Monday, June 25, 2012

127. Good Times with Friends!

An anonymous saying goes “Books and friends should be few but good.” I don’t just agree but totally can relate to it – both in books and friends. Let me dwell on ‘friends’. Having few but definitely REAL friends is way better than a lot of on and off shallow friendships. It’s better to have few of whom you can surely turn to on down times than to be passed around to those numerous friends. But I am not against having many friends! If you’ve really got a lot of trustful ones, then you are blessed! Having few friends -- I blame it for my being introvert, my conservative parents, being a home buddy – content with art and reading materials, writing medium some TV shows. I may have a few but I’m more than definite to keep them for the rest of the time I’m breathing air. 

For years now, or nearing two decades, I’ve managed to keep the toughest friendships I’ve had -- those that made it through the rise and the fall all the past years; those that needed not constant communication, just that feeling that they’ll be there when you’d need them. They are my lovelies , Beng, Kaye and Julie (we call ourselves Orig4); my high school barkada, or Berx as we call us. Blame that label on that teen show Berks aired at ABS-CBN years back! Most of them I’ve known since grade school and a few I’ve known since we were in nursery/kindergarten! See! We’ve literally have seen each other grow from a toddler to a young adult to uuh adults? No, just young adults. And then I’ve had really few friends all throughout my three years in college. We are the self-labeled “SFF”. Cornyyyy. But know what it means?? No. Don’t persuade me to tell you. Super Friendly Friends. Okay. I told you! But maybe the rest of the gang are indeed “super friendly”, except I. Harhar. Such a loser ba? No. I chose it. We are nine in the group but I am super duper close to a few ones. 

And why the sudden once-in-a-blue-moon post on friends and friendships? It’s because this month of June, I’m giving away friends and friendships! I kid. Just trying to know how it feels like finally spilling the giveaway statement on a giveaway post. Lol. So random. Again, this month of June, I am blessed and glad to have spent some good times with few of my friends! Yay! When the time comes when a group of friends inevitably splits ways to pursue careers or dreams or attend to their love of their lives, 24 hours or the whole 365 days (366 on a leap year just like this year!) seem not enough to do those things we wanna do, more so meet every single of our friends. These rare occasions is certainly worth a journal entry! 

Last June 7, finally, I was able to have a lunch date with my college barkada! Goodness, kailangan talaga spontaneous ang gala para matuloy. I know you all can relate to this! You draw a plan early on, only to remain as a drawing. And then one day someone would just take initiative and in an instant that same day or the very next day, tuloy ang gala! Just like what happened last June 7. Kaye Z. texted the day before. And the next day, I found myself already having lunch with Kaye, Kat, Tin and Jose! Aaah, our tummies had more than our Stackers orders. They were also filled with lots of air from too much laughing. Sa wakas! It pushed through even if we are only half SFF, and, even if it’s just a simple lunch date. It has to be at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hills, where I, Tin and Jose work. Props to Kat and Kaye for going the extra mile! Lol. Actually we were celebrating Jec’s birthday, she’s not just present. Harhar. Big things start from small, so this simple lunch date is a rather good start. Hopefully, my next post would show a complete picture of us nine, and better yet, pictures of us on a getaway! But for now, photos of us after two to three years of missing each other!

With Kaye Z. The friend whom I share the same passion different from the courses we took.

with Tin and Kaye

Over cups and plates, we're filled with laughter!
Kat. I. Tin. Kaye. Half of the girls. We miss you Jec, Roma and Candy!
Jose. Tin. Kaye.
Half of SFF! All smiles!

They also met the boyfriend. :) He took the photos above. =)

And then the next good time is with my ever so funneh and out-of-this-world weirdo high school barkada! Tadaaaaaa! As if they’re not the ones I frequently get to see or bump into inside malls, while walking along pavements, on roads, inside buses and jeepneys. We are located relatively near to each other. South babeh! It was Beng’s celebration last June 16, though her real birthday is June 15. I tagged along the boyfriend. It was another night filled with food, drinks, videoke-ing, laughter and stories! If only it wasn’t father’s day the next day, it would surely take until sunrise for our stories and laughs to end. These guys are the best pals. Getting together made me feel how much I missed each one of them, most especially my girls. I’m hoping to see them again for the July celebration! ^^ 

The blooming celebrant, Beng!

Orig4! Julie. Kaye. Beng.

Berks. Incomplete pa yan sa lagay na yan ah.

Wee. The boyfriend joined us! :)

It’s always a good time when spent with our loved ones, right? So whenever you can, go and have fun with friends! Travel with them, shop with them, slumber party, talk over coffee.As long as time and circumstance permit, just go! ;)

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
-Proverbs 17:17

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