Saturday, May 5, 2012

121. Happy Sweet 16th

Not a lot of people know how long we’ve been together, so do we, until we started counting. Happy sweet 16th on Cinco de Mayo! 

It's a Saturdate! Our day happily falls on a Saturday. So what to do to celebrate?? Food trip and shopping!

Food tripping started Friday up until Saturday. Friday, we ate at the food bazaar at the Venice Piazza, some call it Mercato, some call it Banchetto, but whatever as long as it serves us food. We ate all sorts of food from pizza and pasta to siomai and quek quek (yung food na mas mabilis pa sa fastfood and sopas!). Still, Saturday came, food pa rin! We don't even know where all the food we eat go. Sa papayat namin. And then we thought that we deserve some little shopping, and so be it! He did most of the shopping though. I'm still on a tight budget, kailangan mamaluktot muna.

For months now, I have been dying to own a new wallet. My red wallet is so battered by her owner, abusing it with the pulling in and out of all sorts of cards, it's so kawawa already. And sometimes I have the pure intention to make parinig to the boyfriend that I don't just want, but need, a new wallet. Today, it somehow took over him and he bought me a wallet!

First time to own one from Mango, I'm for Girbaud for the past years so let's see if this will endure me as owner.

I just feel so blessed to have him. We’ve come this far, still in love, falling deeper in love and filled with happiness.

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