Monday, January 7, 2013

145. I couldn't ask for more on its second year!

Love is what makes you smile when you feel tired.

While the title speaks for itself I would still do the talking. The title will be used over and over again as I couldn't ask for more! Year two (2) -- because a year ago I made use of the same title HERE!

Yes, I'm talking about our second anniversary! Back on those days that I was just admiring the person and we were not yet in our happy con joyful relationship that we are in right now, I never thought that we would be where we are now and that we would make it this far! And who to thank for with all the blessings that we are, that we received and our relationship but out gracious God! We wouldn't make it this far if He is not working in the midst of us! So first up, thank You Father God for sending this warrior to me.

And of course Mr. Luke Daniel AvendaƱo Salud, I am joyful and grateful for you. I know how riding life may be rough but with you, it's bearable. The one thing I am most grateful about with you is for helping me realize who I am, for making me realize and making me accept me and my mistakes, for helping me forgive myself when I am being too hard on me. You just make me realize things! You know that saying that goes "Love is what makes you smile when you feel tired". It's true in my case! Sometimes I get home feeling tired, but just I'm about to sleep I caught myself smiling, for no apparent reason at all. Baliw lang? Of course there's joy and peace from Him and that feeling of being loved by someone like you. That there's someone awaiting my waking up. Thank you for always always understanding, for caring and for loving me. I love you!

We had a really simple celebration but a total quality time with each other! We need it as this year, it will be totally different -- we both are already out of the company where we spent most of our "togetherness" with. Most of all we would be challenged by our shift schedules. So quality time is utmost priority. 

We visited Venice Piazza, as no longer employees in the area! It feels different! Piazza seems prettier when visiting than being a "regular". We had some sweet-tooth-satisfying snacks at Dunkin Donuts. Even Dunkin Donuts seems like a cozier place! He got his hair cut. I got my toe nails done. Then we talked and teased and made barahan with our now former colleagues. Then off we went to Resortsworld. We could have watched a movie but it's still the MMFF movies being shown so we decided to watch The King and I only to find out that the show on that day got cancelled! Lucky us! So we just strolled around and exercised the power of restraining as EOS sale is everywhere! And then time to fill up our tummies.We had a simple Italian dinner at Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante. We gave ourselves a massage treat afterwards.

I prepared a little surprise for him and I instantly fell in love with our scrapbook that I made haha! And I was so happy that he liked the Gap sweater I asked my cousin from the UK to get for me (para mas mura haha! Imported pa!)

It was a happy day! To more days, weeks, months an years and years of sticking together! To more carbonara adventures. To more walks and travels! To more red velvets an sweetness overload ala mode! I would never tire of writing, making scrapbooks and photo albums of us! It's funny how falling in love deeper with you with each passing time is true! I love you...

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