Sunday, July 22, 2012

129. Random Days are Random!

There was a dire need for a break away from the confines of a seemingly-suffocating workstation. Sorry for the blunt words but yes, dire need for a break and suffocating workstation goes along pretty well. I won't dwell on this. Instead, I will share to you what happened on my three-day-randomity - the boyfriend included. 

First day is all about BGC.

The first stop is fated to happen! Ang galing galing lang ni Lord. :) That moment when we are about to walk out the door but then, everything just went into their proper places. That was what the boyfriend and I (most especially him) are thankful of. Our egos were boosted, just what they needed. After that ego-boosting moment, the walking pushed through. Walked here, there and all around, until the sun is about to set. And then it's time to reward ourselves from all the walking!

KrispyKreme merienda!

Jamba Juice's Razzmatazz and Banana Berry
Hold on, it didn't end in BGC! 'Cos we searched for the perfect basketball shoes for the boyfriend, in Makati. Which didn't end and was continued the next day...

Second day is Makati, Alabang and Las Pinas.

Another day of walking here, there and all around. Nothing 'great' happened and so, we just pushed through with the searching of the perfect basketball shoes that lead us all the way to Alabang! And then finally the boyfriend found the 'one'. Yikee! Thanks to The Athlete's Foot, ATC branch, for paving the way that the two of them meet! Haha! Guys and their shoes!

After finding the Shark Predator Kobe 7, the boyfriend and I went to the dressmaker, and I claimed the tops and skirts that I designed. And then we both went home to our house. Tamang bonding lang din and of course crushing on the pair. As the night went deeper, he had to go. Awh... May bukas pa naman.

Final day at... BGC-RW!

The first thing I did is to go to the hospital as my urinary tract seems like acting up again. :( 

Anyway, The first day at BGC lead to this. Litong lito na? Sorry for not spilling on the dets. Haha! And still it went fine. Kudos to the boyfriend. And while he was on his appointment, I had my spare time alone inside a coffee shop along 26th. Yep, it's SBC and I ordered myself a hot Red Velvet. Try it! It tastes like uhmm red velvet! Haha! No, but it tastes good. Suits well your sweet tooth.

Fail name spelling nthhhhh time
SBC's hot Red Velvet

Taking advantage of the huge mirror beside my table.
So the highlight of our Fridate is our Resorts World stay. Oh yeah! After his appointment, we headed to RW and had our late afternoon meal at Sizzling Pepper Steak (parang nasa Piazza lang din haha!). And then we strolled around the mall all for me to exercise, not my body, but my restraining of buying anything as it's EOS sale e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. I have restrained myself for a month or so now and thankfully, I went out of RW Mall without buying anything. Moving on. After strolling we bought ourselves some scoops from Fruits in Ice Cream (tama ba?) -- Jackfruit and Raspberry flavors. The Raspberry flavor is so delicious and the chocolate syrup made it more uuh delicious! And then we got the chance to watch a free performance of the Drum Tao! Gaah they are really amazing! Talk about music and the arts, you'll surely appreciate them watching Drum Tao. If only we have budget we would have watched the full show. But then again, okay lang because we have The Dark Knight Rises to watch. That movie -- again, the Nolan brothers nailed it. I mean the movie itself is great and amazing! But of course, both the average comprehension skills and the curious cat who asks a lot of questions in me left quite a number of questions afloat somewhere in my brain. On other note, I'm a Hathaway bias, so I liked her acting and I like how she portrayed her role. And on another other note, who else thinks that this is a semi-reunion of the Inception cast and crew?

Cos he does not want taking pictures ito na lang... Haha!
By the way, we entered Casino, para lang ma-feel and the guard did not let me enter right away. Then he asked for my age. I have to look straight into his eyes and let him read between the lines that I am not a minor. Do I still look like I'm below 18, apart from my 11-year-old body? Sweet!

Ah fun and fulfilling random days!

I liked every single thing that happened these three days. I felt like a grown-up. I felt like a professional. I felt like a child. I felt like innocent. And ignorant. All of these in three days. I did something that I have never done before -- this thing that I know is a step closer where I am supposed to be. Sometimes you need to really get out of the comfort zone, be awkward and who knows will lead you to that area where it's not only comfort that's what lies in it, but true happiness.

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