Tuesday, February 21, 2012

119. Living the Present But Looking Forward

I have been inspired lately. Or should I say I'm trying to be as optimistic as I can the past few days. The days before seem PMS-ing-everyday. On some days, I get too emotional and lock myself up inside a cubicle until I feel somehow and a tiny bit relieved. You just have to go through those days. And of course praying helps.

I have finally laid down my plans. And I mean futuristic-ally and not just for tomorrow. You know I have been dreaming and just dreaming and just waiting and guess what?? Of course nothing happens. And then part of the 'lately' is the SNAP! Get up, don't whine and do something instead. Even just a really tiny step. And so I did. I'm just happy that I finally know where to head. Btw my plans are revokable?? How do you say it, can be changed if a really good job opportunity comes along. Lol.

And another part of this 'lately' is reviving resolutions and setting goals. One doesn't need a new year to be able to jot them down. So I'm sharing mine:
  • Stay healthy. Not just in terms of food but including exercise, and yes, stress level.
  • Start the dream business. Because I want it so bad.
  • Surely get a passport and go out of the country. The thing is my name is MErie (with an E) and not MArie. And it's so hard to defend it! I don't wanna live the rest of my life trying to change the Merie that I am into Marie. So if that will be the case this blog will be like Marieisms?? NO!
  • Read a lot. Read more. Current goal is to read 15 novels this year. 13 more! And everything that's subscribed in my GoogleReader. And the modules that I write.
  • Be nice and friendly. Not that I'm not. It's just that it's quite hard and uuuh awkward to smile. :)
  • Priorities. Enough said.
  • SAVE MORE. Caps lock that is.
  • Write more. Blog more. Squeeze the juice out as much as possible!
  • Get closer and closer to my Potter.
  • OWN 2012. MAKE IT MY YEAR.
That simple. (Really now, Merie, simple you say??) I MUST! I think this the first time I wrote about goals and resolutions in a list. And this should be a reminder that I MUST! I must achieve these.
I give credit to a lot of materials I've been reading lately for self-help. I somehow brought back the confidence in me which I lost or misplaced somewhere during my PMS-ing-everyday period.
I guess I'm fueled up to drive! Yay!
Moving on part of the reason why I'm giddy is because I'm going to Caramoan babeh! I'm currently on a 6-day vacation leave from work and so I decided to go somewhere and Caramoan is the chosen destination. I'll be leaving tomorrow, later rather, and will try the PNR train going to Bicol. First time ko! And just before I started writing this entry I just finished packing. I have one backpack and a small shoulder bag. So let's play what's inside your bag! The first photo is the contents of my smaller bag.

the guide to Caramoan (don't wanna be lost and tricked!) | Bible (I always bring it w me) | train tickets | organizer (the bring it everywhere organizer, i still own a Navi planner) | novel (in case I'm bored inside the train or on any of the transfer from Naga to Caramoan) | kikay kit | pens | shades | VS's Very Sexy perfume | Lindt Swiss white chocolate | camera | wet wipes and tissue (you'll never know) | wallet (duh?)
the backpack
Why backpack? Cos we're going backpacking adventure! We didn't opt to avail any tour package believing that we can do cheaper by the cheapest they could offer. So wish us luck!
Have you noticed the editing, it's like Instagram-y?? Lol. First-world problem is if you don't have any Apple gadget you can't Instagram. So let the power of Photoshop take over! Haha! Wala lang. May masabi lang.
Also I update my daily musings aka Sentimental Musings Tumblr blog more often than this. :)
And as I bid this entry to ending, I pray that whatever is written here shall come to life according to my Potter's will. AMEN.

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SAVE MORE. Caps lock that is.

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