Friday, November 1, 2013

November Wishlist

MacBook Air || Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise in African Violet (or red or black) || Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel Watch in Rose Gold || stylish mannequin display/s || sewing machine || white grand piano (or any piano Casio or Yamaha) || iPhone 5s in gold

I'm taking November, my birthday month, as a chance to shout-out my sort of expensive wishlist. :( Most of these, which are on top of my head as I write thinking of "material wishes", are not part of my "priority list" -- obviously material wants. But hey, it's my birthday so bigay niyo sa 'kin 'to haha! 

I've been using my five-year old laptop as I told myself, as long as it's "usable" I won't replace it and only with an Apple hahaha. I might eat up what I said as Brusko (laptop's name) is slowly giving up on me. The Kate Spade bag, I specifically want the African violet on that style but I also saw the other two colors which are so classy. I feel the need for a new timepiece -- a Michael Kors wouldn't hurt haha and rose gold is not a common color I see, but gold would be fine too. The stylish mannequins, sewing machine and grand piano are forever part of my list :( Praying that anytime soon, I will see them inside our house. The iPhone 5s is because my humble Blackberry has been really crappy lately and I haven't owned an iPhone yet. :D

Happy birthday month to me!!

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