Monday, May 7, 2012

122. In An Attempt To...

Wow, cool. I'm just surprised with myself that I'm posting again -- one of the reasons why I love a 12pm-9pm shift over 3pm-12mn.

I'm blogging because I'm about to share some stuff that most wouldn't care about -- my frustrations. Close friends, best friends, the boyfriend, colleagues, batchmates, officemates, coffemate, check mate, okay enough. They are aware that I have this dream of becoming a fashion designer. But, to cut the long story short, I'm in a finance career right now. Labo no? Just you wait, huh 'Merie Clarete' would be a big name. Naks! Malakas ako sa area na 'to.

To somehow emit the frustrations I have in me, I try to sketch and draw outfits, gowns, dresses, anything that can be worn, once in a while. I don't do it 'formally'. I do it leisurely, everywhere, when the mood comes, whatever medium, kahit tissue paper pa yan, I would randomly sketch, with a theme at the back of my mind. I'm not good at drawing! One of the reasons why I have been wanting to enroll in a design school is to enhance my skills. I've got basics but look at the proportions, the rendering, the shading -- my 'works' are filled with flaws! Let's consider them 'abstract' while I'm still learning. Excuses.

Last Friday, I have just finished working on a task and not having any pends, I made use of the scratch papers scattered in front of me and started sketching. Voila! I have a three-piece summer collection.

What can you say? Oha oha! Lumelevel kay Inno Sotto! Kidding aside, I still have that dream in me. I personally believe that God has not placed this dream in my heart for no purpose at all. So watch out for what my life-long dream will become. And remember the name, Merie. *wink wink*

On a related note to fazyon, in an attempt to model and be a seemingly fashion blogger, let's pretend that this is a legit outfit post.

What I wore for the past two Sundays. (I wonder how fashion bloggers manage to do this almost every single day??)

Top from a bazaar || Pants from Human || wedges from Parisian || cuffs from Divisoria || sunnies from Dickies || belt from London

Cropped top from Greenhills || Dark Slate skinnies || wedges from Parisian || accessories from Diva

Pwede na ba? Complete with hype on Lookbook! Lol. I've had a Lookbook account since 2009 back when joining LB is purely through invite. But since I'm no way better than the rest of Lookbookers in taking decent photos, not to mention I don't own a DSLR, and I don't have much drive to take pictures of my not-so-hypeable outfits, of course nothing happened. The outfit post doesn't have any 'big' brands! This is like a humor post. But who knows, blogging about outfits might be my forte as well and my ticket to online stardom! :))

I guess this is enough. Indeed an attempt!

Hope to blog again soon!

As I rolled over, stretching out, my only thought was to go back to the dream I'd been having, which I couldn't remember, other than it had been good, in that distant, hopeful way unreal things can be.
Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key