Friday, April 2, 2010

i might write a long entry or not

I've been meaning to write a blog post here since the 2nd day of March, but look at today's date, April 2.

A month and a day has passed and each day that had passed brought along with it both good and bad things. Each day is now already a part of memory. God has been really good all throughout those days and I thanked and is continually thanking Him.

I haven't told you yet but I've been employed for a month already. I believe that this is already a God-given job. How long will I stay, only God knows. What's far more important is I am enjoying where I am now. I miss my previous job as well. I miss my students, the seemingly carefree teachers and I miss the almost stress-free work I've had. Not that I'm having a stressful work now but it's totally different now. It's the first job that I can totally relate with regards to the degree I'm holding. My Potter has instilled in me to love what I currently have. For the past months, I have been that frustrated person. I keep on reaching for MY dream, not minding what HE has in store for me. For now, I shall wait and walk on this path He's leading me. Who knows what good thing He had prepared for me along the way.

March has been a fun month for me:

  • A fangirl that I am, I was able to watch one of my favorite contemporary bands' showcase at PICC last March 6. This is side by side with not being able to go with the summer outing with my friends. Life needs sacrifices. It's inevitable.
  • The first summer getaway happened with my officemates at Tagaytay last March 27 -- where we ate lunch and rode a boat and trekked our way up and inside Taal volcano. Indeed one memorable experience.
  • My work per se is keeping me preoccupied and happy.
  • April comes next and you don't know how thrilled I am right now. Oh hai, Tine!
On other note:

Unlike the past years that I am blogging, it feels alone now. I blame Tumblr, Twitter and FB. Just kidding. But really, it feels alone now in the blogger world. I can't blame my own self and others as well , who found refuge to Tumblr. I visit my Tumblr nook a lot and I post very often there. It's indeed for easy blogging. It gets annoying at times but it's fun. Don't you worry my dear blogspot, I won't just leave you. As long as you exist, I'll keep on posting no matter how frequent or seldom it can be. I just miss the old times. Don't you?

p.s. I don't know what's wrong but I can't post a photo.

He died so we may live.

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