Tuesday, November 1, 2011

no.100 Birthmonth Day 1

What a good coincidence -- my 100th post falls on the first day of my birth month.

Anyways, while the world is celebrating Halloween, others are in cemeteries to visit their deceased loved ones, and still others are enjoying the long weekend on some vacation spot, I am at home, nowhere to go, and cleaned my room.

I have this thing for.. paperbags

It's already sort of a family bonding that when everybody's home on a holiday, we clean the house -- each one tasked to do a thing. And of course, I opted to clean my own spot, particularly my humble closet -- clothing and accessories.

After cleaning, I was on my bed and suddenly thought of 'hey! It's my birth month already!' Soon I'll turn a year older and hopefully wiser. Then I realized that what a good timing it is that I welcome November with a really tidy room. :) Feels so clean.

Sometimes you just find yourself thinking and asking yourself where are you now from where you've been a year ago. And then you think of a year ahead. Thoughts of frustrations, of dreams, of plans. Laying them down on the curves of your brain. That hopefully anytime soon, they'll be reality.

Praying that my birth month will be nice to me.

Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.

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Anonymous said...

Meriiee! HAHA :)) Same tayo. I also have this thing for paper bags & shoe boxes na hindi ko sila ma-let go right away =)If you could see the mountain of shoe boxes in my room grabe.

Also, I was planning to clean my room din, but laziness overpowered my will to do it (excusues). HAHA!!