Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I've been loooong waiting for

Finally... Those things I've been looooonging, i've been long wanting and waiting for were finally granted! These are the good news for the first month of this year!

First off, after a year of 'untouchable hair' (yes, that long) I got my hair cut already! My hair is really 'choosy'. My crowning glory is pretty much sensitive to who touches it so I guess it found a new friend in Coke of Bench Fix salon (do I really have to mention her name and feel like i'm endorsing the salon? hahaha) Yessss I love her already! I only had 2 stylists and those 2 opted to do business abroad. The others who touched my hair after these 2 really made my hair catastrophic -- bad hair days! I'm exaggerating but but but I feel like they're not really taking good care of my hair. Also, I really don't like gays touching my hair.



New look, aye?
buhbye stubborn split ends!!!
One random trivia, I NEVER went to the salon without my MOTHER. NEVER. I. just. can't. hahaha!

Last night, I went out and chill-ed with my bestest friends. Julo just passed his thesis and even got a 100 grade. Worthy of celebration, right? And I also have my own reason to celebrate.

Today, we had our youth service and the message was about STANDING for GOD. I was wow-ed by the youth's testimonies on how God sent them favors because they STOOD and is continually STANDING for Him. When you just do things according to His will, He will truly favor you and expose His mightiness and wonders. Overused may it seem but this is what Matthew 6:33 tells us. Put God first in everything You do, glorify Him in everything you do and you will be truly blessed.

Afterwhich we went to SC's birthday celebration! Yummeh food! I was touched by this kid, uh, well, he's already a youth now. He just turned 13 today and he requested his parents and grandma that he wanted the youth, us, to be his visitors because he already wanted to be part of our ministry. Aaaw. This is a person who is sort of handicapped and has a brain defect but despite all these, he has this thinking. He cried when we arrived, I just prevented my tears from falling as well. We have been praying for his complete healing and he has improvements. Praise God!

SC is the guy in blue (though the girl in blue is also celebrating her birthday)
SC's involuntary raised his left hand because it was triggered by his excitement

And as for the other good news... I'm still thinking whether I should say it here or not. Haha!

So how can I stay silent, when I hear You call my name, living in Your presence, I'll never be the same. I've been gound in You and now I'll sing out our truth.

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