Monday, May 12, 2014

A Good 14 Months

Another lag post. March 28 marks the end of a 14-month chapter of my life. I believe that amidst my rants on my daily publicly commuting to this workplace, good things happened, it was still worth all the while. Thankful for all the people who I have learned something from. I had a wider and better view of life because of them. The breakfast-con-daldalan moments paved way to approaching the everyday-ness with anticipation. The free meals and coffees/coffee-blendeds made it even sweeter. 

I made my last day "sugary" by sharing some Jco treat. And I didn't expect that I'd get a surprise farewell care of the two people who made this chapter even more special, April and Edna. 

Unlike the previous company I came from before this, there was a huge difference in the demographics. I was the bunso of the department here and since most of them are much more experienced than I am in terms of life, in terms of work, relationships etc, I must admit there was a huge learning curve on that part. For that I am truly grateful.

God has made my stay even more likeable by blessing me with April and Edna. They are my confidante in almost everything. They were my greatest encouragers in and out of the workplace. And because of these two, the farewell surprise became possible. Awww they’re so thoughtful!! I was really surprised.

I can say that there were no regrets in this 14-month chapter of my life. It was a good one – interesting, challenging – a learning experience indeed. Whatever my successes are at the moment, it’s partly because of this chapter.

some farewell tokens -  good representations of what I love doing

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