Thursday, April 29, 2010

88. it's about time....again...

C'mmon. Admit it. We just can't prevent the big-headedness-feeling-inside when we are commended, most especially by someone superior to you. In my case, today, I had a one-on-one video meeting with my manager ('cos he's stationed in Paris) early evening. It's about our productivity and performance for our first encounter with the 'earning season'. The meeting turned out short and WELL. As a whole, our team has an EXCELLENT performance! Kudos! Individually, I got commended (I'm feeling big-headed now) that I performed well quantitatively and quality-wise. In terms of quality, I even belong to the top 10. This is all GLORY TO HIM. I know His Spirit is with me as I ask for the guidance before I start hitting Ctrl + N on the keyboard of my TC. I pray that I push through with this record.

On other note, I've been dipping in and out of the ungodly world. And it's again about time to get off my kingdom of comfort. I'm such a hard-headed person. I pray that this would be the last time I'm saying these things for I need to refocus. Once again. It would be hard. Temptations keep on coming but, I need to endure if I want to get the most important recognition the world has to offer.

Besides, I'm getting sick of that sea I've been diving in and out. So many fake-fairy bitches, self-obsessed morons, self-proclaimed fartsies, and trying-to-be-humble-but-not-really whores. Sorry for the phrasings but I find them the best way to describe them. This might be the last. Just allow me. *No cyber-bullying intended 'ajejeje'*

Save me from the kingdom of comfort where I am king, from my unhealthy lust of material things...

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