seeing another youth that can already stand in front and relay God's message during our youth gathering. I was blessed by her. And among all what was talked about, there was one verse that caught the attention of my distorted thoughts and (reiterating) the throbbing corners in the emotional system of my existence.

Now you're in a painful situation. But I will see you again. Then you will be happy, and no one will take that happiness away from you.
-John 16:22

Just what I needed.

I remember posting an FB stat regarding the things that I needed to help me console me..

And who would've thought there'd be an immediate response as I got a SMS reply from one of my closest friends. After a tad of shopping, I met her and went to pamper our faces that already shows that we are no longer just alumni who just got out of the university; but the faces of the so-called career ladies (I prefer ladies over woman); faces that absorbs the desktop's radiation for about a third of their 24 hours. We even talked on how time flies so fast. Staying at our favorite fastfood nook somewhere in Alabang, I relayed to her a story of a lady whose heart had been torn into pieces -- heartbreak. An insultingly annoying heartbreaking story coupled with tears inside a fastfood house. Lol. The story can't wait for a coffeehouse. (Oh so cool, as I'm writing, BLG's Heartbreaker song suddenly played) But that night, that lady was as thankful as ever for just even one listener.

Before allowing myself to enter slumberland, I conditioned myself to put a brave face on for the Monday that would follow, for the week I was about to face. I tried to throw away every possible negative vibes. I tried hard to imbibe positive thoughts and allowed it to overcome me. And I guess it was effective enough because Monday was too pampering for me. And it even extended to Tuesday.

Waking up earlier than usual, I was expecting good things, which maybe, caused the upward curve of my lips upon waking up. Mom didn't go to work and even helped me choose what to wear. Hah! I was looking really corporate. I didn't know I have a nice powder blue long-sleeved blouse. Coupled it with my gray slacks, accessorized it with my black weaved belt and my trusty spectacles. Then I was good to go.

We didn't waste much time, me and the officemate went to Big Apple at the Venice Piazza and had our Balinese massage and foot scrub. Aaaaah, full body massage was relaxing for me. I just wanted to be with their bed forever. Didn't want to let go of the pillow and the relaxing ambiance and music. What a good way to start the first non-peak day. Thanks to the officemate, SO SO MUCH THANKS! Was I really deserving of that? Only she would know. :)

The pantry and the kiosk were my/our bestfriends for that Monday. Seems like we were allergic to our workstations that it would hurt us to stay there for long. And then another spontaneous movie night out was planned and so it was. Five of us watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice at SM Megamall. We weren't just allergic to our workstations but seemed like we were allergic to our homes as well. Until we found ourselves at Harbour Square. Food and talks go hand in hand. Teases and talks over our parfaits concluded our Monday.

me with my Oreo parfait

But duuuh. As soon as I blurted the word "sunrise" I know it wasn't close to ending. With the view of some buildings along Roxas Boulevard from afar, and the yachts floating over the waters nearby, who would've thought that a group of four people from a company with a weird name would gather and talk sense. Oh senseful, witty talks -- I just love them.

I must say I was thankful for the flying cockroach that prevented us to stay longer on that spot. We moved to one of the officemate's house (no, we aren't allergic to his house) and how to describe my stay there?? TUMMY-ACHING LAUGHTER caused by YEARBOOK PHOTOS. 'Nuff said.

After the seemingly endless laughter, another spontaneous decision was made -- to eat our hearts out at a buffet breakfast at Something' Fishy at Eastwood. And so it happened. And then we were so full that all we wanted is to get rid of the allergy and get home, lie on bed and sleep. Mind you, it was already Tuesday.

the culprits
the four people who was on SL cos of so-called grumbling stomachs

Tuesday?? There's this what we call 'sick leave' and I made use of it. Oh and there were some 'clarifications'.

Wednesday. I wasn't expecting anything but maybe an interrogation on why there were five people absent at work the day before. I was feeling really good. Remember the positive vibes I tried to cover myself Sunday night? I was still feeling it. Negativity set aside. Wondering and sad thoughts repressed or maybe, left hanging somewhere not easily seen and felt -- until the hands of the clock relayed past 9PM. And I thought I would be able to get home earlier than 12AM until someone wanted to eat. I was surprised. But still I went with someone. Fastfood - park - coffeehouse. I thought we were OK. I was mistaken. We can be more than just OK. During the four hours we were together, OK became "really OK". That night, I was really happy, was glad and felt light-hearted -- the feeling of joy that somehow, even in the slightest possible way, I was able to help someone feel alright; that I was able to lend a shoulder and a pair of listeners. I made someone feel alright. I made someone changed the way he feels.

I would want to go on narrating but Thursday ruined it.

So this is how I define non-peak:
  • facial
  • Balinese massage
  • foot scrub
  • free Wendy’s merienda
  • fireworks
  • movie date
  • Oreo parfait
  • tambay
  • funneh yearbook photos
  • Somethin’ Fishy buffet breakfast
  • one-day leave
  • making someone feel alright and feel light-hearted afterwards

By the way, somewhere in the middle of Monday slacking, I was able to witness a fireworks display. Don't you just love it?

At the cross I bow my knee, there's no greater love than this.

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