Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Luke's 26th

It’s the time of the year when we celebrate the love of my life’s birthday! It was so unlike the previous years when I, together with our former workmates prepare some surprise. I actually tried to surprise him but failed yet again. Haha! We just had a simple celebration of his birthday.
My supposed-to-be surprise that he found out before we even went to the place || the traditional and obligatory blowing of the cake || BIRTHDAY BUFFET!!!
We finally tried shooting, with a real gun, at Armscor in Makati Cinema Square. Luke has long wanted to try shooting but due to reasons I’m not sure what, we were not able to push through, until his birthday happened. :) It was a FUN experience! It was also a “liberating” experience. Sabi ko nga kay Luke, “Ilabas mo na lahat ng galit at sama ng loob mo!” haha! I guess it somehow helped him. :) I also got to try it, and I must say I enjoyed. At first I was scared to pull the trigger, but after the first shot, there’s the feeling of wanting to pull the trigger once again, and again and again… Now I get the feeling. Luke enjoyed, that I’m sure of! And of course, the very important thing that day is to please the celebrant
Blurred and pixelated photos cos original copies got deleted :( That's us and our target!
I had fun trying it too! :)
And then we headed to Vikings!!! … only to be disappointed as the queue was too long for our tummy’s sake. We then transferred to Buffet 101 since both of us haven’t tried it yet.
Basta buffet = solb! But as for my taste buds and tummy muscles = Vikings > Buffet 101. However, I like Buffet 101’s ambiance better.
Capped the pigging out night with our glasses of red wine :) And look at him, he's slightly smiling! Bihira lang yan! Love this man so much!
Gave him a camo jacket from People Are People -- something he can use for our upcoming trip to Hong Kong

"Celebration" to be continued next week weeee (excited lady here)!!!

God is so good! You are the personification of God’s perfect plan for me, imagine, the love of my life was born (and “was already provided for”) before I was born. Hihihi. Galing ‘di ba?? Luke, you are such a blessing to me. Year after year after year, every day of my existence, I thank God for letting you come into my life. Happy birthday and I love you so much!!

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