Saturday, November 10, 2012

141. Yearly Birthday Post

I would describe this year's birthday celebration a surprise-filled-I-feel-so-special birthday. It's one-of-a-kind. I do believe that as years pile up in our lives, so as the people who surround us. There might be relationships that have been gone with the wind as years went by, but God have replaced and will surely replace those with who knows, even more genuine ones. I, thank you! Haha feeling answering a Miss Universe question.

My birthday magnified the blessings I have! Not just in the form of material things but through the people I’m surrounded with! I feel the love and the ‘being special’ with all the surprises I got. More than the tangible birthday presents are the thoughts and greetings from my family, from my sweet-and-understanding (yup these two adjectives must  really go together all the time haha) boyfriend, relatives, friends, colleagues, churchmates, co-ministers, former officemates, teachers, online pals, and from the different people in Facebook (hahaha! Thank internet for notifications!!) and etc that enveloped me all throughout the day. It was indeed my birthday! I can’t contain in this post the exuding overflowing thankfulness my heart holds.

Of course I give back the glory and the greatest thanks to God for first, creating me in His image and likeness and for never failing to forget to make my birthdays colorful, my birth months actually. Each year He makes it sure that my nativity was not an accident at all – that right at the point of conception, it was meant to happen that I be born and show the world how beautiful a person can be. Ok joke, birthday ko naman. Hahahaha! But despite that I am still not sure on the main purpose of my life yet (this is a little sad), it was so thrilling to know that I’ve helped people in little ways or not, that I’ve made people laugh and happy and even joyful for some, that I’ve inspired a few, that I have touched lives even in the simplest ways! These are all blessings absorbed within and the depths of my soul! Just thankful!! Super thankful!!

I spent my birthday at the office and it so happened that I was on training. I think I must be thankful as well for having myself a training room that the surprises occurred! Galing! Haha!

I am posting pictures for my sentimentality's sake!!!!

These are my latest trainees. We're a lovely group of training people Haha! Girl power! The first surprise at work came from them! But sorry girls, I really appreciate you but aminin natin mas nasurprise ko kayo?? HAHAHA! Thank you! You girls are so sweet!!!
This is my Methods family. My everyday crack. My according to them "bulliness absorber". My lauging stock. Ok stop, this sounds like I'm so mean. Through thick and thin, from modules to minibases, trainings and testings, I'm always thankful I have you as my team!!!! You got me with your little skit!!! Best effort! Hahaha! Love you guys!!
And these are the really thoughtful and handsome boys of Batch 7! My first set of full-blast trainees! Tignan niyo o ang laki-laki niyo na! Hahaha labo ko lang. Despite all the pambobola, these guys never fail to make me feel special.
That's the birthday girl posing with the pretty Caramia Caramel cake. :) It's so lovely how could have I sliced it and ate it??
I don't have a photo of everyone who were able to remember!!! I wish I could post them all here!!!

And for the sentimentality photos!

UL to LR:
First birthday cake surprise from the sweet-and-understanding boyfriend || From my all lovely girl training batch || From my Methods family || From the thoughtful and handsome guys of batch 7
Such the sweetest attempt for a thousand cranes for a birthday wish!! Gift from one of my best friends, Tin!!! It comes with a sweet note and my favorite biscuit from M&S!! Tin I love you so much and thank you!!!!
Thank you so much Methods team!!! Super touched and really thank you for this mini sewing machine!!! Thank you for believing in my dreams!! Aaah! Thank youuu!!!
The props of my Methods family skit!!! Awwwwh!
The different letters-con-words-of-encouragement slip from Estimates team prepared by still my Methods Team
My first ever mini sewing machine!!! Super thanks!!!
Batch 6 also gave me a cute bag!! Wala tayong picture sakin!!! Send me one please!!!

Boyfriend nook:

The very first birthday cake for this year came from Luke
This is Chocolat's Death by Tablea cake! It's a favorite cake! If you haven't tried this one yet, you are missing half of your sweet life! Go to the nearest Chocolat and do yourself a favor by ordering a slice!!!!
Love, Luke
Yikeeee kinilig akooooo!!!

Classic Keds in my favorite color!!!

The sweetest card!!! Each card gets better every time!!! I love my boyfriend to bits!!!

I also have something for them in the form of Amber's yummy spaghetti and pichi-pichi!!!
Lord, thank You so much! My heart is overjoyed! Next year po ulit! Hahaha!

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