Wednesday, June 20, 2012

126. Father's Day

Before anything else I wanna tell you that I'm not a Daddy's girl. No. I'm not sad and I don't remorse over that fact. If you want to know why, I have a very dramatic theory. And  I won't share it. Lol. But I love my Dad just the same.

My Dad, Papa, as I call him, is one of the most brilliant person I know. He is witty. And he is far more patient than my Mom. He could tell on endless jokes and myths, and horror stories to barbero stories -- he'll never run out of stories to relay. Coming from a brilliant trace of the Clarete's from Bohol, he is one smart guy (that makes me a smart gal yeah!). I always hear of his employees and colleagues alike complimenting him how smart he decides, most especially on those days he was on the upper management of the corporate world. I like a lot of things about my Papa -- we can debate and harmoniously talk on any topic; he is more liberated compared to my Mom hence, I always ask for his permission instead of my mudra; and sometimes he gets me more than my Mom does!

And though he is just not the showy-type in terms of affection, just the same I love you, Papa!

My Dad is not a techy person. He's sort of living inside a cave when it comes to gadgets. So, for Father's day, I gave him a simple mobile phone as a gift. :) Plus a cake, of course!

And then we had a sumptuous dinner at Seafood Island, ATC.

The remain of the Mt. Apo Boodle Feast

The same day, I bought a LBJ shoes for my youngest sib. And I am telling this one here in my blog because it's so expensive! Kidding aside, I'm just glad that I made my brother terribly happy by giving him that pair. He must play basketball better now! And I pray that he may be inspired to study really really well now that he is on his first year in college.

The worst part of the day was when I was about to sleep. See, I'm allergic to seafood and the tummy is sensitive to shellfishes. So later that night, I had rashes and vomited all that I ate! :(

Anyways, no regrets! It was a well-spent, sweet day with my loves -- family and the boyfriend.

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