Monday, October 24, 2011

no.98 after five months

This starts a new chapter in my life -- be it cyber or real. I guess. A point wherein I want to rise from a flat line.

Life has been constant for the past months (Well, except for my special someone that makes each day distinct from the rest). Simply spelled -- WORK. Life changed when I started working where I am now. And it even changed a LOT when I was moved to a 15:00-0:00 shift. I wake up, I go to work. I work. At the end of the shift, company shuttle drops me home. And then I sleep. And then I wake up just the same to end up doing the same. For months.

This... Until I longed for a "life". This is what I realized after telling my boss "gusto ko ng buhay..." I was trying to request to move me to an earlier shift but to no avail I guess. That was Friday.


Saturday. Maybe it was a huge step. Felt like I was a dormant volcano for the longest time. Eruption. Felt like there was a need to do again those things I love doing. Those that it seemed like I gave up already. Maybe, this time, try the other way around. Not allowing work to always get in the way instead of making work an excuse.

Be alive again.

And so I am finally back.

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