Friday, April 27, 2012

120. First Fashion Friday Edition


I'm acting like I have lots of readers. Haha! But I'm here not to update you with what's going on with my life. (I'll get there hopefully soon! I still have that pending Caramoan trip post!) Instead I'm bringing you a Fashion Friday post! Feeling blogger na blogger! No, kidding aside, I have long planned to have an outlet for my eye for fashion. But I keep on, oh well, procrastinating on this. And instead of coming up with a new blog which will surely add to the clutter of all my online accounts, I decided to do it here. :) I won't label myself a fashionista, nor a fashion lover. Not a fashion savvy, but maybe?? I might classify myself as a light (light talaga??) fashion enthusiast. I used to say 'I LOVE FASHION!' But it's so passé nowadays, right diba?? Everything seems to be of fashion, but I can't blame the world, 'cos it is!

I'm not blessed with the riches of buying anything I see and want, that's why I always pretend that I'm shopping online, window-shopping online that is. And today, I decided to share my picks. I have stumbled upon the brand Blanco and I found their summer collection really adorable! -- The patterns, bikinis, pyjamas, accessories and the colors! These are the pieces that I would definitely wear at work, and they go beyond summer! Except for the bikinis which aren't allowed at work, of course. I dig the styling they made here and I would definitely rock them if I just have the body. Sadly, these bikinis do not compliment my body type. The second one makes me wanna go to the beach right this very moment! So there, I'm keeping this 'Fashion Friday' post short and really simple. At least, for now. :)

Blanco is a Spanish brand, btw. You might want to drop by their site, while it's still summer.

Model: Paula Folche

Hope to blog again soon! :)

p.s. I'm liking the new Blogger dashboard/interface/look.. :)

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