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Who am I that you are mindful of me & Soundtrack of my summer...

I almost forgot to post this since the day I wrote these entries, I had no internet connection, so, I'm just posting this now...
About: Aug 31 and BLG's mini concerts

AUGUST 31, 2008

The last day of August was astoundingly blastful (eh?!?!)

First – Praise & Worship Celebration

Babad... sa presensya mo.... Babad.. sa Iyong salita...

Magdiwang ang bawat nilikha, bilang pagpupuri sa Diyos na dakila, gamitin ang buong katawan, upang Siya ay papurihan!

... and many more songs! Obviously, the songs sang are all in Filipino. The right way to celebrate Praise & Worship on the last day of Buwan ng Wika is to sing songs on our native language. I’m always looking forward to every P&W celebration, even every Sunday’s P&W. I always want to sing praises, to worship, to shout, to dance to jump, under the anointing of the Spirit and knowing that the Most High appreciates what you’re doing for Him – for the joy of the Lord is my strength! Yun yung tinatawag na masarap ang feeling (it’s what you call the feeling is delicious ^_^ nice) Also, it’s lovely to look around and see the people of God in white dancing & singing like crazy – even the elders! And the youth... we were in front, near the altar and we were together and we were singing and we were dancing and we were jumping because we are insane people! We know right?! We needed to attend the 6:30 AM soaking so we rather attended the first service and we ate our early lunch at SM during the second service.

Second – the Special No.

I love last Sunday’s special no.! WL5voice’s performance was a superb! Ok, so, at first we were also curious of who’s this WL5voice?!?! Then later on, we have found out that they were our worship leaders, there were 5 of them that’s why WL5. Haha! Basta ang galing galing nila! (They’re so great!) I love the blending of their voices and seeing our worship leaders united in one power-packed performance, singing a medley of the most beautiful Tagalog worship songs (though I don’t even know the titles, haha!) and doing rotations on stage and the climax end part brought us, the congregation/audience, into a standing ovation! It is a once-in-a-blue-moon performance and chance as well. It was actually the first time they did this. So the youth were shouting MORE!!! Haha!

Lastly – YU2g 1st Evangelistic Youth Service

We thank the Holy Trinity for His manifestation last Sunday. For me, it is the best youth service YU2G ever had. We weren’t able to meet a count of 50 souls but 42 isn’t bad, right? And we pray that this 42 would continue to walk now on His path as they have received Christ in their hearts. The service started one hour late because we tried to invite more souls from the nearest mall and we were able to invite 5. And then the service took off with an opening prayer of course followed by a body-twisting game.

Then we had the praise and worship which was a WOW! Exousia (the band) prepared for this mentally, physically and most especially spiritually. They even have to practice/sleep overnight Friday night to early Saturday morning for this. Some did some fasting and this time they really were overhauled bringing them back to the most essential ‘gizmo’ of a band that leads a praise & worship – the HEART of WORSHIP – not thinking of who are watching, who are listening, how’s their performance, their talent, not all of these but they are on stage only for one thing – to GLORIFY HIM! Indeed, it was evident that service, the Spirit favoured them and is with them, with us. The line up was good for the ‘newcomers’. The P&W started with the conditioning by singing Heart of Worship. Then we sang Friend of God, we, with the move of the Holy Spirit went in front to do the actions of this particular song and some of the newcomers responded, and we know it’s not because of us. And then followed by the song Dancing Generation and this time it was the dancers who stood in front to dance the steps. Then the worship songs included Mighty to Save and Til I See You. It was wonderful wonderful wonderful!

The Word of God through Pastora Jenet was next in line. We chose her because she’s a frivolous pastor knowing the attention span of the young people, not to mention the newcomers. True enough, the Word of God wasn’t boring even for them. Ptra. Jenet was able to relay the message effectively to them, even making use of a movable board so she could draw illustrations. After which, we showed them a video clip of the modern version of what Jesus did on the cross and I’m blessed to see their reactions. I know their hearts were touched because I even saw some wiped some tears and I pray that from then on they would continue to realize God’s mercy, God’s loving grace for us and the proper way to respond. And then the most vital part of this service – the 42 souls receiving Christ in their hearts – praise God. Souls that are reunited to the Father, and hopefully hearts that were totally surrendered.

It didn’t end there! We still sang Friend of God (one song only because of the time constraint). And we had special numbers – one by Khrizel’s singing of Paramore’s song My Heart (yes, it is more of a secular song, but the band intentionally wrote this as a worship song) and Lovely sang Above All which brought cheers and standing ovation from the audience! By the way Lovely Grace (nice name noh?) is our administrator pastor’s 7-year old daughter. After which we had our merienda and chit-chatting with them.

(more photos of this service HERE)

My heart is filled with joy and with praises! I know each YU2G did their part but I know it was God, most of all, who was present all throughout the service that moved in each one of us. I pray for the continuous longing and thirsting of each YU2G. And I thank the Lord for continuously using me and I’m shouting MORE!!!

Who am I that You are mindful of me
That You hear me when I call
Is it true that You are thinking of me
How You love me it's amazing

And because I'm a fan I love BoysLikeGirls' songs...

Yesterday Last Sept. 3, I spent my first day of being a bum by going to Boys Like Girls’ mini concert at ATC (Alabang Town Center) with Julie, Julo, Dada & Marz. I was actually saddened by the situation. But hey, the concert was fun with BLG singing most of their songs that I love. It’s just that, the young people there. How I really wish to see them with the same hype on an event not like that. Ok, so I’ll stop – no one would get me anyway, haha! Anyhoo, moving on, it was indeed a MINI CONCERT because they only sang around 7-8 songs.

5 mins. til midnight
Dance Hall Drug
Heels Over Head
Broken Man
Learning to Fall
Great Escape

BLG were throwing guitar picks, mineral water – opened bottles of mineral water actually, and after their last song they threw away the drum sticks, their towels, and even the paper were their line-up was written. Gah, Martin and Paul are love! Haha!

After their concert, we hung out at our ever dearest McDo (oh puhleeez, transfat! Julo was craving for McDo!) and went back to ATC to shoot some photos. We actually waited for the mall to close. Also, we followed went to BLG's mini concert at Glorietta. Those really rich VIP kiddos! The passes were supposedly for US not yours! We went there early (as in early) hoping to get passes but we haven't got any. BUT (again) we found a spot good enough to be like we got passes. Bad side is no meet & greet for us (insert annoyed face here haha!) Also, good thing that we decided to just stay where we're seated because they really soundcheck-ed so early, they themselves...!!! Dada has this I'm learning to PAUL fall small poster or banner or whatever and she showed it up and Paul, yes PAUL, noticed her, and smiled at her and WAVED at her and then Dada had gone sooo crazy... Same song set list like in ATC only with Let Go added.

Photobucket Image HostingPhotobucket Image Hosting
(left)Dada with her little-attention-getter that caused Poolie DiGiovanni wave at her
(right)eating up fries to compensate the waiting

Photobucket Image HostingPhotobucket Image HostingPhotobucket Image Hosting
just us waiting in vain

Photobucket Image Hosting
and here's errr a shot of BLG
(we captured videos mostly and not photos of 'em)

BTW, I had dinner with Martin Johnson inside his hotel suite at Intercon hotel. He's such a sweet guy...
(oh please wake me up)

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, do you know you're unlike any other? You'll always be my thunder, and I said Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors I don't wanna ever love another... You'll always be my thunder...

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