Sunday, October 30, 2011

no. 99 nice!

It's, I must say, a nice week -- from tweaking my blog's layie until this point that I'm writing another entry.

First, there was less workload for me as I've completed one task the previous week.

Second, I got my pay and my bonus. I'm supposed to be filthy rich this week until the next pay but thank you tax, you owe me a lot. Because of the bonus, two of my shuttlemates, Remar and Tin, treated us to a sumptuous dine out. :) Life's sweet.

Third, I've managed to write a blog entry after five months! It's just a short one, enough to announce my comeback.

Fourth, one of my officemates gave me this. Swe-eet!

Fifth, I love giving surprises! For my teammate's birthday, I, with the help of other two teammates, gave her a little and simple one -- balloons, dedications from other officemates, a cake, a white jacket and our birthday greetings.

I guess it paid off as she treated us to a hearty dinner at My Thai and Pho-Hoa. :)

only got a shot of the desserts

Sixth, it's a super long weekend and I started it earlier last Friday.

Seventh, it's the time of the year for Youth Annual. It just happened hours ago. This is probably the last youth annual I can attend to being a 'legit' youth, not-to-mention that my being youth was already expired and was just granted an extension. :D I would love to share photos but unfortunately I don't have anything to share. Fail, right? I don't even have a decent shot of my Ifugao outfit. Our theme was "Kabataang Pinoy, Bayan Ka ni Yahweh" (Filipino-themed) explaining why I have to wear such. The annual event was a success. Of course glory belongs to God.

Lastly, my mom finally met him. Same goes with my churchmates. Same goes with my brother. We even had a family dinner with him. Just happy. :)

Today, I feel loved, blessed, glad, happy, almost-bliss. I am so happy that I'm afraid sadness might come so soon. But just like how I faced the recent days, positivity and faith that good things are on their way to you, are my weapons to face the coming days. Thank You, Lord. I know this peacefulness within comes from you.

Everyday is worth thanking for.

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Anonymous said...

The desserts look yummy! :) Last friday was my first time to eat in Pho Hoa or any Thai food! I enjoyed it but we didn't have time to try out their desserts, how sad :|