Friday, September 7, 2012

137. Of Blazers

One of the must-haves and must be a staple in anyone's closet - blazers!

The gloomy weather made me want to shop for blazers. And I mean lots of blazers!!Gone are the days that blazers are worn only for the corporate setting and the business world. This piece of clothing has evolved from formal to casual. I grew up seeing my parents wearing them and pairing them with pencil skirts and tailored slacks. But that is so 90s! Fast forward to this age, we commonly see it casually easily breezily paired with jeans. It's fun to style outfits and top them off with blazers. You know those days when one is too lazy to dress up -- just pull on any undershirt, even as simple as a white undershirt then just put on your trusty blazer and voila! You're good to go! But of course don't forget to wear any bottoms. 

A lot of choices are on the clothes racks and shelves -- different fabrics, textures, prints and colors -- that there is a blazer available for each mood one can possibly have, or for each occasion one needs to attend to -- might be  a job interview, a client meeting, a trip to your favorite bookstore or to fight off the mega low temperature of your workplace's AC. Blazers are such a functional and stylish staple.

Came up with this simple casual look.

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