Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Now a Professional BUM...

Finally finally finally at long long last! The approval sheet of our thesis had been signed! {ok so this was supposedly posted last Saturday} Let me hear some woot! And Let me hear some praise God! God is great! God is good! Amen? Amen! (haha, all giddied up here) Now I could finally say “Advance Happy Graduation Day” & “Congratulations!”. Why not?! I also got my course cards last Tuesday and yesh yesh, I passed ‘em all! Even those that I thought I would fail! Wow! I would really be graduating! Plus, we had a 3.0 (in La Salle, 4.0 is the highest grade not a 1.0) in our thesis, it was really unbelievable and unexpected! Thank God!!! Graduation!!! Here I come!!!

And yes, I just realize how blessed I am. I thank the Lord God for never ever failing me though at some point I thought He failed me, but He did not, it was all part of His great plans for me. I super super praise Him. All glory, honor and adoration to Him! He’s been my support, my back-up, actually MY ALL. For three years and 1 term He has been with me in my college life! Studying in La Salle for a person like me was not easy, but with God all things ARE POSSIBLE! I’m also thankful of my two thesis-mates, Jose & Candy, for being so considerate to me, for being so nice despite my blunders. I’m thankful of all the people I’ve met in La Salle, I know it’s not an accident that God allowed me to meet them. And the list goes on!!!

me with Jose & Candy


Some photos to share with you taken on the last course card day.


More...You need to be my contact first before you would be able to view them. ^_^

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

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