Wednesday, September 5, 2012

136. Poignancy

As I lay myself to bed and lean my head to my pillows. 
As I curl myself beneath the sheets wishing that I be swallowed. 
As each duct tears and the heart fears. 
As the used to be will be gone. 
As the once was seemingly endless now foregone. 
As the thoughts gush the rain pours. 
As the memories flash the future is blur. 

Promises and words to hold on to.
Faith and actions too.
Through saving grace, prayers and praise.
Our true love will bring us through.
This is the very reason why sometimes I just choose to be not so cheerful. Because more often that not, there may be a rainbow after the rain, but there will always be the possibility of rain. Do not get me wrong. I am happy and thrilled! It's been more than a year and finally all those sweat and effort paid off! The good news made me the happiest person. The dreams are slowly unfolding. But, allow me my moment of melancholy and sorrow, that I can not deny the fact that some things are indeed bound to end. 

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